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Modern era (1990-)

The period since the end of the Cold War and bipolar world order. The war against terrorism.


"Aeronautical archeology" and legislation

In recent years, especially with the easing of social conditions after 1989, more and more amateur enthusiasts are looking for events related to the air war over the Czech lands in 1939 - 1945. They spend a lot of their free time searching for domestic and foreign archives, interviews with witnesses. events, correspondence with similar enthusiasts from abroad or searching for information in various publications and periodicals. Part of the activities of some people interested in this issue is also uncovering and retrieving the wreckage of aircraft from the places of their accidents. However, this activity brings with it many pitfalls in the form of compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic, which violate the activities of private researchers, and the treatment of possible remains of fallen pilots. This article should present a look at this issue from official archeology and the legislation that applies to it.

A weapon for every family

If gun ownership is criminalized, only criminals have guns . "This claim by pro-gun activists is difficult to argue with. Owning a weapon also relativizes the physical strength of the attacker and the victim. An year ago, an interesting incident took place in an Israeli school. A quick-thinking teacher used his gun to shoot the attackers. A gun in good hands can therefore effectively prevent school tragedies.

A-12 Blackbird (1) - High and fast

If the key to the survival of the U-2 was access, which was beyond the capabilities of its generation fighters, another aircraft from "Skunk Works" was to have, in addition to fantastic access, a speed that designers had never dreamed of until then. In addition to increasing speed, the designers in the construction of the new aircraft for the first time ever purposefully focused on reducing the effective RCS. This miracle technique was called the A-12 Blackbird.


In 1994, the Armée de l'Air awarded contracts to French armaments companies to carry out preliminary feasibility studies for new anti-ground guided munitions usable in difficult weather conditions. Less than 15 years later, the results of the French effort were felt first hand by Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan.

AEW aircraft - Erieye (1) - Swedish eye in the sky

There are only a few states in the world that have been able to develop their own flying Airborne Early Warning (AEW) system. And even fewer are those who have successfully sold it to foreign users. Sweden has succeeded. Although the Erieye system was developed for a different world than it is today, it eventually became a successful export item.

AH-1 Cobra - Norm of combat helicopter

It is not so long ago that the term combat helicopter was associated with the name Cobra. Since then, combat helicopters of various designs have entered the arsenal of many states, for which the Cobras were a standard of quality. Since then, they have undergone a long evolution and the number of their variants has exhausted the alphabet.

AH-64D Longbow Apache

The AH-64A embodied the knowledge bought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars by the blood of the pilots of the first armed and combat helicopters. For a long time, he became the standard of a combat helicopter, which was able to decimate the enemy's tank columns. But technology from the early 70's has some limitations. Therefore, it was necessary to develop the AH-64D Longbow Apache, which significantly expanded the capabilities of the original helicopter.

Aircraft AEW - Airborne Early Warning - Eyes of the Air Force

Early warning aircraft provide air force commanders with a constant overview of the air situation, far beyond the radar horizon. They are one of the key elements for winning information superiority on the battlefield and enable the effective deployment of their own forces. Their construction has undergone a long development and today they are an indispensable part of the modern air force. The number of air forces that operate early warning aircraft is constantly growing.

Allah's party in Lebanon or when the community replaces the state

A portrait of Hasan Nasrallah is seated in the salon of Muhammad Mahdi Barru, the smiling owner of the " best " patisserie in al-Asahira, Baalbek. A charismatic leader of Hezbollah, a Shiite idol and a hero of the " anti-Zionist front " in the eyes of many Arabs, including Sunnis. Muhammad is not an activist of the " Allah Party ". However, he supports it " unconditionally ".

American anti-missile umbrella? Bless the Lord for it!

I have a weakness for Americans - they saved my life in 1943. As a nine-year-old boy, I was sick to death, and when my dad came to their military doctors asking for a penicillin, they willingly gave it to him and refused the bottles of alcohol he offered them. During my visit to Normandy last year, I marveled at the rocks on which, on the morning of June 6, 1944, some American soldiers in the fierce fire of the Germans had to climb to cope with the invasion - and liberated us and provided me with a life-giving remedy. I realized again that millions of Americans had crossed into unknown Europe during World War I and World War II to save it from slavery. But I couldn't live in America. I've been there four times, I've met a large piece of land, I've befriended several people, but the American way of life probably wouldn't suit me.

American war, European peace

Analysis of the relationship between Europe and the USA and their attitude to the fight against terrorism. Although a year and a half old, this article is far too current!

Amnesty International goes to terrorists

Amnesty International (AI) is known for its human rights activities. However, in connection with the Middle East events, only the State of Israel takes its toll and continues to campaign unprofessionally against Israel. The last time she became sadly known was the anti-Israel attacks during the war between Israel and Hamas in late 2012, which was named the "Pillar Defense".

Anti-Israel obsession

Holy Land. No other area is in such a furious conflict, no other state than Israel is so denied the right to life and existence. No other country faces such fierce and irreconcilable hatred from the left. Can this hatred be understood at all? Its core can be found in the UN and its various sub-organizations, universities and Muslim and communist countries.


In 1980, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France concluded a memorandum of understanding, in which countries shared competencies in the development and production of a new generation of anti-aircraft missiles. While the US was to focus on a medium-range radar-guided missile, which eventually became the AIM-120 AMRAAM, European states received a short-range missile, which was assigned the designation AIM-132 ASRAAM.

At the Mercedes-Benz polygon

On October 8, 2009, a presentation of military vehicles of all categories took place at the Mercedes-Benz test site in Wörth. It was gratifying that the owners of the relevant driving license were able to personally test the behavior of the vehicles in the field.

Azerbaijan's relations with Russia: the path of pragmatism

The submitted commentary aims at a brief reflection of the relationship between Azerbaijan and Russia. It pays particular attention to its changes from a very cold approach on both sides to a gradual cautious rapprochement and does not neglect the wider geopolitical context.

Bitter fruits of Russian decolonization

The Georgian crisis is interpreted differently. Human rights, superpowers, economically and strategically. The giant stepped on the dwarf. The bear raises its head. Restrictions on the control of oil and gas routes from and around Russia will not be allowed by Moscow. Different interpretations with a common denominator. The Eurasian empire is reviving, and the short democratizing intermezzo is giving way to deep-seated tendencies to dominance and despotism.

Care under fire

If a unit comes under fire, it usually has wounded, often severely wounded. The first seconds are crucial for saving lives. But the unit must immediately solve another task - to repel the attack. So who will help the wounded? Mostly nobody at first. He has to help himself. Warning: The article uses original shots that are not suitable for children, pregnant women and people with weaker mental resilience.


The problem of Chechnya is not as new as it might seem. Conflicts between Russia and the Chechen ethnic group date back to the 18th century, when Tsar Peter I sought to gain access to the Black Sea. The obstacle was the North Caucasus.

CIA against the Moscow coup

Neo-Stalinist attempt to reverse the future ways not only the USSR but the world failed.

On Sunday, August 18, 1991, a quarter of an hour before midnight, security adviser Brent Scowcroft called President George W. Bush at a summer residence in Kennebunkport, Maine: "I just listened to CNN. There is a coup in Moscow. They dismounted Gorbachev. He is said to have resigned for serious health reasons. The state committee for the state of emergency took over the leadership of the state. The eight-member body is headed by current Vice President Gennady Janayev, its members are KGB chairman Vladimir Kryuchkov, Prime Minister Valentin Pavlov, Interior Minister Boris Pugo, Defense Minister Dmitry Yazov and the head of the military-industrial complex Oleg Baklanov.

