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Kučera, Milan Z.: Největší tajemství Třetí říše - Ocelové město nacistů

Title: the Greatest secret of the Third reich
Subtitle: the Steel city of the nazis
Author: Milan Zach Kucera
Issued by: the AOS Publishing, Ústí nad Labem, the year of issue 2013, pages 265,
ISBN: 978-80-87624-14-2

In the second supplemented edition of the book are described the underground premises of the factory Wolfsberg and secret lab under lock and key Ksiaž. Thanks to the study of the yellowed documents of the German administration is not the author affected by post-war legends.

The book is accompanied by new photographs, maps and plans, which have arisen thanks to recent terénnímu survey research groups in the podzemích the premises of the Sowie mountains..
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