Jícha, Václav

Jícha Jícha
Given Name:
Václav Václav
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Václav Jícha
Fotografie či obrázek:
Photograph or Picture:
plukovník in memoriam Colonel in memoriam
Akademický či vědecký titul:
Academic or Scientific Title:
- -
Šlechtický titul:
Hereditary Title:
- -
Datum, místo narození:
Date and Place of Birth:
10.02.1914 Dnešice /
10.02.1914 Dnesice /
Datum, místo úmrtí:
Date and Place of Decease:
01.02.1945 kopec Turf Law, pri Drew, East Lothian, Skotsko
01.02.1945 hill Turf Law, near Drew, East Lothian, Scotland
Nejvýznamnější funkce:
(maximálně tři)
Most Important Appointments:
(up to three)
- stíhací a zkušební pilot - fighter and test pilot
Jiné významné skutečnosti:
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Other Notable Facts:
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letecké eso (3+4-0-1 v.) Fighter ace (3+4-0-1 Claims)
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Rajlich, Jiří: Esa na obloze, Naše vojsko 1995, ISBN 80-206-0139-2
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Jícha Jícha
Given Name:
Václav Václav
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Václav Jícha
Všeobecné vzdělání:
General Education:
Vojenské vzdělání:
Military Education:
Důstojnické hodnosti:
Officer Ranks:
Průběh vojenské služby:
Military Career:
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Letka 44, Letecký pluk 4
13.12.1939-20.06.1940 stíhací skupina I/6
12.07.1940-17.08.1940 310. peruť
10.09.1940-17.11.1940 1. peruť
17.11.1940-27.05.1941 17. peruť
27.05.1941-17.08.1942 313. peruť
DD.MM.RRRR-DD.MM.RRRR Flight 44, Air Regiment 4
13.12.1939-20.06.1940 Fighter Group I/6
12.07.1940-17.08.1940 No. 310 Squadron

10.09.1940-17.11.1940 No. 1 Squadron

17.11.1940-27.05.1941 No. 17 Squadron

27.05.1941-17.08.1942 No. 313 Squadron
rozpracované -
Rajlich, Jiří: Esa na obloze, Naše vojsko 1995, ISBN 80-206-0139-2
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Flight Lieutenant, Colonel i. m. Vaclav Jicha, DFC, AFC

RAF No.: 66 486 (787 567)

Václav Jícha was born on 10.02.1914 in Dnešíce near Přestice, later he lived in Bohnice, which is now part of Prague. He devoted his whole life to flying since childhood, he started with modelling, later he devoted himself to glider flying. After graduation he worked as an aircraft mechanic in the Aeroclub of University Sports, where he saved up for his flight training. After graduating in 1933, he obtained a pilot's diploma and became a flight instructor in Liberec.

After volunteering for the army, he graduated from 1935 to 1937 from the Aviation Vocational School at the Military Aviation School in Prostějov and after completing fighter training was assigned to the 44th Air Force. František Novák, who in 1938 assigned Vaclav Jícha to the famous aerobatic nine flying the Avias Ba-122. However, he did not have time to fully express his talent.

After the occupation, he escaped on 01.05.1939 to Poland, from where he continued on board the Batory to France, where he had to join the Foreign Legion like other Czechoslovak pilots. He spent almost 4 months in Sidi-bel-Abbés in Algeria as a soldier in the 1st Regiment of the Foreign Legion. It was only after the outbreak of war that he was recruited into L`Armée de l`Air and, along with other comrades, underwent retraining at Blida. This was followed by retraining on French Morane Saulnier MS 406C.1 fighter aircraft at the Fighter Training Centre (CIC No. 1) at La Senia airfield in Oran. At this base, the Groupe de Chasse I/6 unit was formed, to which Cpl.Chef Václav Jícha was among the first 6 Czechoslovak airmen to be assigned on 13.12.1939, and the unit soon moved to France.

Jícha received his first kill on 20.05.1940, when he managed to shoot down a Messerschmitt Bf 109. A day later he participated in the destruction of Dornier Do 17 and another Do 17 in cooperation he also shot down on 24.05. His last success in the battle over France came on 05.06. when he managed to shoot down Henschel Hs 123. In total he achieved 4 kills, 2 of them in cooperation. He flew 70 operational hours in the obsolete Moranos and also took part in several extremely dangerous attacks against German tanks. After the surrender, he and his shipmates left France on 24 June aboard the General Chanza. From Casablanca they continued on board Gib-el-Dersa to Gibraltar where they transferred to Neuralia and arrived in the UK on 12.07.1940.

