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What are Cookies[/heading:aaaaaa]

Cookies are small files (mostly do not have more than 100-150 characters/bytes), by which web sites store information in Your browser. These files are used to store and transfer information between the user and the website between pageviews. The key are these files for logging, maintaining information about the current session (in Czech it is probably the best "session", i.e. the one active user's visit) etc. -

What do we use Cookies[/heading:aaaaaa]

Cookies can be divided into two types

Own Cookies

These Cookies are strictly necessary for the operation of the site. In the base contain only the information about the sessionId, so a unique identifier of the session/sessions. This information does not include any personal user data only to every device (computer, tablet, phone ...) connected to our site assigns a unique key through which the further transmission of information. If the user logs on using his username and password saved in a Cookie even user name. And if agree that we may send Cookies, this information is there to be saved, to query nevyskakoval every time a page from the same browser and device you visit.

third-party Cookies

These are the Cookie, which ukládájí scripts that we use for tracking statistics (Google Analytics) and display banner ads (Google Adwords, Sklik). These cookies do not contain personal data.

Due to the technical complexity of editing the site so that didn't contain Cookies, we consider all of the Cookies necessary for the operation and if their storing you do not agree, please exit this site.

PS. This we have not invented by us, it's us again, the EU complicates the work and focus on the bullshit, while the important things go so party..
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