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As usual, time is relentless and life moves on every day. People who had time for our site years ago or last month sometimes get into a situation where there is not so much time or taste, school ends, family grows, illnesses come and go ( and unfortunately some of our colleagues already got called by the Supreme General ), there are many reasons for that. But one thing is as certain as time - valka.cz / armedconflicts.com needs every hand to work, and everyone can get involved :) It is not a project that could ever be "done", the history of mankind is almost endless in terms of content and will still be what to write about, in addition, new ones are added every day. So help us with their processing. What exactly are we looking for?


First of all, this is a challenge for volunteers, this is not a paid job!

1) Authors of articles - comprehensive texts of any length on any topic of human history, military, personalities, armaments and equipment, but also on castles and current events, visits to air days and exhibitions, interesting museums, etc. Semester and diploma theses of any size are welcome, several there are already such and we are really happy for them. If you do not write yourself, but go to a school where such works could appear, please help us establish contact with their authors! Articles previously published in magazines are also useful if you have the copyright to them. There are many possibilities and every article is useful!

2) Colleagues "data entrists" - on our site runs a number of projects that require some work and time. We describe units and commanders, military bases, we describe the armament of armies. You don't have to know much, you just have the time and inclination to get involved. We will give you the correct forms of translations and titles, as well as data and documents. And then it is possible to work!

3) Colleagues "editors" - again a function directly related to the functioning of the website, this time articles on www.valka.cz / www.armedconflicts.com. In the tables on other parts of our website, as well as in the articles on the war, there are very many "keywords" that can be linked together (create links to target topics). This creates additional added value for both the reader and our system, because many of the automatic features we have programmed in the background work on the basis that the topics are linked. You can read the articles / topics and at the same time you can help with the creating the links!

4) Moderators - both "technical" and "content", to almost all sections of our website. The technical moderator takes care of checking all posts for their compliance with the rules, makes sure that users do not attack, discuss within the limits of decency, rules and laws, oversees order. He makes sure that newly created topics are named and classified correctly, he is such a supervisor. However, they do not have to have detailed knowledge of the area, the content moderator takes care of that. On the contrary, it does not solve the mistakes of users, it does not take care of renaming topics and moves, deletions and editing, but on the contrary, it oversees the content accuracy of posts. Of course, it is not possible to 100% verify every piece of data that appears on our website, but it is still necessary to monitor the content accuracy of the posts. You need a good knowledge of the topic here, but as far as I know, many of you have!

5) "Social networkers" - to be on ( fill in the name of your favorite social network, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte ... ), or not to be, that is the question :) Every day we try to choose from our website the most interesting articles, for example by related date, anniversary, and share these articles on social networks.Other helping hands in this area are always useful!

The valka.cz server is based on the cooperation of users and their desire to contribute in their free time and thus expand the content, what we put ourselves will serve not only ourselves, but also thousands of other readers, fellow contributors, dozens of moderators and administrators. And that is our goal! Get involved, valka.cz needs you!


If you want to join the valka.cz run, please contact me at havelka@valka.cz


Current projects

We will gradually create a description of "task groups", common topics across our website, along with a list of what could and should be done, completed, supplemented and written in the given areas. This will make the way easier for everyone who wants to get involved in our activities.

Task Force "Regia Aeronautica"


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We believe that there are people with different interests and experiences who could contribute their knowledge and ideas. If you love military history and have experience in historical research, writing articles, editing text, moderating, creating images, graphics or videos, or simply have a desire to contribute to our unique system, you can join us and help us create content that will be interesting and beneficial to other readers.

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