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Our famous losses - 1278 Moravian field

As is well known, Jára Cimrman created a historical triptych about famous lost Czech battles. There have been more groundbreaking events in our history and they are shrouded in many legends and ambiguities. For some, we are still beating our breasts, as this tragedy was a turning point, and if we put everything into a historical context, it is not so certain about the "fracture" of many of the famous data. Respectively, for some it is not certain whether the opposite result would not actually be worse, as the event unfortunately had only bad solutions.

Siege of Prague 1648 (2) - Soldiers

Thanks to qualitative changes in armaments and tactics, the material and time requirements for the training of soldiers gradually increased to such an extent that already at the end of the sixteenth century untrained "amateurs" from the provincial milita had no chance against military professionals. Thus, as in the late Roman period, the war again became a lifelong vocation for soldiers. Unlike antiquity, however, medieval mercenaries were not hired by the state, but - in today's terminology - by military entrepreneurs who received a so-called "patent" from the state (monarch), entitling them to recruit a certain number of soldiers.



Antiquity (3000 BC-476 AD)

The period of creation and rise of first civilisations until the fall of the Western Roman Empire

The Middle Ages (476-1492)

The period between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and conquest of Constantinople

Napoleonic Wars Era (1789-1815)

The period from the French revolution until the final defeat of Napoleon

19th Century (1815-1914)

Wars between the end of Napoleonic wars and the beginning of first world war

Interim period (1918-1939)

The period between the first and second world war. From nationalist conflicts to events directly leading to second world war.

World War Two Era (1938-1945)

Category about conflicts, that were preceding or direct parts of second world war.

Cold War Era (1945-1989)

The period between the second world war and the collapse of the Soviet Union

Modern era (1990-)

The period since the end of the Cold War and bipolar world order. The war against terrorism.

Other articles - unsorted yet

Category for other topics about articles, cooperation and working topics.


Category about documents, agreements, treaties.


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