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Originální název:
Original Name:
Tatra a.s., Kopřivnice
Navistar Defense LLC, Madison Heights, Michigan
Období výroby:
Production Period:
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR sériová výroba nezahájena / serial production not started
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
prototyp(y) / prototype(s)
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
Počet míst k sezení:
Troop Seating Capacity:
1 + 1
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Pohotovostní hmotnost:
Curb Weight:
16900 kg
Užitečné zatížení:
21100 kg
Celková hmotnost:
Gross Vehicle Weight:
38000 kg
Přípojná hmotnost:
Gross Trailer Weight:
? kg
Celková hmotnost s přívěsem/návěsem:
Gross Combination Weight:
? kg
Celková délka:
Overall Length:
9750 mm
Celková šířka:
Overall Width:
2500 mm
Celková výška:
Overall Height:
2900 mm
Světlá výška:
Ground Clearance:
410 mm
1950 mm - 3250 mm - 1450 mm
2072 mm - všechny nápravy
Brzdová soustava:
Braking System:
- kotoučové brzdy s pneumatickým posilovačem, klínového typu s jednotkou automatického nastavení, ABS
- čtyři nezávislé brzdové systémy: provozní, nouzová, parkovací a motorová
Elektrický systém:
Electrical System:
napětí elektrické sítě: 24V
ukostřený záporný pól
čtyři akumulátory: 12 V / 220 Ah
alternátor: 28 V / 260 A
16.00 R20
MaxxForce D 12.4
- řadový, kapalinou chlazený, přeplňovaný s chlazením plnícího vzduchu, vznětový, elektronicky řízený, common-rail
- počet válců: 6
- vrtání: 126 mm
- zdvih: 166 mm
- objem válců: 12400 cm3
- maximální točivý moment: 1970 Nm při 1000 ot/min
- maximální výkon: 336 kW při 1700 ot/min
Allison 4500SP
- automatická, elektronicky řízená
- počet stupňů: 6+1
Objem palivových nádrží:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
570 l
Rychlost na silnici:
Road Speed:
115 km/h
Rychlost v terénu:
Cross-country Speed:
? km/h
Spotřeba paliva:
Fuel Consumption:
? l/100 km
Jízdní dosah po silnici:
Cruising Range on Road:
1100 km
Jízdní dosah v terénu:
Cross-country Cruising Range:
? km
Překonávání překážek:
Obstacles Crossing:
Nájezdový úhel přední/zadní:
Angle of Approach/Departure:
45 ° / 39 °
251) °
Boční náklon:
Side Slope:
20 °
Trench Crossing:
2,1 m
Vertical Obstacle:
0,6 m
Fording Depth:
1,5 m
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
české označení podvozku: Tatra 815-7N0R99 38 331 8x8.1R

technické údaje platí pro první prototyp

1) pro celkovou hmotnost
firemní materiály Tatra a.s.
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ATX8 (T815-7N0R99 38 331 8x8.1R)

Valníkový off-road trucks designed to transport 16 persons, and cargo to a maximum weight 21 100 kg. Valníková hull has a loading area of dimensions 4660 x 2475 mm. In the rear part of the chassis is mounted a hydraulic arm with a maximum reach 6,9 m (load capacity 3550 kg). When unloading a 4.3 meter lift weight of 5800 kg. The vehicle is transportable in an aeroplane and has the ability to service the aviation fuel JP8. The cabin can be fitted with additional armour providing ballistic and protiminovou level protection to STANAG 4569 Level 3/4.

In October 2009 concluded by the company Tatra and Navistar a contract on strategic partnership in the development, production and sales of heavy off-road military trucks. In the framework of the agreement has the Czech manufacturer to supply the chassis on the basis of which Navistar will create a military vehicle designed for operation on the north american continent. The Czech chassis should allow it to be competitive against its us rival Oshkosh. The cars should then be offered under the brand name Navistar Defense armed forces of the United states and their allies, who would these machines took in the framework of the programs of us military assistance FMS (Foreign Military Sales), which are financially covered from the resources of the united states. The agreement also allows the koprivnice-based carmaker to use when buying parts and components global network of suppliers of the american company Navistar. In the framework of the us-Czech cooperation arose automobiles [url=/topic/view/177513/Navistar-ATX6]ATX6
and ATX8, which were first publicly presented at the defense exhibition Eurosatory 2010, which took place in the first half of June 2010 in Paris.

