1. výsadkový sbor [1941-1941]

1st Airborne Corps
1. výsadkový zbor - 1. formovanie
1-й воздушно-десантный корпус (1 вдк) - I. формирование
1. výsadkový sbor 1st Airborne Corps
Originální název:
Original Name:
1-й воздушно-десантный корпус
Datum vzniku:
38. střelecký sbor 38th Rifle Corps
Datum zániku:
Nadřízené velitelství:
Higher Command:
01.06.1941-21.06.1941 Kyjevský zvláštní vojenský okruh
21.06.1941-02.07.1941 Kyjevský vojenský okruh
23.07.1941-14.09.1941 37. armáda
14.09.1941-DD.09.1941 Jihozápadní front
DD.09.1941-DD.12.1941 Povolžský vojenský okruh
01.06.1941-21.06.1941 Kiev Special Military District
21.06.1941-02.07.1941 Kiev Military District
23.07.1941-14.09.1941 37th Army
14.09.1941-DD.09.1941 South-Western Front
DD.09.1941-DD.12.1941 Volga Military District
01.06.1941-02.07.1941 Kyjev, ? /
02.07.1941-DD.09.1941 východoevropské válčiště, ?
DD.09.1941-DD.12.1941 ?, ?
01.06.1941-23.06.1941 Sysojev, Pavel Vasiljevič (Geněral-major / Генерал-майор)
23.06.1941-DD.12.1941 Usenko, Matvej Alexejevič (Geněral-major / Генерал-майор)
Náčelník štábu:
Chief of Staff:
DD.05.1941-24.09.1941 Borisov, Michail Fjodorovič (Major / Mайор)
Podřízené jednotky:
Subordinated Units:
Čestný název:
Honorary Name:
v bojujúcej armáde od 02.07.1941 do 14.09.1941

oficiálne bol rozformovaný až koncom roka 1941, v skutočnosti však bol zničený v bojoch už v septembri 1941
in the army in the field from 02.07.1941 to 14.09.1941

it was officially disbanded at the end of 1941, but in reality it was destroyed in the battles already in September 1941
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1st Airborne Corps (1st forming)

1-й воздушно-десантный корпус - I. формирование

Forming of the corps began according to the plan of deployment of airborne units in April 1941 in Kyiv Special Military District. The command of the corps was entrusted to major-general Pavel Vasilyevich Sysoyev, after which major-general Matvey Alekseyevich Usenko took command in late June 1941. The chief of staff throughout the corps' existence was major Borisov. The corps included the 204th Airborne Brigade of the district, the 211th Airborne Brigade moved from the Far East and personnel released during the reorganization of the four rifle divisions of the KOVO into the Light Mountain Rifle Division (1st Airborne Brigade). In the process of formation, the number of soldiers of the unit exceeded 10,000 men. Shortly before the outbreak of the war, the corps was moved to the Odessa Military District in preparation for a possible invasion of Romania, but soon returned to Kiev.

On the day of the invasion of the USSR by the troops of Hitler's coalition, i.e., as of June 22, 1941, the corps consisted of three airborne brigades (the 1st, 204th, and 211th). Unlike the 204th and 211th Brigades, which had been formed in 1938 and had gone through a full course of combat training and could be used for airborne operations, the 1st Airborne Brigade was not trained for airborne operations and thus could only be used as an infantry unit.

Early in the war, the corps units, under pressure from the unstoppably advancing enemy, were assigned to various tasks and the corps was never used as a coherent combat unit. For example, on 27 June 1941, the commander of the Southwestern Front colonel-general Kirponos ordered 211st Airborne Brigade to take the 15th Fortified Area (Ostropolsky) with its troops, and the 2nd Battalion of the 211th Brigade was sent to drop airborne troops on the neighbouring Western Front in the Mozyr and Kalinkovichi areas. On 3 August 1941, the commander of the Southwestern Front moved the corps to the subordination of the 5th Army, which deployed on the Slavechna River and covered the northern direction in the area of Vepry and Skorodnoye (75-80 km north of Ignatnoye). Thus, the 1st Airborne Corps de facto consisted only of the corps headquarters with special units and one airborne brigade (1st Airborne Brigade).

On Tuesday, 5 August, the corps moved in front of the settlement of Dubrova on the southwestern edge of the forest (3 km east of Dubrova). Three days later, on 8 August, being on the army's left flank, the corps launched a counterattack on the enemy's Malina grouping, but encountered tenacious resistance 113., 262nd, 98th, and 296th Infantry Division of the enemy. Within three days, therefore, he was able to advance only 6 to 10 km, and by the end of the day, with the forces of the 1st Airborne Brigade and the attached 124th Rifle Division and the 215th Motorized Division fought heavy battles on the line Vladovka, Lumlja.

On 1 September 1941, the corps concentrated in the area of Novy and Stary Belous (4-6 km west of Chernigov). At the beginning of September 1941, the corps had only 3,068 men out of the original force of over ten thousand, so it had lost almost two-thirds of its living force. On 5 September 1941, the corps fought at the junction of the 62nd and 45th Rifle Divisions on the border of the settlements of Alexandrovskiy and Pevtsy. The corps' main forces covered the left flank of the 15th Rifle Corps west of Novoe Belousovo, one battalion operated together with the 135th Rifle Division in the Piskovo area.

On 11.09.1941 the remnants of the corps held the nameless heights 2-4 km south of Kuklin, with difficulty repelling attacks by the German 131st and 260th Infantry Division, which directed their efforts towards the earliest possible conquest of Nizhnaya. On 13 September, the remnants of the corps, numbering about 50 (!) men, were pushed back by the enemy to Kuresovka and Talalievka.

The remnants of the elite 1st Airborne Corps were destroyed in the Piryatina area between 17-23 September 1941. However, the now defunct corps was not officially disbanded until December 1941.


1. výsadkový sbor [1941-1941] - sovietsky výsadkári nastupujúci do bombardéru TB-3; poškodená vrtuľa pod ich nohami nesvedčí o najkvalitnejšej práci práporu letiskovej obsluhy

sovietsky výsadkári nastupujúci do bombardéru TB-3; poškodená vrtuľa pod ich nohami nesvedčí o najkvalitnejšej práci práporu letiskovej obsluhy
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