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HODNOST - Australská armáda

"Duty first"
- "The fighting four" 4th Royal Australian Regiment (SAS)

Australia is known as the "land down under" (but the same we could say about you Very Happy ). Many of you know that there live kangaroos, but that's not all. We also have an army that is (how else Smile ) certainly the best in the world.

We continue the glorious tradition of the British empire. Our units have gone through two World wars and Vietnamemale the Whole world knows our heroic troops from Galipole, in the second world war fought the crews of our ships to the tire with the Country of the Rising sun, at the same time they are already for decades, a guarantor of peace in many troubled locations of the third world.

Entry into our ranks you will become part of the glorious army, you will recognize previously unseen and you look at the places that we could only dream of. From the arid Australian outback to the rainforests of northern Queensland and into the mountains in New South Wales. From the waters of the Indian ocean through a turbulent Indonesia on the islands of the vast Pacific. Waiting for you to adventure and the unexpected expansion of horizons. Therefore, don't hesitate and step into the rank group of the AUSTRALIAN ARMY.

Looking forward to you Col. Chris Amber, supreme commander

"Inverbrackie" - the march of the 4th Royal Australian Regiment
At the conclusion of the link to the song Inverbrackie, which is also the "official" anthem of the rank of the group of Australian army here on the forum.
HODNOST - Australská armáda - Hodnosti používané Australskou armádou v nezmenšeném provedení

Hodnosti používané Australskou armádou v nezmenšeném provedení
HODNOST - Australská armáda - Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms
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Rules honostní group, Australian army

We, the members of the rank group of the Australian army, is hereby pledge ourselves, that we will be your service within the armed forces forum perform always honestly, with full dedication and so, we in no way justify the flag and country that we serve. The command of the army group of the Australian army decided to establish the rules of the rank group, which establish the basic principles of service.

1) lays Down the conditions for admission to the group
A member of the rank group of the Australian army (hereinafter referred to as the Australian army) can become any user of the forum, which meet the conditions for registration on the forum and create a profile.

2) lays Down the rules of membership in a group
A) Each member of the Australian army is a proud member of his army group, which gives clear wearing patches in the appropriate rank, which he achieved in the framework of the Australian army.
B) a Member of the Australian army shall not be simultaneously a member of any other rank group. If a user decides to join the Australian army, he must give up any membership in all other hodnostních groups. Membership in any other army would be considered an act of treason and severely punished within the meaning of point 5) of the rules.

3) Establishes a hierarchy of command in the group
A) the Main word in the affairs of the Australian army has its commander, who is the officer appointed by the general staff of the forum (currently Chris Amber).
B) the Commander decides on the rules, the establishment and award of honors and even about all the members of the user group.
C) In the case of the master's long absence and the need to solve the acute situation, passing powers to his deputy (now Webster), which is a member of the user group appointed by the velitem (usually the user with the highest rank).
D) the commander of the group and its representative is subject to the command of the whole forum

4) Provides for the right of members of the group to express their own opinion
A) the Australian army is a military organization, which means that members with a lower rank listen and without reservations of the following orders of the members with a higher rank.
B) of Course our Australian army offers the possibility to each member to freely express their opinion or complaint through the private management sent by the commander of the group (currently Chris Amber) or its representatives (currently Webster). The request will be read, acknowledged and answered.
C) the User does not have to worry about any penalties, for any expression of opinion, if not a downright vulgar attack on the commander of the group or his representative or of an apparent violation of the rules.

5) Provides for penalties for offences against the rules of the group
A) Members of the Australian army are subject to all the general rules of the forum and in the case of their violation are subject to the generally applicable penalties.
B) the group Leader or his representative has the right to punish the member's rank group in case of violation of the internal rules of the rank group of the Australian army. The amount of punishment depends on the discretion of the commander of the group or its representative. Penalties are listed in the following section.
C) Possible penalties for violation of the rules of the Australian army (in order of seriousness of offenses ) : Personal admonition (private message - only the commander of thexsinner) - Censure (publicly notified to all on the forum) - Reprimand - Withdrawal of honorary awards - Exclusion from the user group - Transmission of a Firing squad

6) lays Down rules for the granting and wearing of vyzamenání
A) The honours of the Australian army is entitled to every ordinary member of the Australian army, which meets the conditions for its granting. They also have the honours of the Australian army to claim those non-members of the rank group, which group commander or his representative will decide the relevant medal award. The condition is to meet the criteria for the award of honours.
B) a Member of the Australian army is obliged to wear the ribbons to him the privileges granted to the honors and arranged in rows of a maximum of three on the left side of the chest of your service or dress uniforms.
C) When a multiple award of the same medal, adding the user to the uniform of the other ribbon. Multiple awarding is indicated by the small stars sewn on the appropriate ribbon (bronze for each one vyznamení of this type, stříbrnná represents five, and each golden ten).
D) 1) the Order of the ribbons repezentujících honours is determined by order of precedence of honours awarded under the Australian army. 2) a Member of the Australian army is obliged on the first places to wear a medal awarded by the Australian army and that in this given order. 3) the Honours granted to him in other hodnostními groups is required to wear for these. Because the Australian army is not in this case be entitled to assess which other rank group has a greater right to precedence, are decorations of other armies worn in order by the first letter of the official name of the country to which the army belongs. In the event that a member of the Australian army, obtained in the framework of the other rank groups of more than one medal, they are further sorted according to their precedence in the rank group.

7) Final provisions
A) Members of the rank group of the Australian army are required to set out the rules without reservation of the drive.
B) In the sense of democratic principles are not required to do anything that the rules explicitly mandated by, and must not be hindered in anything, what rules specifically do not prohibit.
C) the Commander of the the rank group reserves the right to these rules at any time freely edited.
D) These rules are applicable to 25.10.2006..
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