Creating rules for drones

Such an invention is known by the English word DRONE - with other, equally legitimate meanings: a trumpet, a male bee, a honey-free parasite that lives off the work of others, it is also an airplane without a pilot, conducted from a great distance by the necessary signals. The idea of fighting as comfortably as possible - far from danger, from bloody turmoil, for example, somewhere on the couch touching the right buttons, does not knock out the smallest of your own little finger, but a thorough trigger in the enemy ranks. Critics warn of the potential for even greater dehumanization, when a fighter, far from the site of the devastation, loses the restraint of participating in such actions.

Crushed goals of American cosmonautics

We will continue to build the Orion spacecraft, which was the pillar of the Constellation, but we will not send people to the moon. Our goal is to orbit Mars with humans in the 1930s and visit other celestial bodies, such as asteroids. This is a major part of President Barack Obama's message he delivered two weeks ago in Florida.

Cyber warfare already in the doorway

The more modern we are, the more vulnerable we are. We sewed a good whip on ourselves. Not only a hostile alien power, but also an immature brat in the home environment, motivated, for example, only by adolescent craving for an achievable act of vandalism, can really hit their own state, the nuclear power plant. The result is also something called cybervandalism.

Dancing elephants

A bag of conferences, seminars and lectures on Islam and the West has burst around the world. A way is being sought to stimulate interfaith dialogue and thus prevent a "civilization war". In such exchanges of views, there is usually a commendable consensus. Relations between the world's religions and the countries associated with them should not be bothered by "stereotypes", "untruths" or "prejudices". And it is also said that it would be appropriate for religious leaders to put their authority into public affairs. Whether it's business morale or global warming.

Did Israel commit war crimes during Operation Cast Lead?

Operation Cast Lead began on December 27, 2008 and lasted about a month. It was a retaliatory action aimed at preventing further blasting of Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. The state of Israel was, as usual, again accused of war crimes (ie, deliberately attacking Gazan civilians, civilian objects and civilian infrastructure). As in the case of the "Janin Massacre" or the "Palestinian Massacre on the Beach in Gaza". All these accusations pursue one goal - to denigrate Israel as widely as possible. Now I will try to recapitulate only some of the misinformation that has circled the world.

Do Palestinians have the right to return?

We often hear the claims of some people that Palestinian Arabs have the right to return to the territory of today's state of Israel. There are even many personalities who say Israel should transform into a binary nation-state. In the rough post-war year of 1947, the United Nations divided the territory of the British mandate into a Jewish and an Arab state. However, the Arabs did not accept this solution and launched an armed attack against Israel.

Dog a friend or foe

Admirably loyal friends and often comrades-in-arms. I delved into this topic a bit and learned a lot at Already in the beginning of American history, in the 18th century, during the revolutionary initiatives of pioneers to get rid of the British colonial yoke, they made great use of the assistance of four-legged allies to sniff and successfully bite into unloved redcoats and then in other wars ...


Dogfights have always attracted attention. Since the First World War, their participants have been considered heroes, stories have been written about nothing, and they have become idols of generations. However, the reality of air combat is much more prosaic. Whatever the motivation of the pilots to fight, there was always a winner on one side and a loser on the other in a crippled or burning plane falling to the ground. This series deals with the struggle from their beginning to the modern age, when the sky is steadily ruled by jet engines.

Double meter when assessing events

To give you an idea, we can recall the idea of George Orwell's work that all humans ( animals ) are equal, but some are more equal ( pigs ). The world community always and under any circumstances uses a double standard on Israel, the only democratic republic in the Middle East. To revive the memory, let us remember only the reactions of the " world " ( UN, EU, USA ) to current events in the Middle East region.

Elbe Exercise 2011

On 26 May, the Elbe 2011 exercise took place near Litoměřice, the main part of which was directed by the 15th Engineer Brigade , specifically the 151st Engineer Battalion . The topic was the construction of a pontoon bridge over the Elbe. This time, other units also took part in the exercise, especially the 25th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade , the 7th Mechanized Brigade and the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade . This is a short photo and video report.

Euro-American entropy

Entropy is the loss of energy and the gradual disintegration of the system. It is what the next developmental stage of the system follows, which follows the climax of society, which is no longer able to sustain itself with the change of influences and disappears. But how to prevent entropy? It can be easily avoided to find a solution. This solution arises quite often from a discussion on this topic.

Everyone has tried anti-satellites

The Americans announced that after landing the space shuttle Atlantis, starting on Wednesday, February 20, 2008, they want to shoot down a spy satellite called the US 193. A year ago, the Chinese did something similar - hit the meteorological satellite with a combat missile, which shattered it into a large number of fragments. A number of states protested against the action, which the Chinese tested with an anti-satellite weapon. After all, after the collision, 2,800 fragments about 10 centimeters in size were formed, which can be observed from Earth, and it is estimated that perhaps 150,000 debris smaller, which are not visible. Not surprisingly, even after the announcement of the American intention, a number of protests arose.

Forgotten refugees

The history of the 20th century is often referred to as the " history of war ." Wars bring with them immense suffering, death, refugees, the forcible expulsion of the innocent. During World War I, the Turks committed genocide on the Armenian population, during World War II. During World War II, the Nazis murdered more than 1/3 of the entire Jewish population. Immediately after the war, the Allies approved the expulsion of the German population from Central and Eastern Europe at the 1945 Potsdam Conference. Iraq, a wave of refugees has been provoked by the conflict between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The Soviet Union was a master and far outnumbered other conflicts by, among other things, expelling, relocating, and destroying millions of nations and ethnic groups.

Forgotten Saddam's fleet

The Iraqi Navy may have become one of the strongest in the Middle East in the second half of the 1980s. After suffering heavy losses at the beginning of the Iraq-Iran war, it ordered a number of new units in Italy. Although they were all completed on time and the training of their crews began, the handover of the vessels did not take place in the end for a number of reasons.

Frigates of the Álvaro de Bazán class

In February 2006, the Spanish Navy was joined by the last fourth anti-aircraft frigate of the Álvaro de Bazán class. These in many ways original units represent the first European vessels and at the same time the first frigate-sized vessels equipped with the American Aegis system.


In today's world, the word fundamentalism is synonymous with something very negative. Just calling someone a fundamentalist puts a person or movement in the category of dangerous people and groups ...

Game with a tiger

A year ago, the Army of the Czech Republic began the systematic training of soldiers isolated on enemy territory.

Geopolitics in Central Asia

Central Asia is an important region, both militarily and economically, in which the great powers are showing increasing interest. The collapse of the USSR resulted in the independence of the five Central Asian republics, which naturally began to seek new allies and partners in the international system. The involvement of world and regional powers did not take long, and the region soon gained a distinctive name: the New Balkans. The strategic position, the rich raw material base, as well as the ethnic and religious composition are motives that continuously contribute to the intensification of the rivalry between the main international players in Central Asia.

