Stíhací svaz SS Jihovýchod

SS-Jagdverband Südost
SS-Jagdverband Südost
SS Fighter Command Südwest

The SS-Jagdverband Südost was formed from the Brandenburg unit Streifkorps Karpaten, which was incorporated into the Waffen-SS in September 1944. Jagdkommando Donau was subordinated to SS-Jagdeinsatz Ungarn and composed of members of the Waffen-SS and Kriegsmarine. It was used for several unsuccessful attempts to support the surrounded German troops in Budapest in December 1944. Some parts of the SS-Jagdverband Südost were stationed in Yugoslavia, where they fought the partisans, and then moved to Austria, where they fought the Red Army. Parts of the unit lived to see the end of the war at Bratislava.

SS-Obersturmbannführer Benesch (?1944 - ?)
SS-Hauptsturmführer Alexander Auch (? - ? 1945)

SS-Jagdeinsatz Rumänien
SS-Jagdeinsatz Serbien/Kroatien
SS-Jagdeinsatz Bulgarien
SS-Jagdeinsatz Ungarn
(SS-Jagdkommando Donau: SS-Hauptsturmführer Primer)
SS-Jagdeinsatz Griechenland
SS-Jagdeinsatz Slowakei: SS-Obersturmführer Dr. Walter Pawlowsky ?
SS-Jagdeinsatz Albanien
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