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Orientace na tomto webu

How to orient yourself on this website


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Základní navigace

Úvodní stránka nabízí přehled nových článků, tedy delších a souvislejších textů, které jsou zveřejňované 1x denně. Kromě toho nabízí přechod na "fórum" (toto jméno povětšinou již nepoužíváme, neb evokuje místo pro povídaní, ale je to mnohem více než to, jak můžete sami vidět) pomocí odkazu PODKATEGORIE, případně pomocí navigačního menu v horní části každé stránky.

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Category / section

The forum is divided into individual categories (sections) in a tree-like manner. The main categories are accessible from the HOME page, together with the first level of their subcategories. Click on a category or subcategory to get deeper (some sections contain immersions up to level 8).

Each category can contain
- other subcategories
- topics
- articles

Subcategories are a further subdivision of an otherwise large section (for example, the Personalities section is further divided according to continents, states and often also according to the initials of the personality surname).
Topics are the main content of the section.
Articles are those that can be seen on, assigned to one or more sections of this forum, where their content falls or interferes.

The logged-in user can create new topics in any section of the forum, or reply to existing topics.

Like the contributions (see below), the forum sections are divided into FACTOGRAPHIC and DISCUSSION. The aim of factual sections is to collect factual topics in which it is possible to have discussion posts, questions, etc. Discussion sections are intended only for discussions. These sections are clearly distinguished by color - in the overview of categories, the discussion sections are GREEN, while the factual ones are BLUE. This color scheme is applied across the forum to sections, topics and posts.
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Topics are the main content of this forum.
In the discussion part, the topics are usually conducted according to the subject of discussion, question, observation and so on.
In the factual part, the topics are usually devoted to one type or version of the weapon, personality, unit, base, honors, etc. Furthermore, in the facts there are so-called overview topics, which summarize multiple versions and offer a guide to individual versions - for example Supermarine Spitfire .

All posts placed in the discussion / green part of the forum will be considered as discussion.
Papers posted in the factual / blue part of the forum are assessed by the moderator to see if they meet the forum rules (including the obligation to indicate sources for all factual posts) and sections (topic name, template filling, etc.), and if so, the post is marked as factual. If it does not meet the rules, it is redesignated for discussion. In connection with other forum functionality, such as user ranks, only the number of factual user posts is always taken into account, and discussion posts are not taken into account.

Posts in the topic are sorted by type - factual posts are sorted primarily at the beginning of the topic, discussion posts are sorted and behind them, then by the date of insertion, or the moderator can rearrange them manually (move up or down). The usual scheme for a fully completed topic is as follows

- TTD template / table
- text
- image attachments
- discussion

Anyone can participate in the completion of information, just add a new post with new information (again, I remind you of the obligation to state the source, information without a source is completely useless, can not be verified, evaluate its relevance to existing values and so on). The moderator then moves the new information to a suitable position within the topic, incorporates or edits the original contributions.

Posts to topics are inserted using the editor, which is at the end of each topic (provided that the user is logged in, the unlogged user does not see the editor).
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