Great benefits with an adverse impact

Such a vague, indistinct title is an introduction to a topic with considerable geographical spread - from the Arab deserts, oil-soaked, to the tiny republic of Nauru in the Pacific, once a German colony, then under Australian rule, now enjoying a sovereign existence: until recently a record-rich island with the highest per capita income in the world, because it was hardened by birds.

Gurkhas - Unique mercenaries

These legendary warriors, stocky muscles of mostly Hindu religion, Tibetan-Mongolian ethnicity, come from the Gorkha region, are highly valued for qualities, not always and everywhere else prevailing - courage, loyalty, tenacity, resilience, orderliness in service not only British army ...

Half a millennium of European conquests

To the question of what happened in 1492, most respondents would certainly answer correctly that Columbus had sailed to the New World at that time. Many would also know that in 1498 Vasco da Gama discovered a sea route to India, but probably no one would remember what happened in 1502. Because this event is not mentioned much in school history, or it merges with previous ones, although it had for practical action many times greater reach than the two previous ones - and is still present today.

Hammer on pirates

While light boats with commandos were cutting through the sea waves at maximum speed, a Lynx helicopter unexpectedly appeared in the sky. Armed to the teeth, soldiers penetrated aboard the Korean merchant ship Sambo Jewelry from water and air. The fierce and precisely aimed fire literally nailed the kidnapper to the ground. The battle for the hijacked ship was decided within minutes. Twenty-one men of the crew were liberated. Only the captain of the hijacked ship suffered injuries. But not deadly. The kidnappers shot him in the stomach area.

Has history betrayed them?

The French historian Marc Bloch, executed by the Gestapo in 1944, recalls in the introduction to his article Defense of History, published posthumously in 1949, the arrival of German troops in Paris and the collapse of the French administration. He asks, "Has history betrayed us?" The scattering of Fatah during the Battle of Gaza in June 2007 and the disappearance of Arafat's historic resistance organization from Gaza's political space put the PLO in a similar situation. Like the French administration in 1940, the rooftop Palestinian national institution may think it has been "betrayed by history."

Hell and paradise of Africa

Captain Hynek Pavlačka looked into the barrel of a sharply charged Kalashnikov and wondered how seriously the blacks meant the words of the execution. Just don't rush anywhere, make no mistake. "Now I'll reach into my backpack and show you materials about who we really are and what we do, " he tried to tune in his voice as mildly as possible.

How to additionally win World War II

"Those who are experts in the art of war will subdue the enemy's army without a fight. They conquer cities without having to attack them, and they defeat governments without having to fight them for long. He established thirteen "golden principles" that are still valid today. The first says: discredit everything that is good in the enemy's country

How to win the war with jihad

Islamist terrorism alone will not be defeated by force. That struggle requires reason and also patience. However, we foreigners in the world of Islam will not win it, but it is a task for the Muslims themselves. Sure. It won't be tomorrow, not even in a year. It will take a long time. The " war on terror " in Afghanistan and Iraq is going differently than its clients seem to have wished. But what has begun should be completed. Despite all the doubts and criticisms, the West has not completely lost the opportunity to help Muslims and their world get rid of extremists.

Humane weapons - fiction or reality?

According to the prestigious magazine Time, it looks like American soldiers will stop firing in a few years. Even in "hot" Afghanistan, demonstrations and intimidation are preferred, and deadly fire is the last resort. Nevertheless, fatal incidents are taking place, such as the air strike on a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan, leading to far-reaching diplomatic consequences, which is why the Pentagon is making enormous efforts to develop non-killing weapons.

I'm worried about our country

Until the early 1990s, Czechoslovakia fell under the curator of the realm of communism, the Soviet Union. After the coup in November 1989, we rejoiced in freedom, but it took some time before we fully realized that the West, including Germany, from which the two world wars had fought, was no longer our enemy. And then we tried to get along with our western neighbors, returning to the forgotten good manners and rules. When we became a little civilized, they brought us to NATO and the European Union

In the name of Allah, the sickle and the hammer

History provides us with a plethora of examples of strange somersaults, seemingly or authentically bizarre alliances, the sudden sharing of a bed in a warm embrace until yesterday's irreconcilable enemies.

Intelligence services are not omnipotent

The New York Twins, the London Underground, the trains in Madrid, the Reichstag in Berlin, the Eiffel Tower in Paris… These are all the technical highlights of our civilization. Attacking them is an attack on symbols.
Islamic terrorists know all this very well. That's why they focus on them - sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully.

Interesting seminar: ... and Brezhnev has only one eyebrows

Do you know what joke circulated in the first half of the eighties in communist Czechoslovakia? Reagan has the United States, while Brezhnev only has eyebrows together… With this bon mot, the Brno historian Petr Suchý began his speech at the Senate on Tuesday, June 5, 2007 at the seminar on Ronald Reagan on the third anniversary of his death.

International terrorism and all kinds of issues

On September 10, 2001, almost no one in America knew anything about Islam.
On September 12, 2001, almost everyone seemed to know everything. The catastrophe that has just passed becomes the parent of instant certainties, beliefs about one's own truths.
But the questions remain - is the trend towards a global caliphate, according to the ideas and ambitions of the most forged Islamists, or is there still an optimistic belief in the ideal of Western liberal democracy?

Is Russia a secular or Orthodox state?

The Russian Orthodox Church has experienced a revival over the last 20 years, which has significantly increased its influence in various areas of Russian society. During the existence of the USSR, the RPC was a persecuted religious organization and one of the main opponents of the regime, while in the early 90's it supported the liberal reforms of former President Yeltsin. Especially during the reign of Vladimir Putin, however, she began to be close to state power and gradually managed to gain a privileged position, which raises doubts about the secular character of the Russian Federation. So is Russia an Orthodox or secular state today?

Is the State of Israel a thief of Palestinian and Syrian water resources?

The world media is intensively dealing with the issue of the Middle East. Unfortunately, it is becoming a sad truth that many media, human rights activists and peace fighters professing the ideology of multiculturalism and political correctness blindly adopt the Palestinian version of story and history and accuse Israel of all wrongdoing. Sufficient lies have been mapped, I will point out another in this article - the accusation that Israelis are stealing water from Palestinians and Syrians.

Is the State of Israel guilty of ethnic cleansing?

In recent years, a number of commentators have accused Jews in Israel of trying to "cleanse" the state of Israel of the Arab population during the War of Independence ( 1948-1949 ). What is the truth? As has been written many times, on November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted a UN resolution dividing the former British Mandate Territory into a Jewish and an Arab state.

Islamist Nazism

Palestinian terrorism and the Shiite "insurgency" in Iraq have about as much in common with the struggle for freedom of the Palestinian and Iraqi people as SS extermination Sonderkommando had with the liberation of the Russians from the Stalinist yoke. Taking hostages from civilians who came to Iraq to help and other atrocities of Islamist terrorists are not the only coincidence. In addition to these practices, there are ideological similarities between the teachings of fanatical Islamic clerics such as Yassin and Muktada Sadr and Nazism.

Jewish and democratic at the same time?

There are now emerging views that the Israeli demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a "Jewish state" is undemocratic, contrary to the principle of human rights and freedoms. Can the Jewish state be democratic?

