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Registration on this site is required if you want to post new posts, receive notifications and use other advanced features of this site. To register, you must choose a username, password and enter a valid e-mail address, where a message containing the code to complete the registration will be delivered.

Registration in the forum is carried out using the User's icon in the upper right corner of the page,
(click on the image to enlarge it, press ESC or close the cross in the upper right corner again to close it)

Registration contains rules of use, it is necessary to pay attention to them, non-compliance with them can lead to permanent blocking of access to our site.

By reading the rules and then registering, you agree with these rules.

The username, password, e-mail address will be filled in the registration.

If the name or e-mail is already in our database, the system will report an error and offer the option to send a forgotten password to the already created registration.

If everything is OK, the system will create a new user and send a verification code in the form of a link to the e-mail address entered during registration.

Click on this link to complete the registration and you can then log in.
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Logging in to the forum is done using the User's icon in the upper right corner of the page,

in the drop-down menu under the Login option.

Entering a combination of username and password will either result in a successful login or an error, which is indicated by a warning.

If you are on a page that already enables this functionality, the corresponding functions and controls of the logged-in user will be displayed immediately after logging in. No need to reload the page. This applies to the display of the forum / category section and to the display of the topic.

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Logged in successfully? You will find a way around this site in the next topic: Orientation on this site
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