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Ochrana osobních údajů a GDPR

GDPR and Privacy

Processor of personal data on the web and is for these purposes Civic association, based In Leipzig 63, 277 51 Nelahozeves, ID : 227 211 51, registered on 9.10.2008.

When anonymous use of the website even after logging in then to process the following personal data:

- device IP address - for the purpose of the technical services, the prevention of attacks, spam, else damage to the website and their content, filing and processing of error conditions and not least the legal aspects (input illegal content, evidence, etc.).

When you register and login on the website occurs in the context of legitimate interest to the saving and processing of other personal data:

- email users - for the purpose of user authentication, blocking of spam, the uniqueness of the profile, restoring lost password and sending notifications and messages from the servers
- username - may or may not contain the real name and surname of the user, in order to display the names of the author of the article or post
- further the user can fill in the a link to your Facebook profile and Google+ profile, if he wants to use the option to automatically show link to your profile on these networks in the context of sharing his article or topic on social sítících

These data are stored for a period of 2 years from the last login of the user. In the event that the user during his activity inserts a contribution, then this contribution remains permanently stored IP address and the user name (for more, see the rules of the After two years of inactivity occurs either to remove the personal data of the user in the form of the deletion of the record (if it does not have embedded any posts, articles and private messages), or in the form of anonymization (preservation of the record, but by replacing the e-mail addresses featuring the lyrics so that it contains no personal data).

Data users who have not completed their registration confirmation e-mail will be deleted after 31 days of inactivity.

Of the law on the protection of personal data each user has the right to
- the provision of information which the processor records (after logging in via the link )
- to request explanations regarding processing of personal data (see above, or via e-mail )
- require access to such data, including the possibility of their editing (after login using the link If this is a change email addresses, it is necessary to contact us by e-mail )
- to request erasure of such personal data ( again, best to contact us with a request via e-mail ). The deletion applies only to personal data, not the contributions entered by the user in accordance with the rules of the!

Personal data are stored on technical devices of the operator, in particular a server, on the backup media. Access to them has only one person designated by the operator. Personal data are not disclosed to third parties.

the User name is visible in the user profile, so for each of the embedded post. Due to the fact that these sites are regularly crawled, indexed, and stored in a series of archive system (waybackmachine, a web site of the national library, google, list, etc.), it is not technically possible to remove this user name from all the spots of the internet permanently. Please take note of this if you choose to register on the website or anywhere else on the internet!.
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