ATX8 originated as a candidate for the selection procedure of the canadian army MSVS (Medium Support Vehicle System) for new military trucks to replace trucks MLVW (Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled), all of which are american cars M35 which were manufactured by Bombardier for the canadian armed forces in the eighties. According to the assumptions should take roughly 2300 new cars for the amount of around 1 billion USD (1.2 billion CAD). The first request for bids was released in 2006. In the framework of the program of MSVS was demanded of the vehicle in two categories along with the delivery of containers for the incorporation of the special-purpose device (SEV Special Equipment Vehicle). The first was MilCOT (Military Commercial Off the Shelf) - mass-produced civilian vehicle with minor modifications for operation in the armed forces. This category won the Navistar as the only candidate with the type of Workstar 7400. Category MilCOT is designed to run for backups, training and rearguard service on the territory of Canada. The first vehicle was delivered in June 2009 and the last with serial number 1300 (originally was planned shipment of 800 cars type MilCOT) in march 2011. Second sourced categories was a full military cargo truck SMP (Standard Military Pattern). Request for sending offers SMP was released in December 2011. A total of 1,500 vehicles to be delivered in the versions lorry, lorry with a hydraulic arm, container, containers with a tensing mechanism, a mobile workshop and artillery tractor. Part of the contract is the 300 trailer, 150 kits to increase the ballistic resistance of the vehicle and the service support for 20 years of service. Their bids submitted by the following companies:

BAE Systems - FMTV (later resigned)
Daimler - Zetros
Navistar/Tatra - ATX8
Oshkosh - MTVR
Renault Trucks - Kerax 8×8
Rheinmetall/MAN - HX77 8×8

In July 2012, however, the tender was terminated by the canadian policy, when it turned out that the canadian ministry of defence without the prior consent of inflating the cost of roughly double the originally planned values due to changes in the technical-tactical requirements. After considerable turbulence was a new request for bids with the predefined shapes of the technical-tactical requirements issued in July 2013. In the next schedule should in 2014 be the practical verification of the offered vehicles in the nevada desert in the USA. Announcement of the winner is planned for the year 2015 with delivery of the first vehicles should take place in summer 2017. The last cars would have been delivered at the close of the following year.

For the selection procedure in the meantime incurred further revised prototypes of the ATX8, which have Czech only bare chassis, all other components are manufactured by Navistar (engine, cabin,...) or comes from suppliers from North America. In case of a victory the type of ATX8 in the tender should these cars montovaly in the race company Navistar Defence Canada to the territory of Canada. In 2011 it was made 6 prototypes ATX8..
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The first prototype of the ATX8 on the factory of the polygon Tatra mountains in Coach, 2010. The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic arm HIAB 2222 ATF-2..
CZE - Tatra 815-7N0R99 38 331 8x8.1R - (Navistar)

CZE - Tatra 815-7N0R99 38 331 8x8.1R - (Navistar)

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Redesigned the prototype of the ATX8 (flatbed and container carrier with a tensing mechanism) during tests in the united states, may 2012..
CZE - Tatra 815-7N0R99 38 331 8x8.1R - (Navistar)

CZE - Tatra 815-7N0R99 38 331 8x8.1R - (Navistar)

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In the tender of the canadian army SMP / MSVS (Standard Military Pattern / Medium Support Vehicle System) in July 2015 to succeed the american society of Mack Defense from the Pennsylvania offering in collaboration with the French Renault Trucks type Kerax 8x8. Part of the contract on the 1500 trucks in various versions and 300 trailers and 150 sets of additional armour. Also included is an initial five-year program of service and logistical support. Deliveries are scheduled to start in summer 2017 and with their termination counts in the autumn of the year 2018. The manufacture and assembly of cars will make a significant contribution to the canadian company Prevost; Dumur Industries Ltd; EODC, Inc. and Link Suspensions of Canada (Raydan Division). The value of the zakázy is € 834 million canadian dollars.

CZE - Tatra 815-7N0R99 38 331 8x8.1R -

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