On arrival in the UK he was accepted into the RAF at the rank of Sergeant. On 06.08.1940 he was assigned to 310 Squadron but just a few days later on 17.08. he was transferred to Sutton Bridge with 19 other Czechoslovak pilots to 6th Operational Training Unit (6th OTU). After completing his retraining on Hurricanes, he was transferred to 1st Squadron on 10.09.1940, where he was successfully involved in the Battle of Britain. He scored his first RAF knockdown on 29.10. when, in conjunction with P/O J. C. Robinson and Sgt W. T. Page shot down Dornier Do 17. Just a day later he was again successful when, with F/O R. G. Lewis, he shot down a Junkers Ju 88 A-1 reconnaissance aircraft.

From 17 November he served in another British unit, 17 Squadron also armed with Hurricanes. After the 313th Czechoslovak Fighter Squadron was established, most of the airmen serving in British squadrons began to congregate in this unit. Among its first members was the recently promoted Pilot Officer Václav Jícha, who joined on 27 May 1941. He met his former comrades-in-arms from GC I/6 and took part in offensive attacks over enemy territory for over a year as part of the Czechoslovak wing. On 28 March 1942 he became the first Czechoslovak fighter pilot to shoot down the much feared new enemy in the form of Focke Wulf Fw 190. His last success was achieved on 24.04. during an attempt to rescue his badly wounded comrade F/Sgt Prokop Brázda, who was under attack by 5 Focke Wulf Fw 190. Jích managed to distract the opponents and even damaged one of them, but he was unable to save his friend. In total, he managed to shoot down 3 enemy aircraft alone, 4 in cooperation and damage one.

After completing his operational tour on 17.08.1942, already at the rank of Flying Officer, he received the British High Distinguished Flying CrossDistinguished Flying Cross on 29.09. for his achievements in combat. The citation for his award states:
"This officer has shown great bravery and self-sacrifice and has an excellent record of operational flying since December/December 1939. Recently this pilot has proved himself by outstanding self-sacrifice in a sweep over Belgium. His swarm came through heavy fighting and one of the aircraft was badly damaged by gun fire and its pilot was wounded. F/O Jícha remained with him, defending his comrade from behind and above against further enemy attacks and protecting him as far as the English coast ..."

F/O Václav Jícha was assigned to 41 Group of the RAF Technical Command at Cosford where he began work as a test pilot. Nearby Castle Bromwich was the main centre of Vickers Armstrong Ltd (Supermarine), which produced Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft and Avro Lancaster bombers. The main test pilot who flew them was Alex Henshaw. During one of the test flights, another Spitfire appeared behind him and a simulated fight between the two began. Although the test Henshaw used all his tricks, he failed to shake off his opponent. As Alex Henshaw later learned, his opponent in the air was Vaclav Jícha. After a personal encounter, his extraordinary abilities enabled him to become a flying pilot for Vickers Armstrong Ltd. in Castle Bromwich, giving him the opportunity to work with pilots who were among the absolute top of the air force.

He took up this post on 03.01.1943 with the rank of Flight Lieutenant and was mainly devoted to finding out the causes of engine ejections, which was one of the most dangerous tasks. During these trials he made 15 emergency landings, 9 of which he managed to do without damage to the aircraft, a creditable feat in the bad weather often prevailing at Castle Bromwich on an airfield protected by balloon barrage. In addition to Wellingtons and Lancasters, he tested a total of 1,287 Spitfires of various versions. For his services in testing aircraft, he was awarded the Air Force Cross in memoriam on 28 November 1945 as one of our few pilots. This successful tenure ended in May/May 1944 when he had to leave his post due to an order prohibiting foreign pilots from participating in secret projects. He continued testing Spitfires with the 9th and later the 45th Maintenance and Repair Unit (9th and 45th MU).

It was an irony of fate that such an excellent pilot as Václav Jícha undoubtedly was did not live to see the end of the war. Just three months before its end he died as a passenger in a transport plane accident. It happened over Scotland on 01.02.1945, when he and F/Lt Fergusson, who was flying Avro Anson Mk.I NK945, crashed into Turf Law hill near Drem in East Lothian during a snowstorm. Although Jícha survived the crash and managed to crawl away from the wreckage, he froze to death without help as the snow-covered wreckage of the aircraft was not found until a week after the crash.

