RUM - šabľa vz.1861 pre jazdectvo

varianta pre mužstvo
"Single" cavalry sabre vz.1861, variant for men
Säbel der österreichischen Kavalerie Modell 1861
Single cavalry sabre vz.1861 for men of the cavalry

In armament it replaced the previous sabre vz. 1850. As with all previous Austrian "uniform sabres", there are a number of sub-types of the vz.1861 - e.g. a weapon with a double-edged blade and a new type of basket vz.1861, which is also usually referred to as the vz.1858/61. These guns were also armed by chariot troops, and a lighter version was used by mounted artillerymen. The vz.1861 sabre was officially replaced by the vz.1869, but it remained in the armament of some units in the following years.
The weapon set is iron, with a massive symmetrical basket with ovals at the edges, relieved by cut geometric holes. Two rectangular wrist holes in the top of the basket. Wooden handle covered with leather. The pommel simple semicircular, passing into the back of the handle with two circular projections.
Massive, one-sided ground blade, passing into a central point.
Iron scabbard with fixed loop and hanging ring, finished with a spur.

Weapon length : 1066 mm
Blade length : 920 mm
Blade width : 36 mm
Weight : 1200 g

Due to several modifications of these weapons, dimensions are approximate only.

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