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PF 2017 od Admina

Dear residents of the server,

slowly running out of the penultimate day of this year, and so it is time to slow down, give right turn signal, stop, put the flashers, take a reflective vest, erect a warning triangle and reflect, get some fresh air and then full of forces to go into the new year of 2017.

First, to reach. Dear residents. Hm. What do you think he wanted the Admin to say? Year after year I think of the obligatory "dear ladies, dear gentlemen". Etiquette says that the ladies weigh more, and therefore we address it as the first, then masters. But who weighs more on the They are the readers, without which it would not make sense to all of this do? Or authors, without whom the readers had read? Or the moderators, those little mice in the background, who all support their hard daily activities? Or donors and sponsors, without which we could not afford such a technique and literature, what do we have available? Tough choice, I'll tell you. And therefore, I choose people. Because each of you (and us) at a certain time becomes a resident of this server. And is the taste of each (however, you do know the movie ...), if it just visitor, relatives or family - permanent resident.

Visitors have a lot. Unique them was 1.424.000. Visits then over 3 million. 7.5 million page views. I call it a visit! The door is revolving, and I'm glad for it.

What we would need even more than visitors, is to discover the remote a third cousin, who's feeling "like at home", once a week, then twice, three times, when he finds out that as well as uncle Albert just remain and they don't even want to leave. We need more colleagues, authors, psavce and moderators. We have a LOT of areas that need supervision, and development. Don't be afraid to get involved, we are not only forged by historians with fifty years of experience, we are looking for anyone who has a taste to processing any portion of the history involved and a lot to learn.

Here is the right place to here took off his hat in front of your fellow presenters and authors of articles. When I go to sleep at night, still at war, add new contributions and edit the existing ones. In the morning I get up, and he's here again a few new ones. I bow to their diligence, zeal and determination of the sense for the system as well as the willingness to do something not only for yourself. The job, which is to see, even here, under which are often not yet listed. They built this house to accommodate all those visitors, and so that nobody gets bored. Respect!

I am aware that many consider the internet only for Google (or List) and Facebook. And we are not able nor willing to compete with. Also why? Facebook is a one-time thing, everyday billions of screams, which they lose almost immediately, and the value? Ephemeral. On the systematic work and permanently accessible archive of articles and data that's just not (try to search for what you vkládáli a few weeks ago, without you know exactly when ...). Google us more miserable than it helps. From the search engine, which once upon a time used to be, became a money machine, and nothing but the money doesn't interest him. Albeit a short-path processing of the semantic web, i.e. pages that contain clearly defined objects and links between them, remained to him of the only recipes on cooking, reviews of books and goods, and the prices of the tickets. Which is sad, as would the personalities, historical events and all that, what a day we had for the humanity of less importance than where it stands rolls. But we can also advise so, just simply cast no after every fashion trend that is just in the IT world appear, because as many as this came, this year, also disappeared, and the next year it will be the same. We remain conservative and we continue in what we enjoy. And sometimes we add something completely new. A number of features this year to our forum was added and I got a few "under wraps", so it is triggered in the following weeks. And it's a joy when I see the fuzzy dice of our work over a number of years, suddenly, sharply lowering the walls of the new house. Brick to brick, this is something I'll take, there's a shift, tundle's contact, and lo and behold, the new functionality is in the world! And every hand in addition to handy because of the merger and the scrolling is almost, well, I don't want to overdo it, infinity.

Me on the contrary pleases is a growing group of residents, who in addition to his visit will bring some crown or euro. This year there is twice as much as last year! Still it is not enough for us to throw away all the ads, but it's a very nice trend - we understand that the operation of such a dwelling is worth something (for nothing else the money doesn't come, only on the server, connection, software and literature) and we are willing to participate. We don't need millions, just when we will be sure to other years. And it has so far managed to fill. Thank you!

The year 2016 was from my subjective point of view of the mediocre. And when I look around, in the news, in the papers, on the comments under articles, I have no reason to think that the year 2017 will be significantly better. Our company is polarizes according to many os, completely unaccountably often assault and blame the from rusofilství, here from amerikanofilství (who don't vote Losnu, choose Mažňáka!) and we cease to have the ability to understand. Understand, why you or they are inclined to such a view, or onakému. That the world does not have one holy truth, but it consists of seven billion perspectives on the world, and our existence here is a compromise between all these views. And I'd like to write that in 2017 will definitely improve. And I know that no. We are facing a year of further political přetahováni about the missing bones, the first year of a new american president next year in the middle of the stream of refugees from Asia and Africa, the next year, when the us, fifteen million ordinary population of the Czech republic and Slovakia will experience your days. Your winnings and losses. Gains, and losses. Let the pleasant, winning moments more than those painful losses. And hopefully we can do the year 2017, at least a little bit better than the one just ending, 2016.

Your population

Radek Havelka
HM Admin v. r..
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