Kluge, Günther von

von Kluge von Kluge
Given Name:
Günther Adolf Ferdinand Günther Adolf Ferdinand
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Günther Adolf Ferdinand von Kluge
Fotografie či obrázek:
Photograph or Picture:
generál polní maršál General Field Marshal
Akademický či vědecký titul:
Academic or Scientific Title:
- -
Šlechtický titul:
Hereditary Title:
- -
Datum, místo narození:
Date and Place of Birth:
30.10.1882 Poznaň* /
30.10.1882 Poznan* /
Datum, místo úmrtí:
Date and Place of Decease:
19.08.1944 Méty /
19.08.1944 Metz /
Nejvýznamnější funkce:
(maximálně tři)
Most Important Appointments:
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veliteľ 4. armády
veliteľ skupiny armád Stred
Commander of 4. Army
Commander of Army Group Centre
Jiné významné skutečnosti:
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Other Notable Facts:
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Poznaň* - predtým Posen, v súčasnosti časť Poľska. Poznaň* - before Posen, now part of Poland.
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Kluge Kluge
Given Name:
Günther Adolf Ferdinand von Günther Adolf Ferdinand von
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Günther Adolf Ferdinand von Kluge
Všeobecné vzdělání:
General Education:
Vojenské vzdělání:
Military Education:
Důstojnické hodnosti:
Officer Ranks:
22.03.1901 poručík
16.06.1910 nadporučík
02.08.1914 kapitán
01.04.1923 major
01.07.1927 podplukovník
01.02.1930 plukovník
01.02.1933 generálmajor
01.04.1934 generálporučík
01.08.1936 generál dělostřelectva
01.10.1939 generálplukovník
19.07.1940 generál polní maršál
22.03.1901 Leutnant
16.06.1910 Oberleutnant
02.08.1914 Hauptmann
01.04.1923 Major
01.07.1927 Oberstleutnant
01.02.1930 Oberst
01.02.1933 Major General
01.04.1934 Lieutenant General
01.08.1936 General of the Artillery
01.10.1939 Colonel General
19.07.1940 General Field Marshal
Průběh vojenské služby:
Military Career:
- -
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Günther Adolf Ferdinand von Kluge was born 30. October 1882 in Poznan in prussian aristocratic family with a military tradition. His father, Max von Kluge was an officer of the imperial army, and in 1913 reached the rank of major general. Güntherův younger brother Wolfgang von Kluge also chose a military career and achieved promotion to lieutenant general.

After graduating from the cadet school he entered 22. march 1901 lieutenant Günther von Kluge to service to Dolnosaskému field artillery regiment no. 46 as adjutant of the II. the artillery section. In the fall of 1908 he was sent to the War academy and 16. June 1910 was promoted to lieutenant commander. Already during his studies he earned the nickname "kluge Hans" (clever John) thanks to my study skills and particular talent for mathematics. Nickname it accompanied the whole life. In 1912 he was transferred to the Great general staff (Großer Generalstab). Briefly re outbreak 1. world war he was promoted to captain. The beginning of the war spent on the eastern front as a staff officer at the XXI. army corps. In 1916 he was transferred to the South army (Südarmee), and in 1918 he was appointed chief of staff of 236. infantry division on the western front. In the fall of 1918 he was at Verdun heavily ... ... to marry. During the first world war was vyzamenán Iron cross 2. and 1. class.

After the war he was admitted to the Rechswehru and served at the headquarters of the 3. division. 1. April 1923 he was promoted to major and transferred to the Ministry of defense (Reichswehrministerium). 1. August, 1926, he was appointed commander In. (bicycle) section 3. prussian artillery regiment and 1. July 1927 promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel. 1. November 1928 was followed by the appointment to the position of chief of staff 1. equestrian division and 1. February 1930 promotion to colonel. 1. in march 1930 he became the commander of the 2. artillery regiment. 1. October 1931 he was appointed to command the Artillerieführer III and 1. February 1933 promoted to the first general rank. 1. October 1934, he was already as a lieutenant general appointed commander of the 6. division Riechswehru, which was 1. April 1935 transformed the VI. army corps led by Günther von Klugem. 1. August 1936 was von Kluge promoted to the rank of general of artillery. 1. December 1938, then was appointed commander of the newly formed the Group headquarters of the ground troops 6, which was 1. August 1939 trasformováno to 4. army. That commanded by von Kluge until December 1941. For outstanding leadership performance during the Polish campaign he was 30. August 1939 awarded the Knight's cross of the Iron cross and 1. October 1939 was promoted to was to hold. 4. the army commanded successfully during the western campaign, and his prize was promotion to the rank of general field marshal 19.July 1940.

