The UGV-Pz unmanned reconnaissance vehicle, modelled on the TAROS 6×6, is designed to conduct reconnaissance, radar reconnaissance and electronic warfare. As of 19.05.2017, the design of the autonomous 6×6 chassis platform for the MoD defence development project entitled Automated UGV-Pz unmanned ground reconnaissance vehicle was launched.

In the course of 2018, the production documentation was prepared, 2 prototypes of UGV-Pz were produced and these were handed over to the final solver VTU, s.p.

The project also included the construction of 2 transport trailers for UGV-Pz, which were also handed over to VTU, s.p.

Text reproduced without modification from: VOP CZ Annual Report 2018, page 12
Drawing taken from VOP CZ Annual Report 2017, page 10

UGV-Pz - Údajná podoba UGV-Pz.

Údajná podoba UGV-Pz.
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The Military Technical Institute of Armament and Ammunition Slavičín has handed over to the Army the automated ground reconnaissance vehicle UGV-Pz.

The prototype of the ground reconnaissance vehicle consists of two essentially identical sub-assemblies. Each of these sub-assemblies consists of an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle built on a TAROS 6×6 chassis. The vehicle is equipped with opto-electronic and radar reconnaissance instruments with the possibility of fitting additional electronic warfare systems.

Another part of the prototype kit is the ground control station (GCS), consisting of two operator workstations (platform control operator and reconnaissance operator) and the UGV-Pz.

The UGV-Pz ground control station is modular and portable in PELI cases or in transport fabric cases. The GCS subsystems are transportable by UGVs, or LOV 50 B. The latter vehicle is also used to transport a three-man UGV-Pz crew and to tow a trailer CL ARM 35 LMV modified to carry UGV-Pz.

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IDET 2021

The Military Technical Institute of Armament and Ammunition Slavičín presented at IDET 2021 the UGV-Pz.

"The automated unmanned ground reconnaissance vehicle is used for remotely controlled multispectral reconnaissance of areas of interest, in particular for conducting reconnaissance on risky sections of the battlefield. The prototype consists of two sets of UGV-Pz unmanned reconnaissance vehicles. The set also includes electronic warfare (EB) assets, communications assets and computer control sets.
The kit is controlled by two operators, one operating the platform and the other the optoelectronic and radar sensors. The team includes the commander of the suite.

The TAROS 6×6 platform has permanent all-wheel drive, high mobility, manoeuvrability and terrain clearance.
For reconnaissance purposes, the UGV-Pz uses an integrated, multispectral, reconnaissance system (IPzS). One of the UGV-Pz pair carries the SQUIRE battlefield radar with the ability to install EB assets according to user needs."

Basic data:

weight:1480 kg
length:3095 mm
width:1668 mm
height:2961 mm
length during transport:2463 mm
height during transport:2377 mm
road speed:20 km/h
off-road speed:15 km/h
driving range:10 km
slope:30° (67%)
side slope:30° (67%)
climbability:0.2 m
wadeability:0.4 m

See text above, photo by myself, taken the day before the show opened
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UGV-Pz, unmanned reconaissance platform developed by Czech VOP and VTÚ companies.

Used by 102nd reconaissanance battalion.
— Daniel of Bohemia 🇨🇿 (@Danny_elMayor) April 18, 2024

102. průzkumný prapor
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