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Vystavěl, Stanislav: Od Ansonů až k Airbusům

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Od Ansonů až k Airbusům
Stanislav Vystavěl
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Svět křídel
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cca 300
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Name of the book:
From Ansonů to Airbusům
Stanislav Built

Air transport group Ruzyne
Air transport regiment in Ruzyně
1. air transport regiment Kbely
1. transport aviation regiment Kbely
1. transport maj. years. the regiment Kbely
The air compartment size. LaPVOS Kbely
7. the aviation section Kbely
1. traffic-shirt. years. pl. Prostějov
1. traffic-shirt. years. the regiment Mošnov
1. you can. traffic years. the regiment Mošnov
1. traffic-shirt. years. the regiment Mošnov
Transport air group Mošnov
36. sm. traffic years. pl. of Pardubice
50. kur./joint. years. pl. Klecany
50. connecting aviation regiment Kbely
3. transport aviation regiment Kbely
Transport aviation regiment WELL Kbely
3. transport aviation regiment Kbely
6. you can. traffic years. regiment T. G. M.
6. the base of the traffic years. T. G. M.
24. the base of the traffic years. T. G. M.
Who was in charge of “dopravkám“
Gallery of masters “dopravek“
a full-COLOR section
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From Ansonů to Airbusům
Chronology of organizational, personnel and material construction of czechoslovak and Czech transport and the coupling of the air force in the period from 1945 to the present

The title of the book symbolically expresses the beginning and the present of our military “dopravek“. In 1945 they were in the Uk purchased two “ANSONY“ the first military transport aircraft with čs. kokardou on the sides of the hulls with the Air transport group Ruzyně airport. Since 2007, the “worn“ čs. cockade on the sides of the engine nacelles two Airbus A319CJ 24. transport aviation base T. G. Masaryk Kbely.

The author has compiled more than seventy-year-old period of existence of all of our military “dopravek“. Begins with a brief introduction to the stage action of our airmen at the Headquarters of the transport air force (Transport Command of the RAF) at the conclusion of II. world war ii and the last task 311. squadron in the transport of our airmen and repatriantů from Great Britain to their homeland.

Chronologically then the reader may follow the establishment of the Air transport group of the Air transport regiment Prague/Kbely and subsequently any changes to the names of the regiment by renaming and reorganisations “1. dmv“ until relocation 1. transport airborne aviation regiment Kbely in 1959 to Moravia.
Followed by a “digression“ in the chronology, when in connection with the expected relocation of 1. dvlp in Moravia is for the needs of transportation officials WELL and the air force Command and PVOS already in June of 1959, decided to “develop“ Command a squadron of VLaPVOS to 1. 10. 1959 on the “Aviation section VLaPVOS“ (that was renamed several times and přepodřízen), that was like 7. the air section (the so-called “Vintrlíkův section“) in Kbely to 1. 9. 1969 abolished and its aviation equipment along with part of the staff relocated to the 50. connecting to the air regiment Kbely.

The next stage of the “1. dmv“ continues the time of the action in Prostejov, and from the 1960 relocation of the Slovak army. There in 1969, after the cancellation of 46. transport airborne airborne division, Olomouc and their helicopter regiments “experiences“ the reorganization and the creation of a Separated part of 1. dvlp in Prostějov (with 3. and 4. helicopter squadron and 5. squadron-An-2).

It's all up to the year 1974, when the “helicopters“ from the part of the Separated 1. dvlp will become the foundation 51. a helicopter regiment in Prostějov and in Mosnov then until 1986 act “křídlatí“, overkill on the turboprop An-12, An-26 and Turbolety L-410T. From 1. 6. 1986 operates in Mosnov 1. the joint air transport aviation regiment with 3. helicopter squadron with Mi-17. (This was in October 1992, cancelled).

In 1993 was “1. the tsa" in Mosnov cancelled and her “scraps“ – via Pardubice (36. the joint transport of the air) eventually ended up in Kbely... Mentioned departments have accessible archival funds in VÚA/VHA Prague. Therefore, it was possible in the book to approach the internal organization of departments and to include a variety of full namespaces and functional groups of departments in different periods, also the used and allocated to air technique.

Another branch of departments can be called "From the 50. courier and the coupling of the aviation regiment of the Klecan in Kbely, to today's 24. the base of transport aviation T. G. Masaryk Kbely“. This part was created from publicly available information and from pamětnických information (Without the possibility of the use of archival funds of the SpA cancelled services because of the opinion of the competent commander: “it is not desirable to make them available“. And this despite the fact that the documents, incurred to 31. 12. 1992, Law no. 142/2005 § 157 para. 3 “declassified“).

Gradual are mentioned all the services that have been created in Kbely of 50. the coupling of the air regiment from the r 1974 renamed by and reorganised – 3. transport air regiment –, Transport regiment MNO/F WELL, once again 3. transport aviation regiment T. G. Masaryk, the “six-month“ 6. mixed transport regiment, 6. the base of transport aviation, and since 2003 finally, today's 24. the base of the transport air force T. G. Masaryk Kbely.

It all complements the amount of photos of commanders of departments, commanders of squadrons and used aviation equipment. There is also a photo of several aircraft accidents fund VHA/VÚA Prague..
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