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Skrátený názov : PP-Me-On
Description : Protipechotná mina nášľapná
Dimensions : width 71,5 mm, dĺžka of 91.5 mm, height 47 mm
Shape : kvádrovitý
Material puzdra : plastic
Farba : green
The total hmotnosť : 175 g
Roznecovač : integrated
Hmotnosť and type of used explosive: 97 g TNT
Devastating účinok on živú strength : 15 m
Iniciácia : tlakom
Detekcia :
Source : OrData online, archive of the author.
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Anti-personnel landmine PP Mi-Na 1 is designed to mine terrain against enemy manpower and wheeled vehicles. The mine is designed mainly for fast surface mechanized laying from vehicles and helicopters.

It is by its nature an explosive pressure contact mine, not very resistant to overpressure at the head of the shock wave.

The construction of the mine allows surface and recessed laying by hand.

For laying mines by decision from vehicles and helicopters, PP Mi-Na 1 are stored in ZM-NA-1 tanks. This magazine can be used for transport and storage of PP Mi-Na 1. The magazines filled with mines also allow a safe match on the parachute from the aircraft.

The explosion occurs after it is triggered by the action of an activation force of 50 to 250 N simultaneously on both activation surfaces (eg when stepping on a mine). The detonator explodes and causes the detonation charge and the entire explosive charge of the mine to explode. The explosion causes serious injury or death. An explosion of a mine under the wheel of a vehicle will cause irreparable damage to the tire and tube.


The body of PP Mi-Na is made of plastic and forms a cover for the explosive charge - TNT. The mine has two opposite activation areas.

The landmine contains a projectile detonator stored in the charge and an explosive charge.

Mine adjustment is limited to turning the fuse wing 90 ° and is performed at the laying site.

The anti-personnel landmine forms an inseparable whole.

Main technical data

Dimensions in mm:
Max. length: 91.5
Width: 71.5
Height: 47
Height: sides of the mine: 45 mm/max height of the mine: 97 mm

Weight in kg:
Total: 0.171
Bursting charge - TNT: 0.102

Source: Žen-29-2 Mines and detonators - ČSĽA regulation, Prague, 1987

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PP Mi-Na I.
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Zásobník ZM-Na I.
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