Journalist intifada in photographs

The case of the photo "Palestinian beaten by an Israeli soldier on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem" entered journal history as one of the biggest anti-Israel lies, along with the aforementioned cases of the so-called Janin Massacre, during which Israel was to commit a colossal massacre of Palestinian civilians, which was not true. Another of the many false pieces of information was the perjury of Israeli soldiers in the murder of Muhammad Dura. This accusation again proved untrue.

Ka-50 Black Shark

For many years, M.L. Mil was the design supplier of helicopters for the Soviet army. Although N.I. Kamov's competition office participated in a number of competitions announced by the army, Mil's position was unshakable until the army announced a competition for a new combat helicopter in search of an equivalent counterweight to the American AAH program.


The LANTIRN navigation and shooting system significantly increases the combat effectiveness of aircraft. It allows them to operate very low above the ground, at night and in any weather, and attack ground targets with a wide range of guided and unguided munitions. The name LANTIRN originated from the initial letters of the words Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night, which describe its purpose. LANTIRN uses F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16C / D Fighting Falcon and F-14D Tomcat aircraft.

Less freedom, more hatred

The illusion of a global consensus on the universality of human rights has lost its luster. The rich world puts civil and political rights at the forefront, poorer countries claim that economic, social and cultural rights are more valuable. The controversy intensifies and the hope for a reasonable compromise is shattered by the obsession of the countries of the Muslim world. Islam does not want to accept the existence of Israel. The first disturbing signal was sent by the Durban Conference against Racism, Intolerance and Xenophobia in 2003. Since then, it has only gone for the worse.

Lightnings in the air

Some fighters do not only bear the type designation, but have their own names. And what name represents speed and power, ie the characteristics that a fighter should have, above all, better than lightning? Probably none. The series of following articles describes the planes that deserved the name lightning - more or less.

Lightnings in the sky 08 - F-35 Lightning II - The birth of a new generation

Tests of the new universal aircraft are currently underway, which should be unique in all respects. This is the largest contract in the history of the Air Force, in which many countries participate. It is assumed that after a long time, it will be an aircraft that will experience thousands of series. It has already received its combat name: F-35 Lightning II.

Lockheed U-2 - Legendary spy

The U-2 has been flying since the mid-1950s. Although it will celebrate half a century since its first take-off next year, it is not yet going to "retire". The reason is simple. Although obsolete in the age of satellites, the construction from the last century may seem obsolete, the truth remains that the aircraft is a reliable platform for many reconnaissance systems. It is much more operative and cheaper against satellites.

M1A1 - M1A2 Abrams (2) - New generation

The introduction of a new tank did not just mean a new vehicle. The experience from the operation caused a practically complete reconstruction of the armored divisions, because the old organizational structure was unsatisfactory. Only then was the potential of the new tanks properly used.

M551 Sheridan (1) - Hard beginnings

Light tanks have been developed alongside their heavier counterparts for years, and their journey through history is varied and pretty winding. The last American light tank included in the service was the M551 Sheridan. It was a rather contradictory vehicle with exotic weapons.

M551 Sheridan (2) - Improved reputation

The M551 did not gain a very good reputation at the beginning of its deployment, mainly due to its relatively complicated design and hasty deployment in combat. In addition, he found himself on a battlefield for which he was not designed and performed tasks that belonged to the MBT. During the later deployment, he improved his bad reputation and eventually lasted longer than the biggest optimists would expect.

M88A2 Hercules

In 1981, a study was conducted by the U.S. ground forces that defined the requirements for a rescue vehicle that would be able to provide adequate support to the newly introduced M1 Abrams tanks on the battlefield. It was clear that the rescue tank M88A1, standardly introduced in the US Army, is not such a means.

Many circumstances how to get hurt

Perhaps in most countries of the world incitement to murder is not allowed, it is not recommended, it is even punished. But this is not the case everywhere. In ultra-devout Saudi Arabia, for example, Sheikh Saleh Luhajdan, the most prominent judge ( chairman of the Supreme Court of Appeal ), said in a radio speech that it was desirable to kill allegedly lascivious television operators during the holy month of Ramadad. He later corrected himself so that they could be tried first and then killed.

Massacre of Palestinians on the beach in Gaza

The state of Israel faces not only a military and terrorist threat, but also media hostility. In June 2006, journalists accused Israel of a horrific war crime: Jews were to commit mass murder of the civilian population. According to some journalists, Israeli soldiers were supposed to attack and kill an unsuspecting Palestinian family who were resting and having fun on a Gaza beach for no reason. As with all cases published by Pallywood, all objective evidence that could convict Israeli soldiers of prosecutable crimes against humanity was lacking. Of course, the massacre was not authentically captured; the "appropriate" documents were only later provided by journalists from the Pallywood editing room, while the footage was naturalistically arranged.

Masters of arms

The Army of the Czech Republic has been trying for several years to continue the First Republic tradition: the first 13 army divers received the badge of a class specialist of the Engineer Army III. class

Mercenaries, their all kinds of motivation

In English, they are given the infamous designation Mercenaries - creatures that take up arms and go kill for money. However, anyone who finds themselves in a military uniform, whether as a volunteer or not an enthusiastic conscript, receives some money, that salary - that is why such a Czech word. So someone is holding because they want to, because someone has to ...

Messages from Damascus

They called him a "faceless terrorist." Before Osama ibn Ladin claimed responsibility for the September 11, 2001 assassination, the US secret services judged that he, Imad Mughniya, was to blame. Until then, he held the lead in the number of Americans killed in Islamist assassinations around the world. On Tuesday, February 12, his earthly pilgrimage, followed by a great speck of human blood, ended. Whatever one treats, one also lacks. In Damascus, he was killed by a bomb blast located in his off-road Mitsubishi.

MIDDLE EAST: Disjointed prospects in the biblical land

Israel, considered an illegitimate intruder in that predominantly Islamic region, had to get used to the relentless inconvenience: bombs, rockets, all sorts of intrusions, the penetration of suicide bombers. This led to a decrease in foreign tourists, an outflow of investment, the economy began to suffer, the very existence of the state threatened ...

MiG-29 - a reaction to the demands of the market

The MiG-29 was, like most Russian aircraft, created as a more or less single-purpose weapon. His primary task was air combat. But times are changing and those interested in single-purpose aircraft are like saffron. To survive, it is essential to meet the requirements of the market, and it wants universal aircraft. This also applies to the RSK MiG.

Muslim woman without veil

The multiculturalist illusion was once one of the manifestations of Dutch tolerance. The onslaught of radical Islamism at the beginning of the new millennium dramatically changed established customs. A wave of contagious populism is rising, and the very word Islam is enough to arouse anger and resentment. The living "Dutchness" sharply challenges the coexistence of the locals with Muslim immigrants. After the ousting of Aján Hirsí Ali, Naema Tahirová takes over the baton of critical Muslim women. At the time of the dispute over Geert Wilders' film, which no one has seen yet, but everyone is afraid of because it is known that a populist politician likens the Qur'an to Hitler's Mein Kampf, the Dutch "veil-free Muslim woman" offers a different kind of criticism of Islam.

Myths and facts about the treatment of Arabs by Jews

Left-wing anti-Zionists accuse Israel of being the one who fueled hatred between Jews and Arabs. He portrays Israel as the sole culprit of the tragic confrontation between Israel and the Arab states.
What are the facts? Anti-Zionists spread a lot of myths and untruths. I will mention only some.

