9K135 Kornet [kód NATO: AT-14 Spriggan]

9K135 Kornet
9К135 Корнет
To make things simple, the Kornet label is, according to available sources, a whole "family" that includes the following sets:

9K128 Kornet-S - self-propelled tank interceptor with 9P161 launcher (BMP-3 chassis), 2 missiles ready to fire
9K128-1 Kornet-T[/url]9K128-1 Kornet-T - self-propelled tank interceptor with 9P162 launcher (BMP-3 chassis), 2 missiles ready to fire
9K129 Kornet-P - portable PTRK with 9P163 launcher
9K129-1 Kornet-P - portable PTRK with 9P163-1 launcher
9K131 Kliver - integration of the launcher into weapon stations and turrets of existing and prospective infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-1, BMP-2, etc.) not only of Russian production, which will allow to replace in these vehicles previous generations of PT missiles.
The 9K135 Vesti - a self-propelled light tank interceptor using a car chassis UAZ-3151, up to 4 missiles ready to fire (I assume this is an integration of the Kvartet module)
Kornet-E - export modification of the 9K129 kit (9P163M-1 launcher)
Kornet-D - modernized version with extended range (up to 10 km?), greater penetration and the ability to shoot even air targets with speeds up to 250 m/s using the 9P163M-2 launcher
Kornet-EM - export version of Kornet-D
Kornet-D1 - self-propelled tank interceptor with 9P162M launcher (BMD-4 chassis - for the prototype), or 9P163-3 launcher installed on the chassis of VPK-233116 / VPK-233136 Tigr with 2 x 4 missiles
The Quartet - Kornet/Kornet-E combat module with 9P163-2 / 9P163-2M launcher with 4 missiles designed to be mounted on light vehicles

Source: https://vpk.name/library/f/kornet.html
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9K135-Kornet-kod-NATO-AT-14-Spriggan-t26640#626218 Version : 0
9K135 Cornet (AT-14)
9K135 & # 1050; & # 1086; & # 1088; & # 1085; & # 1077; & # 1090;

PTRK Kornet was developed at KBP in Tula, as a replacement for PTRK Konkurs in the late 80's. It is intended to replace obsolete types. It is designed to destroy current and future types of tanks, protected by dynamic armor (reactive armor), hardened point targets (tanks in the trench) and small targets during the day and night. The Kornet set can be used in a portable or mobile version.
The mobile version was created on the basis of BMP-3 with two PTRK Cornet (firing average 16 shots). In addition, a Kliver module was created with four PTRS 9M133, a 30mm automatic cannon 2A72 and a PKT machine gun. The module Kliver was tested on BVP-1 (BMP-1) and [url=https://www.valka. cz/viewtopic.php [BTR-80[/url]. The modernization of the BTR-80 consists in the improvement of firepower, which is made possible by the new ŠKVAL tower system, which, in addition to the 2A72 cannon, also has a pair of PTRK Kornet or Konkurs.

The portable set consists of a tripod, a day observation device and a night vision device (thermal imager). The new type of missile is marked 9M133 and is equipped with an effective tandem cumulative warhead. Rocket engine on TPH located in the middle of the body. At the rear is the receiving block of the guidance system and probably also the apparatus for decoding control commands transmitted to the deck by a laser beam. Four stabilizers are attached to the rear of the rocket. In front of the rocket body is the control unit, its assembly mechanisms and control surfaces. The missile has a basic tandem combat part, about which only its penetration was published (more than 1000 mm rolled homogeneous armor behind the dynamic armor). A version of the missile with a thermobaric warhead is also developed. An increase in the immunity to interference was achieved by using a laser beam to guide the PTRS to the target.

The new "KORNET" is easy to operate and is significantly cheaper than comparable sets from other manufacturers. The staff consists of two soldiers. The set is transported in two containers. The first container in which the projectile is weighs 29.5 kg. The second contains a launcher and weighs 25 kg.
A lightweight version of the Kornet-MR with a range of 2-2.5 km is also under development, which should replace the PTRK Metis-M.

combat range (m) ........................................... 100-5500
launcher weight (kg) * ...... 19-21
thermal imager weight ................................... 11
weight of PTRS together with container (kg) * ..... 27-29
PTRS length (mm) ........................................... 1200
caliber PTRS (mm) ........................................... 152
penetration behind dynamic armor (mm) * 1000-1200

Laser beam guidance system - the target is tracked by a guidance system located outside the rocket, which emits a laser beam towards the target. The rocket's on-board system then detects the information contained in this laser beam, creating a control command so that the rocket is in the beam axis. Interference from the guidance system is possible by means of deceptive optical signals or by masking the target (fumigation). The laser beam can be disturbed by creating an aerosol cloud.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9K135-Kornet-kod-NATO-AT-14-Spriggan-t26640#95515 Version : 0
Anti-tank set Cornet from the armament of the Greek army. The carrier in the mobile version is a Greek "derivative" of the vehicle HMMWV.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9K135-Kornet-kod-NATO-AT-14-Spriggan-t26640#284981 Version : 0
With the designation of the portable ensemble I was in baggage weight 25-30 kg very careful, maybe it would be better to the Czech language was a profitable ensemble or ensemble usable after the exit. Primarily is always considered by the transport vehicles and the even more development to the different weapon sets and extensions.

For an ensemble of Kormet-EM is an interesting use of two separate guidance devices, each with 4 pcs of rocket launchers.

The source of the photo:
Calendar KBP Tula for the year 2012..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9K135-Kornet-kod-NATO-AT-14-Spriggan-t26640#423190 Version : 0

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Keď tak veľmi chcete mať Stugnu. Rusi testujú domáce diaľkovo ovládané protitankové komplety Kornet.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/9K135-Kornet-kod-NATO-AT-14-Spriggan-t26640#735474 Version : 0
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