PF 2016 od Admina

Dear readers, contributors, fellow moderators,

how to us from the candle of 2015, drips the last of the wax and the time is approaching to light a candle in 2016, can we take a moment to stop, turn around and look at what the year 2015 gave and took.

Our website has had many changes. The first came 21. march, when it was started the new The objectives were many - from changes to the source code, its transcription and optimization, changes to the structure and a number of other technical amendments, through improved availability and use on mobile devices, phones and tablets, after the implementation of new features, orgchartů, visualization on the map, etc. In many ways it has already managed to fill during development, for the introduction of the other functions we have now a stable and easily expandable platform. Over the development of the new forum, I eventually spent nearly a year and a half, longer than I wanted, but the result is worth it.

Followed summer, and the time fine-tuning and correcting deficiencies. Forum but already showed what he can do, may presentation in Pilsen has allowed us to establish interesting contacts abroad, and the reactions were all positive, except for the Czech. Not that our native language is not used correctly, rather like a sigh, that him in addition to the us $ 15 million Czechs and Slovaks no one other basically do not understand, and therefore if we are to develop and promote outside of our central Europe, English is necessary. This in the end is nothing new - after the termination of the free service of Google Translate we've lost around 50 thousand foreign readers monthly, after a certain period of time used by translator Bing was so incompetent, he left before it simply shut down. We have now found a solution which is qualitatively at the level of the translations from Google, while maintaining a minimum cost, and thus we can once again offer automated translations, which, moreover, can be corrected and improved by the people.

Since the summer, then ran the development and testing of the new version The objectives were similar as in the case of the forum - change the source code, the unification with the forum and a certain synergy, "zjednadvacetéstoletění" web site, in particular the addition of images, but also closer links with the forum, the visibility of the, where quite unnoticed rests on 60 thousand photos from dozens of museums, events and anniversaries all over Europe, and sometimes even a bit outside it. Of course there was also the effort to facilitate access for mobile devices, because while the share of visits from the computers at our sites has been stagnating or slightly declining, visitors from mobile phones and tablet devices increasing year on year by about 40 %, and if I look at the statistics in real-time in the morning, when most of us are going to work, the share of PC vs. Mobile is often 50:50. Development after the experience with the forum was much shorter and 1. November was the new version running.

In the meantime I already had on the table a long time expected new server and so there was a wheel installations, updates, disappointment, disillusionment (as always, when it is in the game to Linux) hardening, other installations, and finally the joy of success. The Server was ready, the data přemigrována, and 13.11.2015 we gradually switched to those about a hundred websites that in the context of and support sites with a military history and a hobby of running. The move was unexpectedly cool, if so think of it, it was about the sixth, the seventh, the migration in our seventeen-year history, so I'm at it seems to get a little practice Smile the Size of the war, its database and other websites goes into the hundreds of gigabytes, so my own server is for us still the best solution.

And then winter came... didn't come, ahead of us, yet it's freezing in less than a day Smile But even in winter we don't get bored, because when we've done all the technical and technological challenges, it is time to focus again on content, articles and topics on the forum. Why? Because of the nearly 1.4 million unique visitors (or rather, device), who us in 2015, the honor more than 2.8 million visits. This huge number is the most beautiful gift and commitment to the future.

For the full year were added thousands of new themes, hundreds of articles, dozens of photo galleries, there have been several tens of thousands of edits existing texts and contributions. And every day, no matter if it's day, summer, christmas or new year's eve, gain more.

What we focus in 2016?

1) Writing articles. If I could afford paraphrase the words of the song young, aspiring band Taxmeni, write write write, we'll keep writing... Smile Articles are still few and, unfortunately, suffer from competition in the form of a forum, where a number of dřívejších "psavců" based, tabulkuje and everything else helps with the development of the forum, and to writing out of time. But even so, it will be in 2016 what to read. In the background there is still a big pile of work lyrics prolinkovat on the topics on the forum, to fine-tune the images, formatting, navkládát new articles that we need to mail.

2) Systematization of the translations of the units on the forum. We have had our first large group, the German Wehrmacht, the u.s. air force, and gradually working our way through other categories. Why is it so important that I'm building right now for articles to read? I'll make the famous Cimrmanův step aside and draw near unto you, how is the content on the :

1) in The beginning there is Nothingness. Which is the ideal default state. Sometimes it's at the beginning of the Něcota, and it is usually shit, they're trying to prevent it, see the next steps.

2) Vznike Needed. The need is usually triggered by the arrival of a new user, the determination stávájícího users start to form, or simply completely authoritative decision of me or any of my colleagues, that this or that is needed to start to us it went down as one of the cubes into the big picture.

3) Comes Enthusiasm. The author of the following and the following, driven by their expert knowledge in a given area, or enough vybičován some of the plethora of a number of sources, in the worst case of Wikipedia. It's not breaking your head with translations, by dividing into sections, clarity, system.

4) Enthusiasm is mitigated by the Terrified. It's when the author himself, or with the assistance of other colleagues, and came to the sad realization that all I put, will have to adjust, because he got to the area where it is in conflict. Don't know how to translate something, figuring that the same thing someone translates completely differently, that he was not sure about the inclusion of this or that, that further research is needed, and that as so many times before, the sources from which he drew are inaccurate, because their authors were often very fundovaní in the topic and was a mask of love to a given, but they did not use any methodology or systematic approach.

