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11,3 mm Gasser

11.3 mm Gasser

11 mm Österr. Gasser
11 mm Austria-Ung. Gasser Model 1870 revolver
11.2 mm Österr.-Gasser M1870-74
11.2 mm Austria-Hungary Gasser M70
11.2 mm Montenegriner Revolver
11,2x36 Austria-Hungary Cavalry revolver M1870
11,25x36 No.3 Montenegriner
11.3 mm Montenegriner Revolver
11.3 mm Österr. Armee Revolver M1870
11,3x35,8 No.1 Montenegriner
11,4x36 No.2 Montenegriner
.44 Montenegriner Revolver

Country of origin: Austria-Hungary

Year of origin: 1870

Ammunition for the Austrian Army revolver Gasser M1870, identical to ammunition for carabiner Werndl M1867, but with half the power. Due to frequent exchanges of carbine ammunition for revolver (often with tragic consequences) in 1882 was removed from service and replaced with ammunition 11.2 mm Gasser (same but with shorter cartridge). The M1870 revolvers were sold to Montenegro in 1882 (that is why the revolver is called "Montenegrin" - in Montenegro, due to constant conflicts with the Turks, every adult citizen was obliged to walk armed with a revolver).
The cartridges of Austrian-made ammunition were tombac, the cartridges of Montenegrin production were brass. In both cases, the bullet was lead.

Missile - LRN 14.0-20.28 g
In - 210m/s
Eo - 309-447 J

Source: HÝKEL, J., MALIMÁNEK, V. Ammunition for small arms. Prague: Our Army, 2002. ISBN 80-206-0641-6
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11.3 Gasser, tombac cartridge, product by Sellier & Bellot Prague. A small addition: Mandatory carrying of weapons in the Czech Republic concerned only men aged 16 and over. Right hub 9mm Luger. Photo by the author
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