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Francev Vladimír: Sovětské tankové impérium

Title: Soviet tank empire
Author: Vladimír Francev
Published by: Grada Publishing, Prague, year of release 2016, the parties 248,
ISBN: 978-80-271-0085-9

An experienced author and military historian in his latest book is dedicated to a very attractive topic - hit-the core of the soviet army, which by its strong growth in the not for most of the 20th. century equivalent anywhere in the world. Great while he uses his years of tracking this topic using dozens of books and hundreds of magazines. The information in this book puts forward are not only highly interesting, valuable and unbiased. Offered readers a comprehensive view of how the technical, operational site from 30. 90. years 20. century. The book is a valuable asset, because a professional Czech translations of soviet literature describing the tanks and other armored vehicles are almost nonexistent and publications of Czech authors on this topic are scanty and they focus only on basic types.

Therefore, it can be assumed that this book will become indispensable for anyone interested in the history of military techniques. The book is complemented by tables, maps and photographs..
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