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Členské poplatky a finanční příspěvky pro občanské sdružení

Clenske prispevky and any others prispevky can be zasilat:

- bud help Paypal to the address

- via paypal can be sent a gift from your payment card, without the need of registration !

Jednorázový dar
Klikněte na tlačítko DONATE, v dalším kroku pak zadáte darovanou částku a potvrdíte přihlášením do Paypalu

Pravidelný měsíční dar

Vaše uživatelské jméno:

- or transfer to a account

2500047613 / 2010

for colleagues from zahranici

IBAN : SK1283300000002500047613
Fio banka, a. s., branch zahraničnej bank, BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA

Fio banka, a.with.
In The Customs 1028/10
Prague 1

Of Slovakia, the payment can be send directly to the given IBAN account in Euro, the payment will be prevedena without other charge to the nas CZK account.

- or help slozenky on the address of the Czech association

- or, of course, cash pri nekterem of our meeting and gathering.

If one of the CLENSKE prispevky, please make, of the notes for the recipient, on the slozenku or in the notes in paypal, zapisete at least your name or nick here on the forum, so that we can Your payment, identify and connect with Your clenstvim Smile You can take to send in information over the NW or e-mail with uvedenim identification of the payment.

A budget of Czech association for this year will be listed in the zvlastnim theme in the section Civic association,
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For donations, please use the following possibilities :

- money transfer to our bank account

Local Number and Bank Code : 2500047613 / 2010
IBAN : SK1283300000002500047613
Bank Address : Fio banka, a. p. s., pobočka zahraničnej bank, BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA

- send money directly our address

- via Paypal that address

- cash on one of our meetings

If you donating as a member of our NGO, please add a short comment to the payment, or send me a PM / email with your name / nickname so we can bind your payment your name and membership.

Budget for each year will be published in our NGO category.
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I have read perhaps all the things related to this issue, and nowhere did I find how much do those member poplaky and contributions, and how much it is mainly an entry fee, it is, submit your application and then refute when looking at those sums and in the vykecat is at least stupid. So I was glad for a bit of information, thanks Very Happy.
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it's simple - if you want to order a server is keen, not perhaps enter into the OS as such - the character of the parish on one of the these accounts to send libovolny amount of money. Rocni expensive I work in the guard 130 thousand Kc, especially for hardware, software licensing, connectivity and support. In the stare version of the forum had been available aktualizovane information on the status of the account to dany year, soon it pridam into this new in the version Very Happy prispevky from the individual move from 50 crowns to 5,000 crowns per year, it depends really just on how much she wants (and of course men) who data, every crown is good..
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