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"Aeronautical archeology" and legislation

In recent years, especially with the easing of social conditions after 1989, more and more amateur enthusiasts are looking for events related to the air war over the Czech lands in 1939 - 1945. They spend a lot of their free time searching for domestic and foreign archives, interviews with witnesses. events, correspondence with similar enthusiasts from abroad or searching for information in various publications and periodicals. Part of the activities of some people interested in this issue is also uncovering and retrieving the wreckage of aircraft from the places of their accidents. However, this activity brings with it many pitfalls in the form of compliance with the laws of the Czech Republic, which violate the activities of private researchers, and the treatment of possible remains of fallen pilots. This article should present a look at this issue from official archeology and the legislation that applies to it.

"Taran" in the Slovak sky

In September 2006, an unintentional " taran " took place at Bratislava - Vajnory Airport, in the article you will find a photo report and a short description of this event, with almost tragic consequences.

6. dobový letecký den - Mladá Boleslav, 16. 6. 2007

Sunday morning, about half past four and gentle digging into the shoulder. "Honey, haven't you fallen asleep? ..." I'm looking, squinting, ... well, yeah, ... "Somewhat, I'd say ..." But well, I'll make it on the train. And who wouldn't fall asleep? I dreamed of flying. Beautiful shaggy clouds, fofrklacek in hand, canvas, tubes, bubbling engine and whistling air around the head. And below me a beautiful colorful Pojizeří, forests, meadows, hills, ... look, ... there's Skoda! And a short distance away, just outside the city, the airport. Well, ... let's go down. With the chimney behind me and the wooded Chlum on my left hand, I land, roll to the hangar, take off my glasses, ... clean my fangs and cheer for the train. Otherwise, my colleague will curse me ...

60th anniversary of the ANTHROPOID group fight

On June 18, 2002, 60 years have passed since the last battle of seven brave Czechoslovak paratroopers, hidden in the crypt of the Orthodox Church of Cyril and Methodius on Resslova Street in Prague against the superiority of the German occupiers: J. Bublík, J. Gabčík, J. Hruby, J. Kubis, A. Opalka, J. Valčík and J. Švarc. They were members of Czechoslovak troops in Great Britain, deployed to the German-occupied territories of Bohemia and Moravia in order to carry out special reconnaissance and diversionary tasks.

A man as a warrior

or about the male psyche, archetypes, and Sigismund.
I'm not sure about that, but I guess I haven't written about the male psyche yet on (apart from my articles about Sigismund - although paradoxically this one will also be about Sigismund - where something like this was mentioned only marginally), in in any case, I don't think this topic has been discussed here yet.

A man as a warrior

3. Archetypes of the Warrior and the King and an attempt at a profile of Sigismund of Luxembourg

A weapon for every family

If gun ownership is criminalized, only criminals have guns . "This claim by pro-gun activists is difficult to argue with. Owning a weapon also relativizes the physical strength of the attacker and the victim. An year ago, an interesting incident took place in an Israeli school. A quick-thinking teacher used his gun to shoot the attackers. A gun in good hands can therefore effectively prevent school tragedies.

About one pacifistic delusion

The belief that wars are provoked by armourers to sell out warehouses belongs to the credo of every pacifist, and the communists took them into their ideological arsenal as part of the so-called "fight for peace", but with the adjective "imperialist" (armourers). This belief, with the subtext, "what do you want to persuade me to," appears here and there in the comments on my articles, so it is out of the question to see what is true about it.

Activities of the Beskydy Military History Club in 2011 (January-June)

Since its founding, the Beskydy Military History Club has set itself the goal of engaging in research into the military history of northeastern Slovakia and the practical rescue of war cemeteries from the First World War. Beneath these goals lies the pursuit of the widest possible range of activities. Most of the activities of our association are aimed primarily at fulfilling the set goals. In this article, I would like to point out the most important activities and events that we have organized or participated in so far in 2011. Like every interest group, we have set a plan of activities for the calendar year on which the core of our activities is based. Of course, many unplanned activities emerge during the year, which we will then include in our program. The result is a wide range of diverse events and actions.

Air Stars Meeting 2007 , Slaný, 9. 6. 2007

The Air Stars meeting, the meeting of air stars at the airport of the aeroclub in Slaný, was supposed to be the icing on the cake, in the whole week we spent in the company of our war veterans, RAF pilots and soldiers of the Czechoslovak foreign army. Also, the experience from previous years and this year's program promised that the whole event would be really worth it. Honestly, however, and it is not just my opinion, it was a great disappointment for us. Fortunately, all those beautiful moments with our veterans and friends overcame all this ...

Air Stars Meeting in Slaný - June 17, 2005

On March 2, 1945, a major air battle took place in the area around Slaný between the American 398th Bombardment Group and the German JG 300. One of the bombers that never returned to their home base was the flying fortress B-17 G serial number 44-6573. . The crew, which perished in the wreckage of this machine, was commanded by pilot Lt. Col. Donald R. Christensen. In memory of Lt. Col. Christensen, his men, as well as other fallen people, are held annually at the small sports airport of the Slaný aeroclub, a reverential act and a memorial meeting of pilots, veterans and fans of flying ...

Allah's bride

So they are already among us. Czech Muslim women. They began their private struggles to win the hearts and heads of other adepts "surrendering to the will of God." Their internet jihad, an effort to shed light on the true and direct path to Allah, is imbued with enthusiasm and determination to resist adversity.




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