CUB - BTR-60 / 30 mm PLdvK vz.53

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So I found one (Source: Concord 1039 - ZSU-23-4 Shilka & Soviet Aircraft Gun Vehicles) the other source, where there was a drawing (feather) and ZU-23 as a drawing and a photo, but I did not find:?
CUB - BTR-60 / 30 mm PLdvK vz.53 -

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Cuban modification BTR-60P with installed 30 mm anti-aircraft double cannon vz.53 & # 268; of Czechoslovak origin.


The error of the drawing is the use of 30 mm PLdvK vz. 53/59, that is, the version used on the PV3S armored chassis and not vz.53 , that is, the older & # 357; downloaded version that is visible. in the photo in the previous page.

30 mm anti-aircraft double cannon vz.53 was charged from charging belts, explains the absence of magazines in the photo and the shooter was not protected by armor, as in vz.53/59.
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edit buko1: finally some more detailed photo. Unfortunately, the person who uploaded the photo did not state the source, but it is evidence of a film from a periodical press or similar publication.[/I]
CUB - BTR-60 / 30 mm PLdvK vz.53 -

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