Klimov VK-1

Klimov VK-1 was the first Soviet jet engine to go into series production. However, its origin is associated with Great Britain. In 1946, during the reign of Clement Atlee, it was decided to sell state-of-the-art jet engines, including Rolls-Royce Nene and Rolls-Royce Nene II (25), Derwent (30) and Tay. It was one of the greatest scandals of the Cold War that the United States could not forget for a long time to British Labor. The engines were world leaders, had more than twice the thrust of the Germans, and the Soviets immediately began mass production at plants in Moscow, Khabarovsk, Ufa and the infamous Magadan until 1958. Eg. RD-45F engine with additional combustion had a thrust of 22.5 kN, while the engine J-33-GE-11 of the American aircraft P-80A (F-80A "Shooting Star") had only 17.1 kN. After modifications made by Vladimír Klimov, this engine was modified in order to further increase performance and thus the VK-1 engine was created. It was a little bigger than its predecessor.

The VK-1 engine is a single-jet, single-shaft aircraft turbocharger engine with a single-stage radial compressor with double-sided inlet, direct-combustion combustion chamber with nine separate tubular combustion chambers, single-stage axial gas turbine and fixed outlet nozzle.

The engine was then used as a propulsion unit for fighters MiG-15bis and MiG-17 as well as bombers Il-28. It was produced in the Soviet Union as VK-1, in Czechoslovakia as M 05 and M 06 (VK-1A), in Poland as LIS-2 and in China as WP-5D without additional combustion.

Engine thrust at start FT = 26.47 kN
Maximum speed at start n = 11560 min-1
Specific fuel consumption on starting mode cm = 0.1091 kg.N-1.h-1
Maximum degree of compressor compression pKC = 4.42
Total length of the motor with outlet nozzle L = 2651 mm
Motor diameter D = 1258.8 mm
Motor height V = 1273.4 mm
Dry mass of the engine G = 814 ± 2,5% kg

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Klimov-VK-1-t63783#230796 Version : 0
A chinese licenčnú verziu engineand VK-1A vyrábal undertaking Xuan Engine Factory under the designation WP-5D (without chamber prídavného spaľovania).

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URL : https://www.valka.cz/Klimov-VK-1-t63783#466630 Version : 0
Jizerskohorské technical museum of Bílý potok pod Smrkem
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Klimov-VK-1-t63783#604670 Version : 0
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