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ANT-51 (SZ-1) - first prototype with motorom M-62, the first take-off 25.08.1937

Ivanov (SZ-2) - the second prototype skúšaný with motormi M-62, M-87 and M-88, the first take-off 07.01.1938

Ivanov (SZ-3) - prototype skúšaný with motormi M-87, M-87, M-87B and M-88

BB-1 (Su-2) - the first serial type with motorom M-88B

SU-2 - a project with motorom, M-89

Sukhoi Su-2 M-82 - serial type with motorom M-82 (niektoré resources označujú this model ako Su-4)

BB with motorom M-71 F - neralizovaný project

BB-2 - otherwise ŠB, the prototype battleship variants with a modified suspension

BB-3 - a project with motorom AM-37

Antonov, V., Gordon, Y.: OKB Sukhoi, Leicester, Midland, 1996, ISBN 1-85780-012-5
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Pre-launch preparation of Su-2 of 288. BBAP Southern Front, undated image. Agitation leaflets are loaded into the gunner's cockpit for dropping over enemy positions.

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