4. the army commanded by von Kluge, even during the initial phase of the eastern campaign from June to December 1941. The army was part of army Group Center under the command of field marshal Fedor von Bock. Has achieved outstanding success in the encirclement and destruction of two soviet armies in the area of Minsk, and then played an important role in the conquest of Smolensk. In December 1941, its forward units reached the vicinity of Moscow. After the soviet protiofenziva made a Group of armies Center retreat, was von Bock removed from office and 19. December replaced him with von Kluge. Hitler valued von Kluge abilities (and, in particular, obedience and loyalty), and on the occasion of his 60. birthday gave him a cash gift in the amount of 250 000 reichsmarks and 18. January 1943 to a distinguished career Oak leaves to the Knight's cross. Von Kluge commanded the operations of his army group up to 12. October 1943, when he was injured in a car accident and had to command to pass to the field marshal Ernst Buschovi. For the command of the operations of army Group Center in the summer and autumn of 1943 he was 29. October 1943 vests Meče to the Knight's cross.

After the recovery was 2. July 1944, less than a month after the Allied landing in Normandy, Hitler instructed von Kluge to command the Main headquarters of the West and at the same time Group of armies D. Before leaving to France was Hitler and Keitel told that the negative development in France has caused the incompetent command of his predecessor von Rundstedta and other field commanders including Rommel. At the first meeting of the new supreme commander of the German forces in the west with Rommel occurred between the two field marshals to the sharp exchange of views. Shortly after he left von Kluge on a short inspection tour around the normandy battlefield, and when he came back, he had to revise his opinion on the situation and all charges, podsunutá him Hitler, took back.

The procedure of the Allies, and still grimmer von Kluge report to Berlin resulted in the arrival of Hitler's liaison officer to general Warlimonta with orders to stabilize the collapsing front. Kluge, however, Warlimonta establish that the only reasonable step is to retreat to the Seine or even further, and the subsequent rearrangement of the decimated German units. Hitler on these proposals answered 4. August command, von Kluge must launch an offensive towards Avranches (operation "Lüttich"). The plan of the operation was in detail developed in Berlin and didn't stop on the local situation. Field marshal while he was conscious, that the plan is unworkable, but he had than to obey and to convince Hitler of his obedience and devotion. In Berlin, already began the trial of the conspirators, who on Hitler of 20. July 1944 assassinated. Von Kluge may spiknuutí did not participate, but knew about him, and with a number of conspirators to hang with, some of them were even his subordinates. That in itself was enough for a death sentence. Kluge feared that won't be long before the gestapo discovers the evidence against him. In this situation, was unwilling to provoke Hitler's wrath by defying his orders, even though he was aware of their impracticability.

15. August 1944 it was clear that the Normandy is for Germany lost. The operation "Luttich" failed, the Allies were closing the encirclement of German forces at Falaise and launched a landing operation "Dragoon" on the mediterranean coast of France between Cannes and Toulon. On that day, von Kluge had disappeared. In the morning he went to the headquarters 5. tank army and from that moment on it no one knew. Hitler came to the belief that Kluge issued a deal with the Allies about the German surrender, and he ordered commander 7. army SS-Oberstgruppenführerovi Hausserovi, to temporarily take over the function of the supreme commander of the German troops in the west.

The following day he received Hitler reports that von Kluge appeared with an explanation of your day's absence. His car was attacked and damaged by allied aircraft, the radio was inoperative, and the marshal spent the whole day on the crowded roads. The evening of the 17th. August, at his headquarters appeared field marshal Model and překvapenému Klugemu informed that with immediate effect reproduces the command and Kluge's return to Germany.

Kluge went on a journey, but he knew that his days are numbered. Failed to stop the advance of the allied troops and was suspected of treason. Didn't want to risk humiliation in front of the berlin people's court and the punishment of death by hanging. Therefore, the 18. August 1944 in his car on the road near Metz swallowed a cyanide capsule. In a farewell letter said that suicide is for him the only solution to preserve his honor. Hitler said that he always remained faithful and called on him to prove his greatness and ended the fight, if it turns out hopeless. 1. September 1944 he was buried with military honors in Böhne in Brandenburg. After the war, was the coffin with his remains stolen from the tomb and to this day it is not known where she was taken.

Miloš Hubáček: Invasion.
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Kluge, Günther von - Generalfeldmarschall Hans-Günther von Kluge s maršálskou paličkou v ľavej ruke, 1944.

Generalfeldmarschall Hans-Günther von Kluge s maršálskou paličkou v ľavej ruke, 1944.
Kluge, Günther von - Von Kluge (vpravo) s General der Infanterie  Felixom Schwalbe, apríl 1944.

Von Kluge (vpravo) s General der Infanterie Felixom Schwalbe, apríl 1944.
Kluge, Günther von - Von Kluge (vpravo) s Felixom Schwalbe, apríl 1944.

Von Kluge (vpravo) s Felixom Schwalbe, apríl 1944.
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