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SOV - GAZ-51 (prehľad verzií)


GAZ-51 (ГАЗ-51) - a multi-purpose truck whose development began in February 1937 under the designation GAZ-11-51 (ГАЗ-11-51), later shortened to GAZ-51. In June 1938 production of the basic parts of the car began, in January 1939 assembly began, and in May 1939 a prototype car was produced and subjected to trials, which were completed in July 1941. In the summer of 1940 another prototype was produced, with a modified cab, which was presented at the Moscow Exhibition. In September 1940, a second prototype was produced, which joined the trials. This example covered 32,500 km in the trials and was subsequently fitted with a gasifier and used for the needs of the production plant for several more years. Series production was interrupted by the war, but the individual components of the vehicle (engine, semi-centrifugal clutch, gearbox, cardan shafts) found widespread use in other production vehicles.
Work on the prospective car was resumed in 1943, incorporating the knowledge gained by the designers during the war into the design. The design changes were so radical that the new vehicle was only identical in appearance to the first prototypes. The changes concerned the engine, hydraulic brakes, the interior of the cab, and the wheelbase of the car. The changes made it possible to increase the carrying capacity of the car to 2.5 t and at the same time partially unfixed the production with another type projected at the automaker - GAZ-63.
Prototypes of the improved GAZ-51 were produced in May and September 1944 (differing in the front part of the body), and two more prototypes were produced in June 1945. On 19 June 1945, the GAZ-51, along with other new vehicles, was presented to USSR government officials in the Kremlin and was approved for mass production. Serial production got underway before the end of 1945, when the first 20 cars were produced. By 1946, 3,136 cars had already been produced.

GAZ-51 (GAZ-51 (ГАЗ-51) - basic version, roller (1946)
GAZ-51A (ГАЗ-51A) - modernized version, roller (1955)
GAZ-51V (ГАЗ-51В) - version with increased payload to 3000 kg (1949)

GAZ-93 (ГАЗ-93) - dump truck (1948)
GAZ-51Ž (ГАЗ-51Ж) - (1954)
PAZ-651 (PAZ-651) - bus (1950)

GAZ-41 (ГАЗ-41) - semi-truck (1950)
GAZ-51P (ГАЗ-51П) - fifth-wheel tractor (1956)
AS-3 (АС-3) - ambulance

A Special superstructure using various GAZ-51 chassis:
AC-1,9-51A (АЦ-1,9-51А) - fuel tanker on GAZ-51A chassis
UPG-250 GM - mobile hydraulic power pack
RAF KV-5 - radio station
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Zahraničné verzie automobilu GAZ-51 (licenčné)
FSC Lublin-51

Yuejin NJ-130

Sungri 58


Zdroj: archív autora
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In the fifties of the last century, RAF KV-5 type radios were delivered from the USSR on GAZ-51 chassis in KFU-1 box bodies.
SOV - GAZ-51 (prehľad verzií) - (Foto z vlastní sbírky)

(Foto z vlastní sbírky)
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