Ochrana osobních údajů a GDPR

GDPR and Privacy
The processor of personal data on the website www.valka.cz, forum.valka.cz, galerie.valka.cz and www.armedconflicts.com is for these purposes the Civic Association valka.cz with its registered office at V Lipská 63, 277 51 Nelahozeves, ID No.: 227 211 51, registered on 9.10.2008.

When using the valka.cz website anonymously, even after logging in, the following personal data is processed:

- IP address of the device - for the purpose of technical provision of the service, prevention of attacks, spam, other damage to the valka.cz website and its content, registration and processing of error conditions and, last but not least, legal aspects (insertion of illegal content, evidence, etc.).

When registering and logging in to valka.cz, other personal data is stored and processed within the scope of legitimate interest:

- user email - for the purpose of user authentication, blocking spam, profile uniqueness, recovery of lost password and sending notifications and messages from .valka servers.cz
- username - may or may not include the user's real name and surname, in order to display the name of the author of the article or post
- also the user can fill in link to his Facebook profile, if he wants to use the option to automatically display a link to his profile on these networks in the context of sharing his article or topic on social networks

These data are stored for a period of 2 years from the last login of the user. In case the user posts during his/her activity, the IP address and username remain permanently stored for this post (see valka.cz rules for more information). After two years of inactivity, the user's personal data is either removed by deleting the record (if no posts, articles and private messages have been entered) or by anonymizing it (by keeping the record but replacing the email address with placeholder texts so that they do not contain any personal data).

The data of users who have not completed their registration by confirming it in an email will be removed after 31 days of inactivity.

Under the Data Protection Act, every user has the right to
- provide the information that the processor records about him/her (by logging in using the link https://www.valka.cz/author/view )
- request an explanation regarding the processing of personal data (see above, or via e-mail havelka@valka.cz )
- request access to this data, including the possibility of editing it (by logging in using the link https://www.valka.cz/autor/view. If your email address has changed, you must contact us via havelka@valka.cz )
- request the deletion of this personal data ( again, it is best to contact us with a request via email havelka@valka.cz ). Erasure only applies to personal data, not to posts made by the user in accordance with the rules of forum.valka.cz!

Personal data is stored on the technical means of the operator, in particular the server, as well as on backup media. Only one person appointed by the operator has access to them. Personal data is not provided to third parties.

The username is visible both in the user profile and for each inserted post. Due to the fact that these pages are regularly crawled, indexed and stored in a number of archiving systems (waybackmachine, national library website, google, list, etc), it is not technically possible to remove this username from all corners of the internet permanently. Please note this fact if you decide to register on valka.cz or anywhere else on the internet!
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