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CZE - ZPL-20 Plamen

ZPL-20 Plamen

ZPL-20 Plamen
Originální název:
Original Name:
ZPL-20 Plamen
DD.MM.2004-DD.MM.2008 ZVI a.s., Vsetín /
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
kontejner KPL-20 / KPL-20 container:
- Aero L-159A ALCA
- Aero L-159T1+
- Aero L-159T2
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
681) kg
20 mm
Délka hlavně:
Barrel Length:
? mm
Celková délka:
Overall Length:
2000 mm
Používaná munice:
Ammo Used:
20x102 HEI
20x102 API-T
20x102 TP
20x102 TP-T
Maximální dostřel:
Maximum Range:
? km
Rychlost střelby:
Rate of Fire:
7802) - 26003) ran/min
Úsťová rychlost:
Muzzle Velocity:
10204) m/s
1) ± 1 kg
2) ± 50 ran/min
3) ± 100 ran/min
4) +43 m/s -20 m/s

životnost: 6000 výstřelů

Kontejner KPL-20:
Délka 2725 mm
Průměr 400 mm
Hmotnost 95,5 ± 2 kg

Kontejner KPL-20 s kanónem ZPL-20:
Délka 3260 mm
Hmotnost 229 kg
Kapacita nábojové schránky 210 nábojů

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PL-20 Plamen

The entire weapon system is designated PL-20 Flame and consists of:
- 20 mm double-barreled cannon ZPL-20
- weapon container KPL-20
- ammunition MPL-20 (TP, TP-T, API-T and HEI) raze 20x102 mm
- PYR-20 pyronub charge
- charging device PLN-20 (for filling ammunition belts)
- control device LUN-2469
- rectifying binoculars RD 20-460
- set of spare parts 1: 1 and 1: 3

Source: IDET 2007
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according to the instructions of the NGŠ AČR from February 1994, the requirements for the development of the Plamen set for the AČR were processed, the solver was Prototypa Brno, later Indet Vsetín (today Z.V.I. Vsetín)
after tests and certification, the cannon was introduced into the Czech Armed Forces in 2004.

The cannon consists of the following main parts: barrel, equipment for taking gases from the barrel, automatic drive, weapon case, weapon lid and feed mechanism

the binding of the movement of the bolt carriers of both cannons of the set is ensured by a toothed pinion, which transfers the movement from the ridge of one carrier to another, the breech is locked when fired, the bolt moves vertically downwards when locked led from the barrel to the gas nozzle, where it acts on the piston, the pulse transmitted to the bolt carrier, which during its backward movement moves the bolt and unlocks the breech, then the cartridge is pulled out and ejected ... cannon, which goes forward, inserts a new charge from the belt into the chamber, locks the breech and fires the charge ...

tensioning of the cannon is done manually on the ground or in flight using a pyrocartridge, the supply is from a steel belt, which seems to fall out of the eye belt to GŠ 23, 30 .... the belt is disintegrating

ammunition: 4 types of ammunition were developed for this set, two training and two combat ...
trainers are marked JNh (TP) - spare and JNhSv (TP-T) spare with stopwatch ..
combat: JTTZ (HEI) fragmentation-explosive incendiary projectile and JPZSv (API-T) penetrating-incendiary projectile with a tracer ...
according to the available school (dummy) cartridge JnhŠk and pyron charge PYR 20, the basis for the pyron charge was a Russian pyropatron PP2 with which it is compatible
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KPL-20 container suspended under the wing L-159A ALCA.
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Flame shots - view through the L-159A's viewport.
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PL-20 Flame weapon container. The container contains a 20 mm double-headed ZPL-20 cannon and an electronic control unit providing cannon control. The container is connected to the aircraft via a standardized hanger according to NATO standards, the electronic control unit is connected to the on-board computer of the aircraft.

The container has a length of 2725 m, a diameter of 400 mm, a weight of 357; 95.5 kg + -2 kg. The container received the NATO Catalog Code (NSN) 1005160009886.

[img:57021d157d][/img :57021d157d]

Source: IDET 2007
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Some details of ZPL-20 Plamen (photographed at IDET 2007 and Open Day in Čáslav 2007)
CZE - ZPL-20 Plamen - Řez závěrem kanonového kompletu Plamen

Řez závěrem kanonového kompletu Plamen
CZE - ZPL-20 Plamen - Detail ústí hlavní

Detail ústí hlavní
CZE - ZPL-20 Plamen - Munice ráže 20mm používaná systémem Plamen

Munice ráže 20mm používaná systémem Plamen
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According to the data from the catalogue of the MoD Exposition at IDET 2007, the PLAMEN project is planned to be implemented in the period 2004-2008. 136 2111 000 CZK are allocated for the implementation. The total planned purchases are:
ZPL-20 - 103 pcs (60 pcs already delivered)
KPL-20 - 50 pcs (30 pcs already delivered)
Ammunition 20x102 - 520 000 pcs (200 000 pcs already delivered)
Pyro cartridge PYR-20 - 7 600 pcs (3 400 pcs already delivered)

The numbers of weapons and ammunition already delivered are valid as of April 2007.
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It is a 20mm double-barrelled cannon, whose automatics works on the principle of high-cadence system with two combined barrels and with locking of the chambers into the barrel housing. The flame design is based on the Russian GS-23, used on a number of our fighter aircraft. The main difference is the use of standard 20mm ammunition and electric initiation of the rounds, which allows the pilot to fire at low or high cadence, which is advantageous when firing at a variety of targets.

Basic tactical and technical data:
20 mm calibre.
Cadence: 780/2600 rounds/min.

Recoil: 20 kN
Cannon weight: 64 kg
Cannon length: 2000 mm
Combat weight of container with cannon: 215 kg
Cannon container length: 3260 mm
Number of rounds in container: 210

Tomáš SOUŠEK, Pavel LANG
A report 6/2002 ( )
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PL-20 Flame on Aero L-159A ALCA (6048)
Pardubice Airport, Aviatická pouť 2007, 3.6.2007
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Delaminated cartridge, fired cartridge case, belt link and PPL pyropattern used to cock the cannon.

Source: private collection

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series of cartridges for FLAME + for VULCAN (3 + 5), for comparison left cartridge for GŠ23, my collection
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PL-20 Flame exposed on Aero L-159T1 ALCA (6072)
Ostrava, NATO Days 2009
CZE - ZPL-20 Plamen - vlastní foto

vlastní foto
CZE - ZPL-20 Plamen - vlastní foto

vlastní foto
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ZPL-20 Flame without container
Open Day, Čáslav 2011
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own photo, Vyškov
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Vyškov, own photo
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PL-20 Flame on machine Aero L-159T1 (6047)
Dod Čáslav 2015, 23.05.2015
photo own

Does anyone have any idea what the "extra cover", which is not fitted on other containers, is for?
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L-159A ALCA (6060) of the armaments 212. tactical squadron is the firing of kanonového the container KPL-20 Flame, international exercise Adriatic Strike 2015, polygon Pocek, Slovenia, 3. June 2015. In their specialist areas in Slovenia honed pilots and advance air návodčí from fourteen countries. For the air forces of the ACR exercise attended by four members of the 225. squadron combat security, who formed a two pair of forward air návodčí, and aircraft L-159A ALCA of equipment 212. tactical squadron. The aim of the exercise was to align the activities of the tactical air force in favor of the units of the land forces in support of forward air návodčí..
 - (US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)

(US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)
 - (US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)

(US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)
 - (US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)

(US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)
 - (US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)

(US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)
 - (US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)

(US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)
 - (US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)

(US Army / Visual Information Specialist Massimo Bovo)

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