9 mm Mauser

9 mm Mauser Export, 9 mm pro samopal Neuhausen, 9 x 25 mm Mauser, 9,08 x 25,0 mm, DWM 487, GR 908
9 mm Mauser 9 mm Mauser
Originální název:
Original Name:
9 mm Mauser
Další názvy:
Other Names:
9 mm Mauser Export
9 mm pro samopal Neuhausen
9 x 25 mm Mauser
9,08 x 25,0 mm
DWM 487
GR 908
náboj pistolový pistol cartridge
DD.MM.1904 ?
DD.MM.1904 ?
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
(lehce) kuželovitá nábojnice (light) conical case
Typ okraje:
Type of Rim:
bezokrajová nábojnice rimless case
Typ zápalu:
Type of Ignition:
středový zápal center fire
Průměr střely:
Projectile Diameter:
9,03 mm 0.356 in
Max. délka nábojnice:
Max. Case Lenght:
25,00 mm 0.984 in
Max. celková délka:
Max. Overall Length:
35,00 mm 1.378 in
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9 mm Mauser

9 mm Mauser Export
9 mm for Neuhausen submachine gun
DWM 487
GR 908

Country of origin: Germany

Year of establishment: 1908

The most powerful pistol cartridge, designed in Europe. Originally designed for the export version of the pistol Mauser C96 for South America, Africa and the Middle East. Used in the 1930s for the Swiss submachine gun Neuhausen M1933. The charge was manufactured until the end of World War II.

Missile - FMJ 8.0-9.0 g
At - 415 m/s
Eo - 689-775 J

Source: HÝKEL, J., MALIMÁNEK, V. Ammunition for small arms. Prague: Our Army, 2002. ISBN 80-206-0641-6
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9-mm-Mauser-t19806#74159 Version : 0
To the exhaustive description and beautiful diagram I will add that the Mauser Export was also chambered for the pre-war Steyer-Solothurm SI-100 submachine gun (I hope it is not the Neuhausen) and these Hungarian beauties:
(the M-43 does say it's on Parabellum, but the Zuk says they both tread on Mauser Export)
These Hungarian rarities may explain that these " style="color:#F00;" data-has-template="1" data-topic-id="11323" class="popview"logs" can also be found in Czech meadows and groves.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9-mm-Mauser-t19806#100650 Version : 0
9x25 Mauser Export
Manufacturer Munitionsfabrik de Wollersdorf Austria
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9-mm-Mauser-t19806#132541 Version : 0
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