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Philipp der Streitbare, Pfalzgraf und Herzog von Pfalz-Neuburg

z Falce-Neuburku
Given Name:
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Original Name:
Philipp von Pfalz-Neuburg
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Akademický či vědecký titul:
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Datum, místo narození:
Date and Place of Birth:
12.11.1503 Heidelberg
Datum, místo úmrtí:
Date and Place of Decease:
04.07.1548 Heidelberg
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Falckrabě Philip was the son of palsgrave Ruprechta and his wife Elizabeth, née bavaria-landshutské. He was the younger brother Ottheinricha, which later became the palatinate elector.

In his youth he studied in Freiburg im Breisgau and Padova. He thought it was one of the possible ways to subsequently financially secure. Tried it despite the marriage, however, despite his handsome appearance has repeatedly failed. Try your luck at the curia, but even here he failed. He focused therefore on the possibility to enter into the imperial service. In June 1522 was in the nineteen years declared an adult, so he could along with his brother to take over the government in the newly created palatinate-neuburském of the duchy, which has not yet executed the uncle of the palatine elector Frederick II. as a legal guardian. However already in the following year Philip spoluvlády gave up, because between the brothers there were very different opinions. Philip then returned again to the idea of service with the emperor. In 1524 ended in the retinue of archduke Ferdinand. When the Turks in 1529 for the first time laid siege to Vienna, was commanded by Philip the two regiments. They managed to fight off the Ottomans after using mines to blow a hole in the fortifications.

For his military merits he received the knight Order of the golden fleece. When duke Ulrich came from financial reasons of the government in Württemberg, called the emperor governor is Philip. In 1534 he commanded the austrian troops in the fight against hesenskému lanckraběti Philip, who wanted to achieve Oldřichova return. Falckrabě Philip was in 12. may 1534 wounded at Nordheimu and his troops came under Dietrich von sung by the, which led him at the battle of Laufenu, which the habsburg side lost and Oldřich returned.

In 1535 he made Philip Ottheinricha to the division of lands and set up shop at the castle Burglengenfeldu in the Upper Palatinate. For his profligate way of life but quickly debt, and the territory once again to his stašímu brother. Even the but lived a very modest life, so soon already was where to take the funds. Help out should the earth's conditions, but you will but seize the at the same time be able to and both brothers had to flee to his uncle in Heidelberg. Ottheinrich eventually childless Frederick II. replaced, while Philip died in the year 1548 as poor and very ill man.

Filip - Filip falcký hrabě rýnský
Na tomto mladistvém portrétu má na sobě kožešinový obojek (sobolí, kuní?) s tlapami ponechanými v kožešině.

Filip falcký hrabě rýnský
Na tomto mladistvém portrétu má na sobě kožešinový obojek (sobolí, kuní?) s tlapami ponechanými v kožešině.

Filip - Portrét falckraběte Filipa, 1533

Portrét falckraběte Filipa, 1533

Filip - Filip Falcko-Neuburský, 1527
Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Filip Falcko-Neuburský, 1527
Sailko, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Filip - Erb Filipa a jeho bratra Ottheinricha

Erb Filipa a jeho bratra Ottheinricha

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