He found eternal rest at St. Mary`s Cemetery in Haddington but his urn is also laid to rest at the cemetery in Bohnice. Jích`s fiancée, former pilot Julinka Lišková, who lives in Belgium, still visits his grave in Haddington several times a year. At the time of his death he held the rank of lieutenant, and after the war he was posthumously promoted to staff captain and in 1991 to colonel i. m. In honour of his memory, the Association of Airmen placed a memorial plaque on the building of the school he attended on 24.05.1995, another one is located in his hometown Dnešice and in the Prague 14 district a street is named after him.

Alex Henshaw wrote about Václav Jích:
"Despite our different nationalities, contrasting upbringings, and differences on political issues, I felt that I got along with Vend like no one else. I respected him and promised myself that after the war I would go to Czechoslovakia and, if his mother and sister were alive, I would tell them what meritorious work Venda had done during the war and what respect he enjoyed from all who knew him."

Although Alex Henshaw did not make it to Czechoslovakia, he did not forget his friend and sent his book Sigh for a Merlin with a dedication to his family:
"Venda was the best pilot of my team, his contribution to the victory was outstanding, his leadership was an honour and a privilege."

Honours received by Václav Jícha:
4x Czechoslovak War Cross
2x Czechoslovak Medal of Valor
Czechoslovak Medal of Merit 1st Class
Czechoslovak Foreign Army Commemorative Medal with F and VB labels
Croix de Guerre with three palms, one silver and one bronze star
Distinguished Flying Cross
Air Force Cross
The 1939-1945 Star with Battle of Britain clasp
Air Crew Europe Star
Defence Medal
War Medal

Rajlich, Jiří: Aces in the Sky, Naše vojsko 1995, ISBN 80-206-0139-2
Miler, Miroslav: Jediný Čech v Castle Bromwich (The only Czech in Castle Bromwich), Aeronautics and Cosmonautics 1992 No.4, pp. 20-22
Burian, Ladislav.

Jícha, Václav - Hrob Václav Jíchy, Římskokatolický hřbitov, East Lothian, Scotland.
Ann Burnett, https://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Jicha.htm

Hrob Václav Jíchy, Římskokatolický hřbitov, East Lothian, Scotland.
Ann Burnett, https://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Jicha.htm

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Jicha-Vaclav-t82845#303632 Version : 0

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Prehľad zostrelov

Typ lietadla
GC I/6
MS 406C.1
Bf 109 zn.
GC I/6
MS 406C.1
Do 17 zn. 1)
GC I/6
MS 406C.1
5 km J od Montdidier
Do17 Z zn. 2)
GC I/6
MS 406C.1
Hs 123 zn.
1. peruť
Hurricane Mk.I P2618
Do 17 Z zn. 3)
1. peruť
Hurricane Mk.I P5199
Ju 88 A-1 zn. 4)
313. peruť
Spitfire Mk.VB BL769
Fw 190 zn.
313. peruť
Spitfire Mk.VB BM306 RY-E
16-55 km SZ od Ostende
Fw 190 pš.

1) V spoluúčasti: Cdt G. Tricaud, Cne S. de Sacy, S/Lt H. Raphenne, A/Cf E. Senet
2) V spoluúčasti: S/Lt H. Raphenne, Cne J. Kulhánek
3) V spoluúčasti: P/O J. C. Robinson, Sgt W. T. Page
4) V spoluúčasti: F/O R. G. Lewis

Spolu: 3+4-0-1 zostrelov

Rajlich, Jiří: Esa na obloze, Naše vojsko 1995, ISBN 80-206-0139-2
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Jicha-Vaclav-t82845#303635 Version : 0

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Obr.1: Hrob Václava Jíchu na cintoríne v Bohnicích
Obr.2: Pamätná doska plk. Václava Jíchu na budove školy ktorú navštevoval v Prahe 8, Na Bendovce 186/20

Zverejnené so súhlasom občianskeho združenia Spolek pro vojenská pietní místa www.vets.cz
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Good evening, I would like for the accuracy of be noted that at the cemetery in Bohnice is buried only the father of pilot Václav Jíchy (or Václav). Standing on the tombstone of the board, Flight Lieutenant Vaclav Jicha RAF VR is buried in the Uk in Scotland in Haddingtonu (detailed info about the site it is on www.cwgc.org)
Milena To.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Jicha-Vaclav-t82845#504031 Version : 0
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