Mk.82 Snakeye

Mk.82 "a favorable price tag"

Mk.82 "a favorable price tag" is bržděná high explosive squash head-twitchy puma based on the type of Mk.82. After dumping the opening four aft braking segments of the caudal part of the Mk.15 / BSU-86/B. Before the opening are přitisknuty to the body of the cougar, open - blossom in the back of the direction of the longitudinal axis to position to the perpendicular..
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Brake tail part of the BSU-86/B has been in the history of the bombs of the Mk.82 "Snakeye" up to second in the order. The first was a kit of the Mk.15 developed at the Naval Air Warfare Center in China Lake in 1964. One trainer Mk.82 in the tail parts of the Mk.15 is captured in this photo from the military museum in Brussels.

(©Radek Havelka).
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"Snakeye" with an inert combat part and braking section Mk.15 Mod.4 from the US Air Force.
Mk.82 Snakeye - (USAF)

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I am attaching a personal photo of the real tail surfaces of the Mk.82 Snakeye.
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