New initiatives by the International Maritime Bureau to tackle piracy off the coast of Somalia

Piracy: The act of endangering and subsequently occupying a vessel using force for the purpose of robbery or other crime. The act includes all possibilities of intimidation and coercion by the crew of a private vessel (aircraft) against another vessel (aircraft) in the territorial sea (airspace) or against persons and property of such vessel (aircraft) for personal gain. Applies to vessels moored in ports, on the high seas, on regular sea routes, etc. (aircraft at the airport, in the airspace).
Article 1 of the UN Convention 1982 (On the Law of the Sea)

New weapons for the Czech army Part I

On March 18, 2010, two contracts were signed for the supply of new CZ 805 BREN A1 assault rifles, CZ 805 BREN A2 carbine, CZ 805 G1 grenade launchers, CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine guns and CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM pistols between Česká zbrojovka, as, Uherský Brod (CZUB) and the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic (MO CR).

New weapons for the Czech army Part II

For assault rifles and carbines CZ 805, the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic ordered 397 suspended grenade launchers CZ 805 G1 caliber 40 mm for a 40 x 46 mm NATO round.

New weapons for the Czech army Part III

According to the second contract from March 2010, CZUB is to supply in 2010-2011 the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic also 572 fully automatic CZ SCORPION EVO 3 AI weapons for 9 x 19 mm ammunition - submachine guns (which CZUB refers to as PDW weapons) intended for the Castle Guard. 7.65mm submachine gun vz. 61 Scorpio, of course with accessories and ammunition.
The contract was awarded directly by CZUB by a government decision from autumn 2008 - surprisingly without publication.

North Korea and its nuclear carriers

North Korea has started harassing weapons several times. This time, however, she went a little too far. In addition to declaring combat readiness to the rocket troops, it re-entered a state of war with its southern neighbors. In addition, the North Korean military received permission to strike the United States. But what options does Kim Jong-un and his army actually have?

Operation Restored Freedom: Somalia 1993

As a result of the long-term civil war, The Somali Democratic Republic is fragmented into several so-called republics, Somaliland, Puntland and general-controlled units. The country is headed by an asylum government, which was established in 2004 with the help of the United Nations.

Piracy is flourishing

We are quite full of such a label - we will turn rude drivers into road pirates, from Viktor Kožený the pirate a cheater, the financial grandmaster. Unauthorized copying of books, music records, movies, imitations of all kinds of goods with a fake sign of world fashion houses, after which we occasionally watch a documentary recording of a bulldozer crushing and burying a mountain of glittering wristwatches, underwater rolexes. The activity may be profitable, but essentially bloodless. According to the classical definition, however, piracy is only " an act of violence in international waters by a private vessel against another vessel for the purpose of looting (animus furandi) ". Piracy was the first to be declared an international crime (the second was slavery ), its operators became " outcasts, outlaws of humanity " and could be judged by any country. I Mongolia, Nepal, Czech Republic, any land state.

Piracy is flourishing even more

I return to the subject of activity, by the classical definition expressed as ' an act of violence in international waters by a private vessel against another vessel for the purpose of magnifying glass (animus furandi) '. Piracy was the first to be declared an international crime, its operators " outcasts, outlaws of humanity " and could be condemned by any state. Thus, even the Czech Republic, so terrestrial, albeit on the Elbe, let alone Nežárka, will not be ruled by corsaires, individuals with a black plaster on a plucked eye, staggering with one wooden leg.

Pirates and their less than optimistic prospects

It's not an extinction yet, the pirates are not wading in schooners, where a black banner with a skull and crossbones would flare on the mast. They have been modernized, equipped with automatic weapons, mortars and anti-tank cannons. They often have better radars and more horsepower under deck than their potential pursuers ...

Popular news: children warriors

We are growing a register of raw materials, how to destroy and deprive of life. International organizations estimate that the number of children starting this way has now reached 300,000.

RF-4E Phantom II in the German Air Force

The article captures the more than 20-year service of reconnaissance Phantoms with the Luftwaffe. It also includes a brief technical description of the RF-4E aircraft and a mention of their maintenance and repairs.

RF-4E Phantom II in the German Air Force

The predominance of Warsaw Pact troops in conventional armaments in the late 1970s could not be overlooked by the Federal Ministry of Defense. All units intended for potential military deployment were assigned a so-called secondary role.

Russian espionage is again threatening the world

Today, at least as many officers work for Russian civilian and military intelligence abroad as in the most tense times of the Cold War. This rise began after the accession of retired KGB lieutenant colonel Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin throne. And probably the accession of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to NATO, which remained the main enemy for Moscow ... also contributed to this ...

Secessionism in Texas

Texas is the only American state to have won independence on its own. It was originally a Mexican territory, in which the number of American settlers increased sharply at the beginning of the 19th century. However, the Texas Revolution in 1835-1836 definitively ended the Mexican dominion. The result was the creation of the Republic of Texas, which existed independently for 10 years.

Settlement in the Holy Land

The world's attention is still focused on the Middle East. No other country was fought as hard as Israel / Palestine. It is a small piece of land, its area is definitely smaller than our Moravia. Today, there are fierce and irreconcilable battles between Jews and Arabs over this country. Both sides claim this territory for themselves. I will now make a brief historical excursion into the settlement of this country.

Small battles with the interrogator

Czech soldiers leaving for foreign missions are being prepared for the eventuality that they may be captured. In addition to the theoretical part, which contains a lot of important information, they have the opportunity to try such a situation on their own skin during practical training. Nevertheless, it is true that only reality will show to what extent they are able to handle such borderline situations.

SR-71 Blackbird (2) - Out of range of air defense

The famous performance of the A-12 aircraft led USAF representatives to order the most famous variant from the Blackbird family, the strategic reconnaissance aircraft SR-71. These aircraft then provided good services to the USAF for three decades and brought a lot of valuable intelligence to the commanders of air and ground units.

SR-71 Blackbird (3) - High requirements

SR-71 aircraft were the pinnacle of technological possibilities of their time. This corresponded to the demands on flying and ground personnel and the overall security of air traffic. There was nothing that could be compared to the aircraft of previous generations.

SYRIA - Her current labor pains

The Arab countries, whose common denominator is a generally disgraceful way of governing, began this year, if not with their revival spring, then at least with an awakening, with real upheavals at five addresses. The first was Tunis, whose greedy president was overthrown, and fled with his family from a country to which he rightly does not dare to return. He did not flee Egypt, the country's most numerous, most important country, but President Mubarak, now in a hospital bed and facing charges of serious crimes, lost power there. In Yemen, the anger of the people has already taken shape, and the wounded president has rushed to medical care in the still relatively calm lee of the Saudi monarchy. In Libya, Gaddafi is threatened by insurgent insurgents, the only one in this kind of conflict in which some NATO nations are somewhat involved. And in Syria, the still unfinished childbirth, in a state of proper butchery, is being directed by President Bashar al-Assad, an ophthalmologist by profession. It is thus a different development, in comparison with the almost identical disintegration of the regimes in the states of scientific socialism in the annus mirabilis of 1989.


