Patrone modell 93/7 mm
Patrone modell 88/93 Cal. 7 mm
7 mm Beretta
7 mm Bresel
7 mm Mauser
7 mm Chilean Mauser
7 mm Mexican Mauser
7 mm Spanish Mauser
7x57 DWM
7x57 M.93
7x57 Mauser
7x57 Mauser M/06
275 Rigby Mauser
275 Romless
275 HV Rigby
275 Mauser
DWM 380D/L/M
DWM 511
DWM 527A
GR 574

Country of origin: Germany

Year of manufacture: 1892

Infantry cartridge designed by Mauser for the Spanish Modell 1892 rifle. The cartridge was first introduced as a service cartridge in Spain, then in Brazil, Honduras, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Orange, Serbia, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela. It was used successfully in the Spanish-American War, and the US at the time was seriously considering introducing it into its own military.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/7x57-t19549#73042 Version : 0
This charge is interesting for its relatively large distribution, currently used mainly in Europe as a hunting. The photographed charge is a product of Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik, Hirtenberg, Austria-Hungary from 1907, military design, on the right is a charge 8x57 J, also in the original military design (1888). By throttling or stretching the neck of this charge, more calibers were created. (5.6mm, 6.5mm, 9mm, 9.3mm, 10.75mm). Photo author.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/7x57-t19549#391781 Version : 0
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