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Sehnal, Jiří: Zbarvení a označování vozidel československé armády 1945-1992

Title: Coloring and marking of the vehicles of the czechoslovak army 1945-1992
Authors: Jiří Get
Prague, publisher: Grada, year of release: 2016, size: 17x24 cm, number of pages: 176, number of copies: not listed,
ISBN 978-80-271-0142-9

The book allows you to refine the knowledge about the appearance of the military equipment of the czechoslovak army from the first months of her recovery after her demise. It's about the yet unprocessed part of the history of post-war ENSAMBLE. The author drew from the archival material stored in the Military historical archive and many white spots added on the testimony of old-timers and collectors. The book is equipped with drawings, diagrams and color photos.
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