In the 1980s, a number of studies were launched in NATO member countries on new types of flat-flying missiles. These efforts eventually culminated in 1986 with a single program called the MSOW ( Modular Stand-Off Weapon ), in which seven NATO nations participated. However, this project did not last very long and ended in collapse at the end of the decade. One of the participants in the MSOW program was Germany, which at the turn of the 80s and 90s tried to develop a weapon of this category in cooperation with the French. However, even this cooperation did not have a favorable conclusion for the Germans. The fruit only brought a connection with the Swedes, at the end of which a missile with a flat runway TAURUS KEPD 350 was created.

Terrorism - how much is it and what about it

There is no day without news of the scourge of international terrorism, but at the same time we have been reading for many years that the probability of being hit by some explosive fanatic is less than slipping in your own bathtub at home and bruising properly. So what do you expect to find your way around in data, detailed statistics of governmental and non-governmental organizations?

Terrorism: Decline or Rebirth?

Al Qaeda vs. Al Qaeda. War of bosses and quarrels of tendencies. An image of the current state of the main base of Islamist terrorism. Is it the result of successful intoxication by the Western secret services or a reflection of the natural fission that will sooner or later affect every extremist movement?

The basic task was to rule the world

90 years ago, the Soviet secret police were formed, later known by the acronym KGB. To this day, members of the Russian secret services proudly call themselves Chekists.

The boycott of BDS or the spirit of Nazism comes to life AGAIN

BDS? Who are the people behind the BDS brand? B as boycott, D as divestment (withdrawal of investment), S as sanctions. What do these people actually believe? In their irrational thinking, the State of Israel is rooted as a demon in the Middle East, a racist state seeking to establish a policy of apartheid, likening Palestinian Arabs to Jews in the Warsaw ghetto and Israelis to Nazis carrying out the "genocide of the Palestinian people."

The clutches of the American eagle I

Of all the armed forces of the West, the US military has the shortest and, I dare say, the strangest history. Usually, the armed forces go down in history through battle, and the strangeness of the American military begins with the fact that in the battle, which dates back to the beginning of the North American military, this army did not fight at all, because it did not exist yet.

The clutches of the American eagle II

The militia system of the army, which the United States preferred after its inception, did not allow the creation of a unified rear service. When war broke out with the Seminoles in Florida in 1818, engineering units had to be decommissioned to supply field units because civilian contractors failed to fulfill contracts. This led War Minister Calhoun to put pressure on Congress to release funds for intendant administration ...

The clutches of the American eagle III

At the end of the 19th century, the United States found itself in a special position. The country had no external enemy, after the defeat of Mexico, other American states recognized it as a hegemon, and the long sea borders were protected by the British navy. Due to mineral wealth, which also included oil on the list (fields in California and Texas), the US government had no ambition to gain control of foreign resources. This led to the fact that there was no strategy, no concept of defense, no plans against potential adversaries, that is, everything that was a matter of course in Europe ...

The clutches of the American eagle IV

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the United States resembled a sleepily contented boa constrictor. The success of the US Navy in the Spanish-American War opened the bag to Congress, and T. Roosevelt had no problem raising funds for the construction of new heavy units of the fleet. Suddenly, everyone seemed to understand the importance of the ocean fleet in the sense of the Mahan Doctrine - it was evident that the British fleet did not intend to cover the new US overseas economic interests of the Philippines, Cuba and Puerto Rico, although it de facto still ensured US security.

The clutches of the American eagle V

An armistice in November 1918 put the United States in a role with which it had no experience. Day by day, they became the world's leading power, and President Wilson, with his 14 points, took the lead in organizing post-war Europe ...

The clutches of the American eagle VI

Until World War II ended, President Roosevelt anxiously avoided any negotiations on postwar borders or state institutions. In December 1941, when he was badly oppressed, Stalin wanted to act and would allow the return of eastern Poland and the evacuation of the Baltic countries, but with the Red Army's advance to the west, his willingness faded to zero.

The clutches of the American eagle VII

If one can think of a specific date in which the United States became the first superpower of the modern world and gained strategic control over it, it is December 8, 1991, when the USSR was formally abolished - a global adversary with which it maintained for more than 40 years power balance ...

The exchange between Israel and Hezbollah was organized by a mysterious German intelligence officer

Israel has been negotiating with the Hamas terrorist movement for three years to release the soldier Gilad Shalit, whom he abducted. Negotiations are complicated, secret, rarely anything penetrates the public. It was recently supposed to be transported to Egypt as a "neutral state" and then exchanged for a group of Palestinian terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

The influence of the Jewish diaspora in the United States on american foreign policy towards the Israeli-palestinian conflict

Introduction The aim of this work is primarily to analyze the bilateral relationship - the United States versus Israel - and to find the main reasons for this " special relationship ", which has become one of the basic principles of US policy towards the Middle East region. This principle has been in place since the 1960s, and American foreign policy is based on it to this day. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States became the only major player in the region, and most Arab states today see the country as the only player capable of significantly influencing Israeli policy.

The influence of the Jewish diaspora in the United States on american foreign policy towards the Israeli-palestinian conflict

1. Theoretical introduction The first part of this work entitled "Theoretical introduction" will deal mainly with the theory of the diaspora, the way of its origin, the characteristics of the diaspora and also the concepts that relate to the Jewish diaspora. In order to deal in more detail with the issue of the influence of the Jewish diaspora on US foreign policy, it is first necessary to realize how this diaspora originated and why its scope in the United States is so unique. I will therefore focus on the oldest history of the Jewish state, the pitfalls the Jewish nation had to overcome in order to settle in its "Promised Land," and finally the expulsion by the Romans in the first century AD, which resulted in the definitive expulsion of Jews from their homeland and the nearly two thousand years of exile and dispersal in the diaspora. I will also address the question of the influence of the Jewish diaspora on international relations and its position in relation to Israel. I would like to conclude the conclusion of this section with a more detailed study of the origin of the diaspora in the United States of America and its formation into its current form.

The influence of the Jewish diaspora in the United States on american foreign policy towards the Israeli-palestinian conflict

3. American Foreign Policy and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In 1948, President Truman announced support for the creation of Israel on Palestinian territory, and since then Israel has held a special place in the hearts and minds of many Americans, Jews, and others. The myths that surrounded this state, as well as the tragedies of the Holocaust, played a major role in creating the so-called " special relationship " between the United States and Israel.

The influence of the Jewish diaspora in the United States on american foreign policy towards the Israeli-palestinian conflict

Conclusion Throughout their history, Jews as a nation have been accompanied by a number of different controversies and conflicts, which have made them a very determined, united and firm nation in the faith. Their belief that they were a nation chosen by God led them to feel a superiority over other nations. The land of Israel has always been sacred to them, and it has been very difficult for them to lose it throughout history. The expulsion of the Jews by the Romans in 70 AD meant an unimaginable catastrophe for the whole nation, and the Jewish nation was dispersed throughout the world. From this moment, the Jewish diaspora began to take shape. From the beginning, especially in the surrounding states, where the political conditions were favorable and where Jews were allowed to start a new life. Later, Jews began to move mainly to Western Europe. However, with the strengthening of Christianity, the situation is beginning to escalate here as well, and growing anti-Semitism is forcing Jews to look for their place elsewhere.

