Ardžun Mk.1A

Arjun Mk.1A
अर्जुन Mk 1A
Ardžun Mk.1AArjun Mk.1A
Originální název:
Original Name:
अर्जुन Mk 1A
hlavní bojový tankmain battle tank
DD.MM.2024-DD.MM.20RR Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
118 (objednáno / ordered)
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
DD.MM.2012 Arjun Mk.2
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Bojová hmotnost:
Combat Weight:
68000 kg149914 lb
Délka s kanónem dopředu:
Length with Gun Forward:
10642 mm34 ft 11 in
Délka korby:
Hull Length:
? mm?
Celková šířka:
Overall Width:
3950 mm12 ft 11 ½ in
Celková výška:
Overall Height:
3182 mm10 ft 5 ¼ in
Světlá výška:
Ground Clearance:
450 mm1 ft 5 ¾ in
Šířka pásu:
Track Width:
? mm?
Měrný tlak:
Ground Pressure:
? MPa? psi
MTU 838 Ka 501, diesel
(plánován diesel DATRAN o výkonu 1118 kW)
MTU 838 Ka 501, diesel
(planned DATRAN diesel, 1500 hp)
1029.7 kW při 2500 ot/min 1380.9 bhp at 2500 rpm
Převodové ústrojí:
Renk RK 304 S, 4+2Renk RK 304 S, 4+2
Rychlost na silnici:
Road Speed:
58 km/h36 mph
Rychlost v terénu:
Cross-country Speed:
? km/h? mph
Jízdní dosah po silnici:
Cruising Range on Road:
? km? mi
Jízdní dosah v terénu:
Cross-country Cruising Range:
? km? mi
Překonávání překážek:
Obstacles Crossing:
201) °441) %
Boční náklon:
Side Slope:
? °? %
Trench Crossing:
2,001) m79 in1)
Vertical Obstacle:
0,451) m18 in1)
Fording Depth:
1,40 m55 in
kanon ráže 120 mm120 mm rifled gun
spřažený kulomet Tk 715 A ráže 7,62 mm
protiletadlový kulomet NSV ráže 12,7 mm v dálkově ovládané stanici
7.62 mm Tk 715 A coaxial machine gun
12.7 mm NSV AA machine gun in a remotely controlled station
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
1) s odminovacím pluhem TWMP, jinak shodné s Mk.11) with TWMP mine plow; without it identical to Arjun Mk.1
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Tank Arjum Mk. 1A is a modification of the tank Arjun Mk.1, which was supplied to the Indian Armed Forces in the years 2004-2011 in the number of about 124 pieces. The modification reflected the experience gained by the production company in the production of Arjun tanks and the requirements of the army, which resulted from the operation of serial tanks Arjun, along with some elements of the tank Arjun Mk. II. Development of the Arjun Mk. 1A began in 2010, when the army submitted an intention to purchase a second series of Arjun tanks (124 pieces). The development was extended by the changing requirements of the army and also by the effort to implement new technologies. One of the goals of the development was to reduce the number of foreign components on the tank. Arjun Mk1 1A has compared to Arjun Mk. 1 a total of 71 improvements, of which 14 major. The main design differences are in the use of improved Kanchan composite armor of domestic origin, along with dynamic protection also developed by Indian companies. The tank has a new navigation system and communication system, the panoramic sight of the commander of the CPS Mk II, the shooter's sight was supplemented by automatic tracking of the aimed target. On the tower is located a remote-controlled weapon station with a machine gun and a warning system of laser radiation LWCMS. A more powerful auxiliary power unit (8.5 kW) was installed for on-site work. Changes also occurred in the undercarriage, which was supplemented by an automated chassis control system, the hydropnenumatic suspension was modernized and the transmission was modified. The tower was reconstructed, which reduced it. The storage of ammunition was also changed (cartridges and grenades are stored in separate protected containers) and the changes also concern the main armament, where the 120mm grooved cyclone is adapted for the use of newly developed ammunition and has the ability to use anti-tank missiles fired from the main cannon.
However, all changes resulted in a weight increase of 68.5 tons.

The contract for the supply of 118 tanks was signed on 12.02.2021 and 14.02.2021 in the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu - Chennai with the participation of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a ceremonial inclusion of the tank Arjun Mk. 1A into service, while the army took over the first prototype from the production plant. The delivery of tanks should take place over the next 30 months and the tanks are intended to strengthen the northern border of India.

Comparison of Arjun Mk.1 and Arjun Mk.1A tanks (from about 0:50 there are samples of a newer version)

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Ardžun Mk.1A - Arjun Mk. 1A pri slávnostnom zaradení do výzbroje.

Arjun Mk. 1A pri slávnostnom zaradení do výzbroje.
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Ardžun Mk.1A -

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