303 British

303 Bren, 303 Lee Enfield, 303 Lee Enfield M.1892, 303 Lee Metford, 303 Vickers, 7,62 x 56 mm R, 7,7 x 56 mm R, 7,7 x 56 mm R Enfield, 7,7 mm Breda, 7,7 mm Patrone S.272 (e), 7,7 mm Patrone s.S.274 (e), 7,7 mm Mark 89, DWM 371, DWM 453, DWM 453A, DWM 453B, DWM 453E, GR 651
303 British 303 British
Originální název:
Original Name:
303 British
Další názvy:
Other Names:
303 Bren
303 Lee Enfield
303 Lee Enfield M.1892
303 Lee Metford
303 Vickers
7,62 x 56 mm R
7,7 x 56 mm R
7,7 x 56 mm R Enfield
7,7 mm Breda
7,7 mm Patrone S.272 (e)
7,7 mm Patrone s.S.274 (e)
7,7 mm Mark 89
DWM 371
DWM 453
DWM 453A
DWM 453B
DWM 453E
GR 651
náboj puškový rifle cartridge
DD.MM.1887 ?
DD.MM.1887 ?
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
lahvičková nábojnice bottlenecked case
Typ okraje:
Type of Rim:
nábojnice s okrajem rimmed case
Typ zápalu:
Type of Ignition:
středový zápal center fire
Průměr střely:
Projectile Diameter:
7,92 mm 0.312 in
Max. délka nábojnice:
Max. Case Lenght:
56,44 mm 2.222 in
Max. celková délka:
Max. Overall Length:
78,11 mm 3.075 in
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URL : https://www.valka.cz/303-British-t19078#632316 Version : 0
Ammunition .303 British

It was founded in 1887 and the British Army was established a year later. The 13.9-gram round had a round-tipped projectile and was originally used for black dust, until 1892, when it began to be used for smokeless dust. A shot with a sharp tip in 1910 replaced a shot with a round tip. This lead-core projectile, also known as the Mk.VII, had a tip filled with aluminum or synthetic fibers. The .303 caliber was originally designed for Lee-Metford Mk.I. rifles, but these were replaced in 1895 by more modern Lee-Enfields, with deeper bore grooves, especially. This caliber was obsolete after the Second World War, so it was replaced in the British army by a standard caliber NATO 7.62x51 mm (.308 Winchester).


.303 British Mk.VII.
Bullet weight: 11.3 g
V0: 744 m/s
E0: 3127 joules
URL : https://www.valka.cz/303-British-t19078#71329 Version : 0

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303 British

303 Bren
300 Lee Enfield
303 Lee Enfield M.1892
303 Lee Metford
303 Vickers
7,7 mm Breda
Mk. I, Mk.II, Mk.III, Mk.IV, Mk.V, Mk.VI, Mk.VII, Mk.VIII, Mk.IV Z, Mk.V Z, Mk.VI Z, Mk.VII Z, Mk.VIII Z
7,7 mm Patrone S.272 (e)
7,7 mm Patrone S.274 (e)
7,7 mm Mark 89
7,7x56R Enfield
GR 651
DWM 371
DWM 453/A/B/E

Písmeno "Z" u některých typů značí, že konkrétní náboj je laborován nitroceluózovým prachem.

Náboj se používal i do leteckých kulometů byly jím vyzbrojeny prakticky všechny stíhačky RAF během bitvy o Británii.

Zdroj: HÝKEL, J., MALIMÁNEK, V. Náboje do ručních palných zbraní. Praha: Naše vojsko, 2002. ISBN 80-206-0641-6
URL : https://www.valka.cz/303-British-t19078#73310 Version : 0
303 British charge with which the British went through both world wars, as well as the Germans both wars used a 7.92 Mauser charge. The cartridge in the photo was made by Kynoch, Birmingham, England. The charge has a projectile with a tracer (red-painted match and in the signature the letter G). The charge on the right is already mentioned 7.92x57. Photo by the author.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/303-British-t19078#399493 Version : 0
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