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UKR - T-72MP



Originální název:
Original Name:
hlavní bojový tank
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Závod V. O. Malyševa v.p., Charkov
Období výroby:
Production Period:
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR (sériová výroba nezahájena / serial production not started)
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
1 prototyp / prototype
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
DD.MM.1996 ?
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Bojová hmotnost:
Combat Weight:
45500 kg
Délka s kanónem dopředu:
Length with Gun Forward:
9800 mm
Délka korby:
Hull Length:
? mm
Celková šířka:
Overall Width:
3620 mm
Celková výška:
Overall Height:
26401) mm
Světlá výška:
Ground Clearance:
470 mm
Šířka pásu:
Track Width:
580 mm
Měrný tlak:
Ground Pressure:
0,092 MPa
původní T-72 + dynamická ochrana
dvoutaktní, vícepalivový, kapalinou chlazený motor v vodorovně umístěnými válci a protiběžnými písty
- počet válců: 6
735 kW při ? ot/min
Převodové ústrojí:
2 planetové převodovky
- počet převodových stupňů: 7+1
- ovládání: hydraulické
Rychlost na silnici:
Road Speed:
65 km/h
Rychlost v terénu:
Cross-country Speed:
? km/h
Jízdní dosah po silnici:
Cruising Range on Road:
700 km
Jízdní dosah v terénu:
Cross-country Cruising Range:
? km
Překonávání překážek:
Obstacles Crossing:
30 °
Boční náklon:
Side Slope:
25 °
Trench Crossing:
2,85 m
Vertical Obstacle:
1 m
Fording Depth:
1,82) m
kanón 2A46M-1
- ráže: 125 mm
- náměr: -5° až +18°
- kadence: 9 ran/min
- náboje pro kanón: 45 kusů (28 v nabíjecím automatu)
spřažený kulomet PKT
- ráže: 7,62 mm
- náboje pro spřažený kulomet: 1250 kusů

protiletadlový kulomet NSVT
- ráže: 12,7 mm
- náboje pro protiletadlový kulomet: 450 kusů
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
1) po strop věže 2190 mm
2) bez přípravy, s přípravou 5 m
3) během rusko-ukrajinské války
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This variant is one of the most extensive upgrades that have been made to the T-72 series of tanks. The initiator and coordinator of the project was the Czech company PSP BOHEMIA a.s., the fire control system and sensors were developed by SAGEM and SFIN, the supplier of the modernized chassis and additional armour was the Ukrainian company ChKBM.

The actual tank modernisation was designed as open and modular, which was to ensure easy adaptation to the development of tank and anti-tank technology and especially to the wishes of the customer. The main outlets for the upgrade were to be the armies of African and Asian states, which operated a significant number of aging T-72 series tanks.

The T-72MP achieved improvements in firepower, crew protection and mobility. The safety of the tank's crew is enhanced, particularly through the use of new reactive armour and active protection against infrared and laser-guided Stump-type missiles. New fire-fighting systems, on-board diagnostics and communications equipment have been installed in the vehicle. The original powerplant V-46-6 was replaced with a Ukrainian 6TD-1 engine with a maximum output of 735 kW, which gives the tank a 0 to 40 km/h acceleration in 15 seconds. The transmission, however, remained without major changes.

The main armament saw changes in the form of the installation of an upgraded 2A46M1 gun. Other changes were mainly related to the installation of the French SAVAN 15 MP fire control system. Compared to the unmodernised T-72 tanks, the reaction time for target detection in all weather and light conditions was reduced, the reaction time required for fire guidance was reduced and the probability of a hit in all conditions was increased. The SAVAN 15 MP enables effective shooting from the ground and on the move. The dual-plane stabilized shooter sight has a day channel (2.5× and 10× magnification[/i]), a thermal imaging camera (6.5× and 16× magnification[/i]) and a laser rangefinder. The commander has a stabilised (in two planes[/i]) day independent panoramic observation instrument SFIM VS 580 (magnification 3,2× and 10,5×[/i]). The probability of hitting a target 2000 m away while driving is 80%, while standing about 90%. Target detection is possible at a distance of 5 km during the day and 3 km at night.

PSP BOHEMIA was established in Prague in May 1995 as a subsidiary of PSP Holding ([i:aaaa]Přerovské strojírny[/i]) to provide integration and commercial activities for PSP military production. In May 1997, PSP BOHEMIA entered into an agreement with OMNIPOL, then the largest Czech arms dealer, under which both companies were to work on a bidding project to modernise the T-72 tank for export. The upgraded T-72MP tank was presented at the IDET 97 trade fair in Brno later that year. PSP BOHEMIA also tried to attract the attention of the Czech army, which in the second half of the 1990s was trying to modernize its T-72 vehicles. On that occasion, a prototype of the T-72MP tank was also exhibited at the IDET 99 fair in Brno. However, these efforts came to naught and the Czech Army preferred to use the Czech modernisation T-72M4 CZ. Moreover, at that time the existence of PSP BOHEMIA was coming to an end. On 25 August 1999, the Regional Commercial Court in Prague declared bankruptcy over the assets of PSP BOHEMIA. The bankruptcy petition was filed by the company's board of directors because the company had high debts to its parent company and was unable to repay them after the bankruptcy of Přerovské strojírny was declared in May of that year. After the bankruptcy of PSP BOHEMIA, the bankruptcy trustee tried unsuccessfully to sell the project, which cost about CZK 100 million, in 2001 and 2002.
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The upgraded T-72MP tank was eventually not introduced into operational service with any army in the world.
UKR - T-72MP - (ChKBM)

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T-72MP exhibited at IDET 99 in Brno.
UKR - T-72MP - (ChKBM)

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Significant losses of tank equipment also forced the Ukrainian army to deploy everything available during the Russian-Ukrainian War. A prototype of the T-72MP tank was to be sent to the front.


UKR - T-72MP -

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