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Pardubic, Arnošt z

z Pardubic
Given Name:
Jméno v originále:
Original Name:
Arnošt z Pardubic, či též Arnošt II.
Fotografie či obrázek:
Photograph or Picture:

Busta Arnošta z Pardubic v katedrále sv. Víta
arcibiskup a metropolita český
Akademický či vědecký titul:
Academic or Scientific Title:
Šlechtický titul:
Hereditary Title:
Datum, místo narození:
Date and Place of Birth:
25.03.1297 Hostinka /
Datum, místo úmrtí:
Date and Place of Decease:
30.06.1364 Roudnice nad Labem /
Nejvýznamnější funkce:
(maximálně tři)
Most Important Appointments:
(up to three)
Arcibiskup a metropolita český
Biskup pražský
Jiné významné skutečnosti:
(maximálně tři)
Other Notable Facts:
(up to three)
Poslední biskup pražský (1343-1344)
První arcibiskup pražský a metropolita český(1344-1364)
Pohřben v Kladsku v kostele Nanebevzetí Panny Marie
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Arnošt of Pardubice was born on 25. march 1297 in the Inn, as the oldest of four sons, Ernest of Hostýně and mrs. Adličky. Přináležel to the genus of the lords of Pardubice. Since his father was a royal count of the highly in Kladsku, spent here his childhood. Here he also received education in the parish school of saint john in the church of st. John, where he taught free art. He then went on to study in the monastery in Broumov, where there was a significant benediktýnská school. Then he went to study in Prague and subsequently, due to the fact that Prague didn't even have a University, went to study in Bologna, and Padua, where he was educated for the next 14 years. However, mainly devoted to the studies of law and not of divinity. Here he also first met the future king of bohemia Charles IV. In Bohemia he came back the year 1339 and put to ordain as a priest. His career then took quick turn-around times, his first působištem became a bishop's chapter at st. Vitus cathedral at the Prague castle. A year later, therefore, the year of our lord 1340, he was appointed dean. This function then performs up to the year 1343. Then, when 5. January 1343 he died the previous bishop of prague Jan IV. of Dražic, took his place after the intercession of Charles IV., at that time margrave of the moravian. It should be noted that Ernest was Charles steward. He became so 28. the bishop of prague. However, to be the bishop of prague, he was meant to be a little over a year. Charles, sent with a message to the pope in the matter of the establishment of the prague archbishopric. And actually with the elevation of the bishopric to the archbishopric, became 30. April 1344 the first archbishop and metropolitan of the Czech, at the same time, he was the last bishop of prague. The fact that he was the most senior church representative in the Czech lands, was subject to him the bishopric of olomouc and litomysl. In the same year solemnly ordains the foundation stone of the temple of st. Vitus cathedral in the presence of the Czech king John of Luxembourg and margrave of the moravian Charles IV. In the cathedral of his bust. After Jan fell of 1346 in the battle of Crecy, crowned on 2. September 1347 of Charles IV. the Czech king and his wife Blanca of Valois to the Czech queen. 10. June 1348 consecrated solemnly the foundation stone of the castle Castle. In the same year became chancellor of the newly founded prague university. Of the year 1349 declared provincionální statuta, therefore, the church zákonik, which provided systematically the main principles of the law of the church and further defined the competence and method of conduct of the episcopal court. Since he was close to augustinianismus, founded this order of monasteries in the the International, Rokycany and in Kladsku. Many of the augustinians was then his co-workers. Charles IV. also widely used his services as a diplomat. In all these positions meet a number of important people of his time. Of the year 1356 so need to be acquainted with the Petrarkou. Also widely promoted the art. He was the client of many illuminated manuscripts. The most important surviving works, which was a donator, belongs to the monumental central image of the enthroned Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, at whose feet kneeling by the archbishop Arnošt. This madonna was called Kladskou. Thought even to their last rest - he had to make the sandstone tomb tumbu depicting a reclining archbishop with the insignia. His death occurred 30. June 1364 in the Roudnice nad Labem. Here his remains were transported to the Kladska, where he found a final resting place in the church of the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary. The relaxed arcibiskupskou the stool, he joined Jan Očko of Vlašim.

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It was originally called Ernest II. (Ernest And. was his father). Epithet of Pardubice receives the end of the year 1340, when it is listed as the heir of Pardubice in the will of his father written 29.12.1340. However, this designation alone not used. The name connects your church rank (for example Ernest, first archbishop of the church of prague).

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