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12.01.2019 - Nové ruční zbraně pro americkou armádu

The Army’s SAW and M4 replacements will both fire this more accurate and deadly round

The u.s. army plans to select to the end of the summer the three candidates who made prototypes of weapons that will replace the existing M16/M4 and machine guns M249 in the service of the army and the marine corps. They will be in uniform caliber 6.8 mm. In the competition for the machine guns, which was listed earlier were selected the following companies, which shall provide functional samples to control shootings in June of this year:
AAI Corporation Textron Systems
• FN America LLC (two prototypes)
• General Dynamics-OTS Inc.
• PCP Tactical, LLC
• Sig Sauer, Inc.

However, none of these companies has no guarantee that you will be chosen among the three above-mentioned candidates.
Total should go about the delivery of 250 000 new weapons during the 10 years.

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