The influence of the Jewish diaspora in the United States on american foreign policy towards the Israeli-palestinian conflict

The main goal of this work is to analyze the bilateral relationship - the United States versus Israel - and to find the main reasons for this "special relationship", which has become one of the basic principles of US policy towards the Middle East. This principle has been applied since the 1960s After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States became the only major player in the region, and most Arab states today see it as the only player capable of significantly influencing Israeli policy.

The ostrich our model, or the policy of appeasement, is here again

Perhaps everyone with internet access has been acquainted more than once with footage of British streets, with demonstrating Muslim youth, with posters DEATH DEMOCRACY, KILLING EVERYONE INSULATES ISLAM, THE CALIFATE WILL WIN IN EUROPE - too many, no less threatening demands. The police idle to guarantee freedom of speech to her stubborn enemies.

The popularity of fascism among young people is growing

European media are sounding the alarm. The far right on the old continent is gaining strength and gaining more and more voters. This fact is evidenced in particular by the electoral success of the Hungarian Jobbik, the Wilders Freedom Party in the Netherlands and the recent historical success of the anti-Islamic Swedish Democrats, who entered parliament for the first time. Political scientists recall that the situation is not only due to the economic crisis, but also to multiculturalism, the long-term inability of moderate parties to solve social problems and the successful promotion of radical ideas among young audiences.

The powerlessness of the powerful

If you read that headline like "Too Powerless," nothing happens. This also happens to me sometimes when the eyes run so fast that the brain interprets the text according to an experienced template. Havel's world-famous text describes a certain reality of the world, where the so-called powerless can do almost anything. However, the above-mentioned headline on "helplessness of the powerful" occurred to me after the conference: "Current Trends and Future of Global Jihad: Why Should We Fight the Islamic State?", Organized by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the CEVRO Institute in Prague.

The problem of piracy in Somalia Part 1. - The problem of piracy in Somalia

The phenomenon of Somali piracy in recent years is receiving considerable attention in the world media. In its essence, it is a phenomenon truly unprecedented. I consider as unique the method of its solution on the international level, and ultimately the foreign policy role of the European Union as a leading actor of the current global crisis management. Let's zoom in now to the problem of Somali piracy in context.

The rank is recognizable

From January 2011, we should meet soldiers of the Army of the Czech Republic with slightly different rank designations in the streets of towns and villages, in buses, trains and trams. In connection with the amendment to Act 221/1999 Coll. on professional soldiers, the current rank structure is being adjusted, among other things. The basis of the vast majority of NATO armies is the non-commissioned officer corps, while in our country these ranks have so far been reserved for soldiers in the basic service and reserve. We have literally become an army of batches. And that is why change is happening now. In this article, we would like not only to introduce you to the upcoming news in this area, but also to make a small excursion into the history of the rank designation.

The sad story of the Arab peacemakers

The Middle East region is marked by tragic wars between Jews and Palestinian Arabs. The Jewish population began to fulfill their dream of rebuilding their lost homeland in Palestine. After the rise of Mufti Hussein, the initial harmonious coexistence between the two ethnic groups turned into irreconcilable hatred, which resulted in a series of bloody pogroms against the Israelites. To appease the Palestinians, the British responded in the worst way, by publishing a White Paper to keep Jewish immigration to a minimum, virtually leaving Jews at the mercy of the Nazi rage.

The search for moderate Muslims

Our enemy is not Islam, but the fanatics who adopt this completely peaceful religious faith, usurping, and that it is therefore necessary to support forces that oppose such destructive efforts. After the exploding events in London, Madrid, on the island of Bali ( many corpses ), in Denmark ( several cartoons ), such a belief does not fade. There are more books, scientists, analysts, theorists, forecasters, recipes with an optimistic premise that while the problem is radical Islam, the solution is moderate Islam. But where to look for him in the monotheistic dogma that the source of all truth is Allah and his messenger Muhammad, and that the goal of this one truth must be pursued with all our might?

The secret of Kursk will remain a secret until the next century

Atomic submarine cruiser 1st class "Kursk", as the designation of the nuclear submarine class "Oscar II" with guided missiles in Russian nomenclature, was launched in 1995 and within the 7th Division of the 1st Submarine Fleet was sent on regular patrol cruises with sharp ammunition around the world ...

The shot is the last

For two years now, army snipers have been improving in a special course organized for them by the Vyškov department of electronic warfare and reconnaissance.

The Spratley Islands dispute

The conflict over the Spratley Islands in the South China Sea poses a potential threat to the region as a whole. About 44 of the 51 islands are just corals overgrown above sea level. China considers these to be part of its territory. Some islands are also occupied by Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei. The conflict is actually the result of decades of efforts to control rich deposits of minerals - mainly oil, natural gas, as well as fishing and hunting for other marine animals such as crabs, calamari and shrimp.

The war between Peru and Ecuador continues - the Cenepian War

The Cenepa War ( Guerra del Cenepa ) was an armed conflict that took place in 1995 and took place in a zone that was without the demarcation of the state border between Ecuador and Peru, the demarcation of which was imprecisely regulated in the Rio Protocol of January 29, 1942. The sign of this conflict is derived from the Cenepa River in the zone where this conflict took place.

The War of the Turbans

The March parliamentary elections in Iran strengthened the wing of religious conservatives. However, they did not do much good to President Ahmadinejad. His re-election in 2009 is far from certain. The future of the country will be decided by the war of the turbans, the rivalry of the conservative and reform wing of the Iranian clergy. Washington's new White House tenant could help Iranians get rid of the hysterical radical.

There is a smoldering fire under the ashes

For a long time, we regarded Islam as something uniform and Muslims as a whole mass. Today we know that this is not entirely true. According to reports from Iraq, we already know that Muslims of the two main branches of the Islamic religion, Sunnis and Shiites, compete with each other and that their disputes take a very bloody form from time to time. If we were to take stock of the current threats of religious wars, hatred between Sunnis and Shiites would come to the fore.

They started at the 38th parallel

Although the history of the participation of Czechoslovak and Czech observers in UN missions after 1989 is very rich and varied, something similar cannot be said about the four decades of the former Czechoslovak People's Army. The total score in the form of three foreign missions had to be saved by the revolutionary year of 1989.

Tiger and dragon in ex-Soviet armor

China's rapid economic development is constantly reported by the media, as the combination of the communist regime with the capitalist economy and, for example, the absorption of Hong Kong is media-attractive. However, the fact that, in addition to the economic dragon, a tiger also wakes up on its western border, is no longer so informatively covered.

Too many people for one God

There is snow on the tops of the Lebanese mountains and a pleasant chill is blowing from the cedar groves. In the past, caravans drove ice from there to cool drinks to the caliphs' courts in Baghdad and the Sultans to Egypt. The mountainous corner, which has long been a refuge for religious minorities, is beautiful and sad at the same time. The history of Lebanon, in short, is "snow that does not cease to mourn." Snow white is constantly colored with the blood of ruthless war. Even today, the violence is not over.

Tu-22 - Beauty with many vices

Tu-22 bombers are currently being destroyed in Ukraine and Russia. It is a remnant of the Cold War and a representative of the long-extinct category of medium bombers, which disappeared from service in the late 70's. The Tu-22 survived in service for a surprisingly long time, despite the fact that it was a structure that did not work very well and the crew and ground staff did not have much love for this aircraft.

Tu-22M - M3 Backfire - Just "modernization"?

