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What are Cookies

Cookies are small files (usually no more than 100-150 characters/bytes) that websites use to store information in your browser. These files are used to store and transmit information between the user and the website between page views. These files are key for logging in, maintaining information about the current session (probably best described as a "session", i.e. one active user visit), etc. Cookies have different "lifetimes" for which they are stored in your browser. They can also be deleted using your browser's resources to cancel any information and links that have been stored so far (for example, this may mean that you will be logged out of our website, or that some of your settings or preferences will be lost).

What cookies we use

Cookies can be divided into two types

Custom Cookies - domain

These Cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of this website and are processed on the basis of the legitimate interest of the website operator. Basically, they only contain information about the sessionId, i.e. the unique session/session identifier. It assigns a unique key to each device (computer, tablet, phone ...) connected to our site, which is used to further transfer information. If the user logs in with his/her name and password, the username is also stored in the Cookie. And if the user agrees that we can send cookies, this information is also stored there so that the query does not pop up every time the page is visited from the same browser and device.

Third party cookies

These are cookies that are stored by scripts that we use to track traffic and performance statistics on our site (Google Analytics) - again, this is a legitimate interest of the site operator.
Cookies may also be stored by banner advertising display systems (Google Adwords, Sklik). These systems also use a network of advertising systems that may also use cookies.

You can find the Google AdSense advertising technology provider that we use to serve ads here

Change settings / withdraw consent

If you wish to selectively disable cookies or completely withdraw your consent on this website, please use the appropriate settings in your browser.

You can set your preferences for showing or not showing personalised advertising on the Google network here
and find out more here

To turn off tracking for individual ads, you can either use your browser's cookie settings or visit the site!!/
here you can set in detail which ad networks can handle information about your visits and interests and how. Please note that these settings and preferences are again stored in cookies, so they depend on the browser you set this in (this is not done automatically everywhere else, for example on another PC, mobile phone etc., this option must be repeated)! If you clear your cookie, you will also clear this setting.

Please note that changing the cookie settings may affect the functionality of this site - completely disabled cookies will mean not being able to log in to the forum, expiring cookies after closing the window will mean having to log in again and again, etc. Unlike a company that has had this motto in its "corporate culture" for a long time, although it has done the exact opposite, we are "not evil", we have no need to track you, identify you, or tell you anything. Just data and articles to read Very Happy

PS. We didn't make this up, it's again the EU making our jobs harder and focusing on bullshit while the important stuff kind of goes by the wayside.
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