Pobaltský vojenský okruh [1945-1991]

Baltic Military District
Прибалтийский военный округ (ПрибВО) - V. формирование

Baltic military district Baltic Military District
Original title:
Original Name:
Прибалтийский военный округ
Date of creation:
Sämlandská a group of troops Samland Group of Forces
Date of termination:
, the Northwestern group of forces , the North-Western Group of Forces
Parent headquarters:
Higher Command:
09.07.1945-25.02.1946 the people's commissariat of defense
25.03.1946-15.03.1946 people's commissariat of the armed forces
15.03.1946-25.02.1950 the Ministry of the armed forces
25.02.1950-15.03.1953 the Ministry of military affairs
15.03.1953-15.11.1991 Ministry of defense
09.07.1945-25.02.1946 the Peoples Commissariat for Defence
25.02.1946-15.03.1946 the Peoples Commissariat for the Armed Forces
15.03.1946-25.02.1950 Ministry of Armed Forces
25.02.1950-15.03.1953 the Ministry of Military Affairs
15.03.1953-15.11.1991 Ministry of Defence
09.07.1945-15.11.1991 Riga, ? /
09.07.1945-31.05.1954 Bagramjan Ivan Christoforovič (general of the army)
31.05.1954-08.08.1955 Gorbatov, Aleksandr Vasilyevich (lieutenant general)
08.08.1955-17.04.1958 Gorbatov, Aleksandr Vasilyevich (army general)
17.04.1958-17.11.1959 Batov, Pavel Ivanovich (general of the army)
17.11.1959-07.05.1960 Gusakovskij, Joseph Iraklijevič (lieutenant-general of tank troops)
07.05.1960-25.03.1963 Gusakovskij, Joseph Iraklijevič (colonel-general of tank troops)
25.03.1963-22.02.1968 Chetagurov, Georgy Ivanovich (colonel-general)
22.02.1968-08.06.1971 Chetagurov, Georgy Ivanovich (general of the army)
08.06.1971-17.07.1972 Govorov, Vladimir Leonidovich (lieutenant general)
17.07.1972-28.10.1977 Majorov, Aleksandr Mikhailovich (lieutenant general)
28.10.1977-04.08.1980 Majorov, Aleksandr Mikhailovich (army general)
04.08.1980-20.01.1984 Postnikov, Stanislav Ivanovich (lieutenant general)
20.01.1984-05.02.1987 Betěchin, Anatoly Vladimirovich (lieutenant general)
05.02.1987-05.01.1989 Grišin, Viktor Ivanovich (lieutenant general)
05.01.1989-25.08.1991 Kuzmin, Fyodor Mikhailovich (lieutenant-general)
25.08.1991-15.11.1991 Mironov, Valery Ivanovich (lieutenant general)
Chief of staff:
Chief of Staff:
09.07.1945-DD.10.1951 Vashkevich, Vladimir Romanovich (lieutenant general)
DD.10.1951-27.10.1953 Cyganov, Nikolai Georgiyevich (major general)
27.10.1953-22.01.1955 Cyganov, Nikolai Georgiyevich (lieutenant general)
22.01.1955-08.08.1955 Vladimirskij, Alexei Viktorovič (major general)
08.08.1955-17.05.1960 Vladimirskij, Alexei Viktorovič (lieutenant general)
17.05.1960-09.05.1961 Semyonov, Georgy Gavrilovič (major general)
09.05.1961-DD.05.1964 Semyonov, Georgy Gavrilovič (lieutenant general)
DD.05.1964-07.05.1966 Ivanov, Mikhail Těrenťjevič (major general)
07.05.1966-DD.01.1972 Ivanov, Mikhail Těrenťjevič (lieutenant general)
DD.01.1972-04.11.1973 Tereschenko, Mikhail Nikitich (major general)
04.11.1973-06.09.1974 Tereschenko, Mikhail Nikitich (lieutenant general)
06.09.1974-25.04.1975 Styčinskij, Sergei Alexandrovich (major general)
25.04.1975-25.10.1979 Styčinskij, Sergei Alexandrovich (lieutenant general)
25.10.1979-DD.06.1981 Styčinskij, Sergey Alexandrovich (colonel-general)
DD.06.1981-DD.10.1984 Kožbachtějev, Vladimir Mikhailovich (lieutenant-general)
DD.10.1984-DD.06.1987 Pankratov, Valentin Matvejevič (lieutenant general)
DD.06.1987-DD.08.1988 Ťurin, Alexei Nikolayevich (lieutenant general)
DD.08.1988-06.05.1989 Čaus, Pyotr Grigorjevič (major general)
06.05.1989-DD.08.1991 Čaus, Pyotr Grigorjevič (lieutenant general)
DD.08.1991-15.11.1991 ?
Subordinate units:
Subordinated Units:
Honorary title:
Honorary Name:
- -
15.01.1974 Order of the red banner
- -
Feskov, Vitaly Ivanovich - Golikov, Valery Ivanovich - the Kalashnikov, Konstantin Anatolyevich: Sovětskaja Armija in goda "Cholodnoj war" (1946-1991 gg.). Tomsk, ITGU 2004.
Feskov, Vitaly Ivanovich - Golikov, Valery Ivanovich - the Kalashnikov, Konstantin Anatolyevich - Slugin, Sergey Anatolyevich: Vooružennyje Forces of the USSR messenger Velikoj Otěčestvennoj the army. No. 1. Tomsk, INTL 2013.
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