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CZK - Elektrochemický roznecovač ECHRO

Electrochemical igniter ECHRO

The ECHRO electrochemical detonator is designed for delayed detonation of charges and mines when adjusting the detonator with a combined detonator Žk. The electrochemical igniter can be used as a long-term timer if a contact plug is used instead of the detonator. The electrochemical detonator is mainly used in the adjustment of charges and mines to destroy large objects and communication links and can be used in all weather conditions. The detonator is activated or the contact plug is closed as soon as the preset time delay has elapsed. The igniter allows you to set a time delay from 1 day to more than 168 days.

- diameter of igniter ................... 132 mm
- height of igniter ...................... 107 mm
- mass of igniter .................. 1.20 kg

The body of the detonator with a cover and a case is extruded from ammonium-free bakelite. The actual functional mechanism is housed in the middle of the igniter body. Around the circumference of the igniter body there are type 142 monocells covered by a lid, an ampoule with electrolyte and a panel plate with resistors, which serve to set the required delay. In the panel plate between the circularly distributed cavities, there are two sockets in which the fork coupling is inserted in the rest position and holds the ampoule file. The whole igniter is watertight closed with a bakelite lid. The functional mechanism consists of a copper tubular cathode, watertightly closed at the top with a filling lid and at the bottom with a novodur bottom and a rubber seal of the anode. A copper anode passes through the center of the cathode in the form of an insulated wire, which is stripped in the middle. At the lower end of the anode on the outer part of the bottom, a striker is located under the compressed spring. The upper filling lid is provided with two filling openings, which are closed by filling screws.

The complete igniter is stored in a tin box.

Source: CV EOD Nováky
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CZK - Elektrochemický roznecovač ECHRO - Pohlad z vrchu.

Pohlad z vrchu.
CZK - Elektrochemický roznecovač ECHRO - Rez ECHRO

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Source : Women-29-2 Mines and detonators - regulation ČSLA Prague 1987
CZK - Elektrochemický roznecovač ECHRO - Súprava ECHRO.

Súprava ECHRO.
CZK - Elektrochemický roznecovač ECHRO - Prepojenie ECHRO.

Prepojenie ECHRO.
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