FAB-500 (ФАБ-500 - Фугасная авиационная бомба) - a 500 kg tear air bomb


FAB-500 M-62 (ФАБ-500 М-62)

FAB-500 M-62 MPK (ФАБ-500 М-62 с МПК) - standard bomb equipped with guidance and correction module

FAB-500 M-54 (ФАБ-500 М-54)

FAB-500T (ФАБ-500Т)

FAB-500ŠN (ФФАБ-500ШН) - bombs equipped with a parachute for bombing from horizontal flight from low altitudes (abbreviation ŠN - ШН - штуурмооввая низковыысотная - stands for attacking from low altitudes)

FAB-500ŠL (ФАБ-500ШЛ)

For more information on FAB bombs, see article
URL : https://www.valka.cz/FAB-500-t43020#170039 Version : 0
Deactivated puma (removed load) FAB-500 used in the exercise pyrotechniků..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/FAB-500-t43020#170006 Version : 0
Trieštivá air puma FAB-500 M-62 a weight of 500 kg.

Pretty 8 kusov prescribed púm can tell niesť attack aircraft Su-25K.

Source: Výstrižok from L+To - year, the number zošitu and the party neupresnené..
FAB-500 - Letecké pumy FAB-500 M-62.

Letecké pumy FAB-500 M-62.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/FAB-500-t43020#352271 Version : 0
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