IAB-500 (imitačná puma)

The 500 kg IAB-500 Imitation Air Bomb IAB-500 is designed to simulate the external effect of an aerial or ground detonation of a special aviation bomb.

The bomb is designed for use from the external and internal hangers of an aircraft from level and steeply banked flight at flight speeds up to 2000 km/h. and bombing altitude up to 20000 m. Outside of this, the bomb can be used for a predetermined ground burst indication with an electropyrotechnical detonation on the ground.

The bomb consists of :

- body - 90% of which is filled with kerosene,
- 4 bottles of phosphorus,
- bottles of tritol,
- three cases of TGA explosive,
- incendiary case, primer,
- aerodynamic cover,
- tip, stabilizer,
- pin joint OGSR-1500 10,
- cable and extension cord.

Main technical data:

Outer effect

Fireball diameter : 45 m
Fireball light time : 0.8 to 2 s

Diameter of smoke plume "hat" : 170 m
Smoke plume height : 210 m

Dimensions in mm:

Length : 3365
Diameter : 580
Stabilizer span : 726

Weight : 470 kg

Fill : 242 kg

Source : Let-24-10 Aerial Cougar IAB-500 Description and Operation, CSRL Regulation - Prague, 1974
IAB-500 (imitačná puma) - IAB-500  popis.

IAB-500 popis.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/IAB-500-imitacna-puma-t89534#334055 Version : 0
IAB-500 (author's archive).
IAB-500 (imitačná puma) - IAB 500

IAB 500
URL : https://www.valka.cz/IAB-500-imitacna-puma-t89534#539581 Version : 0
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