Müller, Karl Friedrich Max von

Kapitän zur See Karl Friedrich Max von Müller
(16.June 1873 - 11.march 1923)

Karl Müller was born on 16.jun 1873 in Hanover as the son of a colonel in the prussian army.After graduating from the gymnasium in Hanover and later in Kiel, where his father was transferred, he began to study at the military academy in Plönu in Schleswig-Holstein. On easter, 1891, he transferred Müller to the navy. Served on the school ship Stosch, and later on the frigate Gneisenau. In October 1894 he became spojařským lieutenant on the battleship Baden, was later in the same function on the sister ship of the Sachsen. In 1898 he was promoted to navy lieutenant colonel and sent on a gunboat Schwalbe in German east Africa (today's Tanzania). During the service he fell ill with malaria, which afflicted him to the end of life. In 1900 he returned to Germany. In 1903 he was promoted to kapitánporučíka. At that time, he served as an artillery officer on the battleship Kaiser Wilhelm II. In the autumn of 1907 was assigned to the staff of prince Henry of Prussia, who commanded the baltic fleet and was highly rated by his superiors. In December 1908 he was promoted to lieutenant commander and transferred to the reich ministry of the navy to Berlin, where he was highly valued. Especially Alfred von Tirpitzem, who was his political chief.In the spring of 1913 took command of a light cruiser SMS Emden. Müller became famous in the suppression of the uprising in Nanking. Become a hero neměckého print. For his bravery he was awarded the Order of the royal crown third class with swords.Even count von Spee, the then commander of the east asian squadron of cruisers, under which Emden fall, recommended him for promotion. In march 1914, Miller became fregatním captain. Day 4.October 1914 he managed to hold and occupy the Russian mail steamer Ryazan. Emden ended his pilgrimage 9.11.1914, when he hit utesy in coconut ostrový in the Indian ocean in the fight with the australian ships HMAS Sydney. Mueller returned to Germany in November 1918. After considerable disputes, the Miller was awarded a summa cum laude Pour le Merite and promoted to the rank of naval captain (Kapitän zur See). Karl von Müller died 11. march 1923 in Brunswick, where he was also elected to the provincial parliament for the German national side..
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Fotografie fregatního kapitána Karl Friedrich Max von Müller z r. 1914 - velitele křižníku "Emden"
Illustrierte Geschichte des Weltkrieges 1914; Stuttgart, Berlin, Leipzig, Wien / Union Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft, 1915 ; str. 254
Müller, Karl Friedrich Max von - Fregatní kapitán Karl Friedrich Max von Müller

Fregatní kapitán Karl Friedrich Max von Müller
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Mueller-Karl-Friedrich-Max-von-t24177#135260 Version : 0
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