5) The scene bortícího to the world of Fantasy enters Systematization. The effort to prop up the sagging section of the pillar System and help the poor user in the re-start. Usually this means a more comprehensive view on the section. If we are moving in a section of Russian tanks, we get out on the level above and take a look at tanks in general. We will create a template for the tanks with their basic TTD, we split up according to states, agree on ways of integrating the techniques produced after the collapse of the USSR, for example, in Ukraine. If we are talking about units and their translations, we look at the whole army of a given country, list all possible variants of names, we look to other countries, if we compare, we translate. Pozakládáme the structure of the army. Write a brief chat about the different types of units and their role. We explain vyargumentujeme, vyhádáme and to choose the best form of translation, we in the same army from translating this information the same kind of unit one as a drop, for the second time as a skydiving. Repeat for the other armies, and states, languages. Czech, Slovak, Polish, English, German, Russian, japanese, French... 17. century, 20. century, 21. century. Zhrozíme about it, why someone decided instead of the Air force to use Air power. Comes the Hesitation, the southern oracle after the us makes a show of glancing, but in the end everything will turn out well. Let's move on!

6) On the basis of the System comes Unnecessary work. Unnecessary work is unpleasant and very unpopular, but it's the price for the unrestrained development and the inability of the first to stop, to reconsider, to establish a System, and then paste. But sometimes even the most experienced of us can't see all konsekvencí and the System from time to time needs to adjust. Which to that belongs, a long time ago we no longer live in a world where there was only one truth, and it was necessary to keep her at any cost, even when the path according to this truth has led usually to hell. Of Unnecessary work thus becomes the Cleaning, and after Cleaning, there may come a new Development.

People who are at in the position of Moderators and active vkladačů a number of years (and many with me pulling for all of these incredible 17 years), this painful process went through many times already, and it is our utmost effort to eliminate there point of Unnecessary work by first creating the System, and then we build.

Now I can go back to point 2 of our targets in 2016 - the systematization of the translations. If we can't agree how we will translate (and our starting point is clear - we, the czechoslovak forum with a global scope, we don't offer (sometimes botched) the English transcription of foreign names, but the actual Czech names, so that the reader always knew what he's dealing with), there's no point to go into tabulkování armies, which us here we are (state of Need), or are in a state of Enthusiasm or worse understand not (for example, the british army and its regimental system). Are again bits of articles, where we can link and provide further added value. Translations are therefore the imaginary starting line, from which derives all the other running sections of the Units.

3) the Search for new colleagues. This point is of such a Perpetual motion, and as the thread stretches all the existence of the We are not a paid server, we do not have dozens of employees, we are a group of enthusiasts, who make up for other enthusiasts. And the us will be the more, the better. The more work done, faster, with larger options. People come and go, that's life. Over the years I've met dozens, or rather hundreds of amazing people with a huge spectrum of knowledge, ability to write readable articles, or the mentioned systematization, linguistically gifted, graphics, archivists, historians... Every single person who will engage in the creation of here is a immediate benefit for the whole, which constitutes our readers. And for myself, I always wished that these people stay forever, to always have enough time, possibilities and ultimately the motivation to write and to create, to pass on, but I know that's not possible. The most it grieves me when I hear that some of the posts here never spreads, nepřibydou the next, because their author has permanently left this world. This year we had to deal with this sad departure of several of our colleagues. But even if it is not directly the death, they are also ordinary human worries that many of us won't allow pay to so, as we would like. Therefore, finding and training new colleagues will always be one of the priorities for ensuring the future

4) Feedbacks of the readers. And here is non-negotiable, always interested in your feedback to any aspect of the functioning of the We can't accommodate everyone, but we will always try to take all available views into account. The worst thing you can do, if you don't like something, keep it to yourself. It us anywhere nepoposune, nothing will not improve, because we need we don't even know that it is needed to improve. But the reverse is also true - if all the feedback that we get, has to be the only criticism of us that work long conversation. Do you like the article? Give it as much work to write in the comments "great article, I like it!"? Surely not Smile Or give a Like on Facebook, share with your friends, send it on, between people. can not exist without its readers !

We therefore thank for your patronage in the year 2015 and I hope that on the website I'll see you tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in the new year 2016! For me personally, I wish you good health, well-being, but also pure reason and critical thinking, which in a time of endless media machinations is gaining importance. Our company is in letočním year was replacing by the so many different os, that I am almost afraid to consider us as a nation. Rather, it reminds me of the community of clans, fan clubs of this or that, supporters of firecrackers on new year's Eve and owners of dogs with fireworks fears... And it makes me actually feel sad when I see people increasingly trying to reason, understand, and understand, and how much is the slightest conflict escalates to the level of verbal or god forbid actual violence. After the pattern of the different Miss I could wish for world peace, and that wouldn't be far from the truth. To see how the year 2016 to advise you. But we must not forget that it is us it will be from tomorrow to create, and what in fact will be year 2016, it is mainly up to us.


Radek Havelka
HM Admin v. r..
PF 2016 od Admina - Nový server, ješte v plenkách. Instaluje se SSD karta :)

Nový server, ješte v plenkách. Instaluje se SSD karta :)
PF 2016 od Admina - A zde již ve společnosti dalších serverů spojeně vrní :)

A zde již ve společnosti dalších serverů spojeně vrní :)
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