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Alpha Jet - review version[/heading]
Alpha jet 01/04 - the prototypes, two built Dornierem and two Dassaultem
Alpha Jet E - École, a two-seat training and light battle variant for France
Alpha Jet And - Appui Tactique, light of battle variant for Germany
Alpha Jet 1B - the export designation of the Alpha Jet E for Belgium built by SABCA; 33 pcs
Alpha Jet 1B+ - the modernization of the belgian machines from the year 2000, added a HUD, GPS, etc.
Alpha Jet MS1 - the export designation of the Alpha Jet E for Egypt, 30 pcs
Alpha Jet MS2 - export lightweight battle variant for Egypt and Cameroon, HUD, adjusted the bow with a laser rangefinder and upgraded avionics
Alpha Jet NGEA / Alpha Jet 2 - prototype variants MS2, engines Larzac 04-C20, the ability to carry missiles Matra Magic 2
Lancier / Alpha Jet 3 - a prototype of modernization with multi-purpose display, FLIR designator, the ability to carry rockets AGAVE or Anemone; perhaps a conversion of one of the prototypes
TST - the experimental conversion with a supersonic wing

Nemecek, Vaclav. Alpha Jet, L+K 1976/26.
Taylor, John W. R. Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1982-83. Jane's Publishing Company, London 1983. ISBN 0-7106-0748-2.
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Alpha Jet E, serial: 2-FP (E168) from the unit EE 5/2 "Côte d'or", Armee de l'air, Dijon, France, 2008.[/resources].

Dornier/Dassault Alpha Jet -

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