Stryker MSL (demonstrátor)

Stryker Maneuver SHORAD Launcher

at this year's August Space and missile defense symposium in huntsvillském Center von Braun (Space and Missile Defense Symposium in Huntsville with Werner Von Braun Civic Center, GPS: 34°43'36.00"N 86°35'25.00"W) introduced company the Boeing Corporation, and General Dynamics its vision of a self-propelled cluster launcher anti-aircraft and protizemních missiles. A prototype, or rather the demonstrator, was identified as: Maneuver Short Range Air Defense Launcher (Maneuver SHORAD Launcher, MSL).

Brief history
All the evidence suggests that firm Boeing slightly e. g idea was introduced by AN/TWQ-1 Avenger and in the years 2010 to 2014 presented various stationary version.
The self-propelled version was created last year, or this year, the adjustment of an armored Stryker 8x8 company General Dynamics, which has been shortened trupová the superstructure and on a relaxed place seated above mentioned launchers.
The gun is supposed to take part in the autumn tests on novomexickém the polygon White Sands Missile Range.
The issuing companies have indicated that they are able to continue in the development and the existing launchers are able to equip other types of missiles, cannon Bushmaster and laser.

Description of weapons
The rockets are placed on the sides of a sort of cabin in the layout, on the right: 2x AIM-9X Sidewinder and on the left: 4x AGM-114 Hellfire.
Chassis APC Stryker with a shortened armored superstructure.

Basic information
Crew: 3 persons.
The rotating tower taken from the ground version (this is a modification of the tower system Avenger).
For the rocket Sidewinder - against fast-flying targets to a distance of 25-40 km.
For Hellfire missiles - against tanks and slow-flying targets to a distance of ~9 km.

A small amount of carried ammunition, without the possibility of automated re-charge during driving.
The crew of the car, during the forced stop, done by manually charging the weapon.
The tower is equipped with opto-electronic system designed to search for targets and homing missiles Hellfire.
The tower is not equipped with radar to search for airborne and ground targets.

Source image documentation

Stryker MSL ješte bez optoelektronického zaměřovače.

Stryker MSL představený na Space and Missile Defense Symposium 2017.

Stryker MSL s optoelektronickým zaměřovačem.

Tabule s doprovodným textem.
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Another variant of the weapon system the Avenger
The company Boeing in the long term, experimenting with different armament variants located within and outside of the gun turrets of the Avenger. For example, in 2010, presented in Washington at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition of the stationary version armed with Hellfire missiles, Sidewinder with the inscription Vuurwapen and 25mm cannon Bushmaster which is located optoelectronic sighting and maybe even a high-energy laser.

Boeing, in its internal report states:
2004 - Test launch PTŘRS Javelin from the modified tower of the Avenger.
2007 - Development of the small arms 12.7 mm caliber Bushmaster.
2007 - high-energy laser weapon to neutralize the unexploded ordnance.
2008 - high-energy laser weapon to neutralize small unmanned aircraft.
2009 - Development of the small arms caliber 25 mm Bushmaster.
2009 - high-energy laser weapon to neutralize the unexploded ordnance and to neutralize small unmanned aircraft.

Automobile 4x4 Oshkosh M-ATV staffed towers Avenger on abudabské exhibition IDEX 2010.

Source image documentation

AUSA 2010.

Představa fmy. Boeing o variantách výzbroje.
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