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11,3 mm Gasser

of 11.3 mm Gasser

11 mm Österr. Gasser
11 mm Österr.-Ung. Revolver Gasser Model 1870
11.2 mm Österr.-Gasser M1870-74
11.2 mm Österr.-Ungarn Gasser M70
11.2 mm Montenegriner Revolver
11,2x36 Österr.-Ung. Kavllerie-Revolver M1870
11,25x36 Well.3 Montenegriner
11,3 mm Montenegriner Revolver
11,3 mm Österr. Armee Revolver M1870
11,3x35,8 No.1 Montenegriner
11,4x36 Well.2 Montenegriner
.44 Montenegriner Revolver

origin: Austria-Hungary

Year of establishment: 1870

The charge for the austrian army revolver Gasser M1870, identical with the hub for karabinu Werndl M1867, but with only half of the performance. Due to frequent confusion karabinového hub for revolverový (often with tragic consequences) was in the year 1882, from the armament removed and replaced with a hub 11.2 mm Gasser (the same, but with a shorter nábojnicí). Revolvers M1870 were in 1882 sold to the Black Mountains (therefore it is a revolver called "montenegrin" - in Black Mountain, due to constant conflicts with the Turks, every adult citizen is obliged to go armed with a revolver).
Cartridge ammo austrian production were tombakové, the cartridge of the montenegrin production were brass. A bullet in both cases the lead.

Bullet – LRN 14,0-20,28 g
Vo – 210m/s
Eo – 309-447 J

Source: HÝKEL, J., MALIMÁNEK, IN. Cartridges for small arms. Prague: Naše vojsko, 2002. ISBN 80-206-0641-6.
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11,3 Gasser, cartridge tombaková, the product f. Sellier&Bellot), Prague. A small addition: the Mandatory carrying of guns in ČH involved only men at the age from 16 years of age. To the right of the hub 9mm Luger. Photo by the author.
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