In the Soviet Air Force, aircraft were abbreviated as the name of the designer and the number. Odd fighters and other even aircraft. The individual variants were distinguished by letters after the designation. However, these were always aircraft with the same design basis. The only exception was the Tu-22M. According to the designation, it might seem that it was a variant of the Tu-22. But it was a completely new design. Why did he bear the name of his predecessor?

Ukraine, a European country?

" Ukraine is a European country that shares common history and values with EU countries, " the statement said in a statement emerging from a September summit between Ukraine and the EU in Paris. Europe has indicated that it intends to start the process of Ukraine's integration from next year. Remarkably timed helpfulness. It came after President Sakashvili's disastrous adventure in Georgia and the demonstration of Russian power that followed.

UN anti-Israel bias

The UN was founded by 51 countries, the vast majority of which were democracies. The situation has changed since the 1970s - the UN had 144 member states and almost all of them were totalitarian, despotic, undemocratic, mostly with one political "state party". These were Soviet bloc countries, which often trained various anti-capitalist terrorist commandos. The Muslim and African countries together formed a working majority, so that no action against terrorism could be discussed at all.

Uncertainity around uranium munitions

According to the scientific dictionary, uranium is a silver-white, rather soft, heavy metal with a density of 18.7. Compared to steel (iron) with a density of 7.86, uranium is more than twice as mass. This density with softness then makes it possible, without the use of explosives, to start a similar cumulative effect even at a small volume, and to use this ammunition in small-caliber air cannons.

Until something happens

Andy Šándor celebrated his 50th birthday on Tuesday, July 10, 2007. Many people came to congratulate him at the Military Club in Prague-Ruzyně, many generals in civilian clothes and uniforms, including the Chief of the General Staff, many reporters in active service and in reserve, as well as many civilians. Pleasant environment and nice people. The Chief of the General Staff Vlastimil Picek awarded Šándor the Honorary Badge of the Czech Armed Forces of Přemysl Otakar II, King of Iron and Gold - I think this should be taken as a certain expression of rehabilitation.

uropean battle groups

Since the beginning of July this year, Czech soldiers have joined the second Battle Group of the European Union.

USA: Thinking about possible disasters

Even the most stubborn critics of George W. Bush have difficulty denying him the fact that after the catastrophe of September 11, 2001, nothing like that happened on American soil - unlike the explosive state of affairs in London or Madrid. The desired result was undoubtedly due to measures vehemently cursed by human rights defenders at any destructive cost. Thanks to legal measures - especially the Patriot Act, for example to make it easier to eavesdrop on our enemies - Islamic fundamentalists have not marched much here yet.
But the new President Barack Hussein Obama has guaranteed us several times during a successful election campaign that he will destroy those successful innovations and by not only improving America's reputation in the world, but also contributing to its security ....

Useful properties of walls

Wall, fence, corral, gate, gate, entrance, where to enter or prevent someone from doing so. Good fences contribute to good neighborly relations or at least can prevent them from deteriorating potentially.

Visit to an island bombed just every other day

Quemoy Island ( sometimes referred to as Kinmen and everything else ) is historically a very unique place: Chiang Kai-shek won there. In October 1949, twenty thousand Mao's soldiers landed there and were either killed or at least scattered. Here Mao intended to use an atomic bomb and was very angry with Khrushchev for not lending him one to start World War III. Unheard communists then reconciled themselves with artillery. In 1954, they began bombing, and starting in August 1958, they fired half a million times from the cannons in forty-four days.

War voices or men in battle

" It was a terrible stench. He was so terrible that he almost poisoned us. The stench of rotting meat. The old German trench front was covered with bodies that blackened them all. The bodies had been lying there since the beginning of July. It was naughty. Colonel Pinney provided the stretcher, and our job was to put the corpses on them, take them away, and throw them into the pit. There must have been over a thousand corpses in it. I don't know how many of these bodies we buried like this. I will never forget that look. Corpses all around. I'll never forget it. I was only 18 years old, but I realized that not everything was wrong here. "From a letter from a British soldier in the summer of 1916, at the time of the bloody battle of the Somme

What drives spies

The American book market offers us a plethora of attractions of this genre - almanacs, analyzes, memoirs, sagas of heroes and villains. "Encyclopedia of Espionage" (Spy Book: The Encyclopedia of Espionage, Random House) contains over 2000 cases from the time of ancient and most current. Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, was a spy. This is how the famous black blacksmith Josefine Baker got involved in Paris during the Second World War. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, as well as Alger Hiss, considered a patriot of Roosevelt's ruling team, worked hard for the Soviets.

When evil is portrayed as good and good as evil

What is good and what is bad? Humanity has been dealing with this issue since ancient times to the present. Once upon a time, the recognized character values included diligence, self-sufficiency and determination. People with these qualities enjoyed respect and recognition, and the environment sought to achieve the same status. Now, however, envy prevails in society, capable and hard-working people face squabbles, sometimes even hatred from their fellow citizens.

When hope dies

The history of Israel / Palestine is burdened by a tragic past, bloody animosity between Jews and local Arabs. Despite the many losses of many of their loved ones, the Israelis believe that the only solution to the situation is to find some way together, and fund any peace settlement project with the Palestinian population, build hospitals, schools, factories, build desalination plants, employ Arab workers from Palestinian Territories. But do Palestinians share similar views?

Who are the "right Jews"?

Before I get to the issue mentioned in the title, I will briefly analyze all directions of anti-Jewish hatred. Anti-Semitism is one of the oldest prejudices in the history of the world. Anti-Jewish prejudices include religious anti-Judaism, racist ( biological ) anti-Semitism, and political anti-Zionism. All these ideologies are very similar, but we find some differences.

Who cares about the Palestinians?

Who really cares about the basic human rights and a dignified life of Palestinian Arabs?
Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other countries have strongly warned Israel against violating the human and inalienable rights of Palestinian citizens. However, all Muslim states have done far less for their Palestinian-Arab fellow citizens than the State of Israel.

Who is to blame for the absence of peace?

Some people blame the endless violence between Israel and its Arab neighbors for the state of Israel. Since the events of 1947-1949 have been sufficiently described, I will not return to them. I would just like to remind you that the Arab states did not recognize the Jewish state after the first Arab-Israeli war and refused to conclude any peace treaty with it. Palestinian terrorists ( Fijads ) carried out constant terrorist attacks against Israelis during the 1950s and 1970s, but seldom responded, and the situation worsened in the 1980s.

Why does Moldova not occupy Transnistria?

A special relic of the Cold War, which today de facto acts as an independent state unit with the official name of the Transnistrian Republic of Moldova, arose in the dynamic period of the collapse of the USSR. One of the secondary effects of Gorbachev's perestroika was the rise of nationalism and ethnic separatism in various parts of the Soviet empire. An exception was not Moldova, whose high Soviet adopted Moldovan as the only official language in August 1989 and declared the return of Moldovan to the Latin alphabet.

You will find the truth in exile

I admit that I sharpened my pen to question Kosovo's independence. However, a number of colleagues from other blogs preceded me. I will not multiply what has been said and add oil to the fire of Jeremiah. While there are concerns, it is an exaggeration to say that this is a signal for the Balkanisation of Europe and the birth of a dangerous focus of Islamization of Europe. I'm going to pour a little water into too strong a wine.


NATO Exercises


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