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Modern era (1990-)

The period since the end of the Cold War and bipolar world order. The war against terrorism.


"Aeronautical archeology" and legislation

In recent years, especially with the easing of social conditions after 1989, more and more amateur enthusiasts are looking for events related to the air war over the Czech lands in 1939 - 1945. They spend a lot of their free time searching for domestic and foreign archives, interviews with witnesses. events, correspondence with similar enthusiasts from abroad or searching for information in various publications and periodicals. Part of the activities of some people interested in this issue is also uncovering and retrieving the wreckage of aircraft from the places of their accidents. However, this activity brings with it many pitfalls in the form of compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic, which violate the activities of private researchers, and the treatment of possible remains of fallen pilots. This article should present a look at this issue from official archeology and the legislation that applies to it.

A weapon for every family

If gun ownership is criminalized, only criminals have guns . "This claim by pro-gun activists is difficult to argue with. Owning a weapon also relativizes the physical strength of the attacker and the victim. An year ago, an interesting incident took place in an Israeli school. A quick-thinking teacher used his gun to shoot the attackers. A gun in good hands can therefore effectively prevent school tragedies.

A-12 Blackbird (1) - High and fast

If the key to the survival of the U-2 was access, which was beyond the capabilities of its generation fighters, another aircraft from "Skunk Works" was to have, in addition to fantastic access, a speed that designers had never dreamed of until then. In addition to increasing speed, the designers in the construction of the new aircraft for the first time ever purposefully focused on reducing the effective RCS. This miracle technique was called the A-12 Blackbird.


In 1994, the Armée de l'Air awarded contracts to French armaments companies to carry out preliminary feasibility studies for new anti-ground guided munitions usable in difficult weather conditions. Less than 15 years later, the results of the French effort were felt first hand by Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan.

AEW aircraft - Erieye (1) - Swedish eye in the sky

There are only a few states in the world that have been able to develop their own flying Airborne Early Warning (AEW) system. And even fewer are those who have successfully sold it to foreign users. Sweden has succeeded. Although the Erieye system was developed for a different world than it is today, it eventually became a successful export item.

AH-1 Cobra - Norm of combat helicopter

It is not so long ago that the term combat helicopter was associated with the name Cobra. Since then, combat helicopters of various designs have entered the arsenal of many states, for which the Cobras were a standard of quality. Since then, they have undergone a long evolution and the number of their variants has exhausted the alphabet.

AH-64D Longbow Apache

The AH-64A embodied the knowledge bought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars by the blood of the pilots of the first armed and combat helicopters. For a long time, he became the standard of a combat helicopter, which was able to decimate the enemy's tank columns. But technology from the early 70's has some limitations. Therefore, it was necessary to develop the AH-64D Longbow Apache, which significantly expanded the capabilities of the original helicopter.

Aircraft AEW - Airborne Early Warning - Eyes of the Air Force

Early warning aircraft provide air force commanders with a constant overview of the air situation, far beyond the radar horizon. They are one of the key elements for winning information superiority on the battlefield and enable the effective deployment of their own forces. Their construction has undergone a long development and today they are an indispensable part of the modern air force. The number of air forces that operate early warning aircraft is constantly growing.

Allah's party in Lebanon or when the community replaces the state

A portrait of Hasan Nasrallah is seated in the salon of Muhammad Mahdi Barru, the smiling owner of the " best " patisserie in al-Asahira, Baalbek. A charismatic leader of Hezbollah, a Shiite idol and a hero of the " anti-Zionist front " in the eyes of many Arabs, including Sunnis. Muhammad is not an activist of the " Allah Party ". However, he supports it " unconditionally ".

American anti-missile umbrella? Bless the Lord for it!

I have a weakness for Americans - they saved my life in 1943. As a nine-year-old boy, I was sick to death, and when my dad came to their military doctors asking for a penicillin, they willingly gave it to him and refused the bottles of alcohol he offered them. During my visit to Normandy last year, I marveled at the rocks on which, on the morning of June 6, 1944, some American soldiers in the fierce fire of the Germans had to climb to cope with the invasion - and liberated us and provided me with a life-giving remedy. I realized again that millions of Americans had crossed into unknown Europe during World War I and World War II to save it from slavery. But I couldn't live in America. I've been there four times, I've met a large piece of land, I've befriended several people, but the American way of life probably wouldn't suit me.

American war, European peace

Analysis of the relationship between Europe and the USA and their attitude to the fight against terrorism. Although a year and a half old, this article is far too current!

Amnesty International goes to terrorists

Amnesty International (AI) is known for its human rights activities. However, in connection with the Middle East events, only the State of Israel takes its toll and continues to campaign unprofessionally against Israel. The last time she became sadly known was the anti-Israel attacks during the war between Israel and Hamas in late 2012, which was named the "Pillar Defense".

Anti-Israel obsession

Holy Land. No other area is in such a furious conflict, no other state than Israel is so denied the right to life and existence. No other country faces such fierce and irreconcilable hatred from the left. Can this hatred be understood at all? Its core can be found in the UN and its various sub-organizations, universities and Muslim and communist countries.


In 1980, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France concluded a memorandum of understanding, in which countries shared competencies in the development and production of a new generation of anti-aircraft missiles. While the US was to focus on a medium-range radar-guided missile, which eventually became the AIM-120 AMRAAM, European states received a short-range missile, which was assigned the designation AIM-132 ASRAAM.

At the Mercedes-Benz polygon

On October 8, 2009, a presentation of military vehicles of all categories took place at the Mercedes-Benz test site in Wörth. It was gratifying that the owners of the relevant driving license were able to personally test the behavior of the vehicles in the field.

Azerbaijan's relations with Russia: the path of pragmatism

The submitted commentary aims at a brief reflection of the relationship between Azerbaijan and Russia. It pays particular attention to its changes from a very cold approach on both sides to a gradual cautious rapprochement and does not neglect the wider geopolitical context.


NATO Exercises

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