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  • AMX-50

    Medium tank

  • AMX-50 Surbaissé

    During 1949-1958, three versions of the chassis were created and modified in various ways. The first is sometimes referred to in foreign literature as the AMX-50A and was designed for a lighter type of swinging turret fitted with a 100 mm gun. The second and third, often designated AMX-50B, is associated with a heavier swinging turret fitted with a 120 mm gun. In contrast, the French website "Char et blindes francais" fundamentally differentiates the versions of the prototypes according to the year of construction and the armament used.

  • Cars Süddeutsche Automobil-Fabrik Gaggenau and Benz & Cie.

    The reflection on the construction and dimensions of the load-bearing truss frame of SAF (later Benz & Cie.) Vehicles is based on a study of available photographs and technical data of Benz's commercial vehicles and armored vehicles, known by Russian nicknames: "bronenzovanyj avtobus Bjenz" or "Sjerafina" .

  • Bandkanon 1C

    The Bandkanon 1, abbreviation bkan 1 (meaning "tracked cannon 1"), was a Swedish self-propelled artillery vehicle in use with the Swedish Army from 1967 to 2003. Bkan 1 was one of the world's heaviest and most powerful self-propelled artillery vehicles in use during its service. Each shell had a weight of 47 kg and a tactical range of 28 km.

  • Czechoslovak national fuel BiBoLi

    Around 1926, a spirit gasoline, known as Bi-Bo-Li (petrol, benzene, alcohol) was introduced in the Czechoslovak Republic and later legally approved

  • Char de bataille de 40 tonnes

    Medium tank

  • CM11 "Brave tiger"

    The Army of the Republic of China relied on regular supplies of military equipment from the United States. After October 25, 1971, when the Republic of China was expelled from the United Nations and replaced by the People's Republic of China, there were also changes in diplomatic and export relations between the RoC and the United States.

  • CM12

    Taiwaneese modernization of tanks M48A3

  • Divisional General in memoriam Antonín Pavlík - part 1

    (1st part of a brief CV)

  • A Russian submarine is heading to Prague

    The sea captains are preparing a unique event with historians: the transfer of a warship from Albania to the Czech Republic

  • FV 4101 Charioteer

    Tank destroyers Charioteer should solve the inadequate equipment of the British Army with this type of weapon.

  • Supertanker Grace story

    04.07.2019 At night, allegedly in the territorial waters of British Gibraltar, the tanker Grace 1 was armed by a unit of the Royal Marines and the Royal Gibraltar Police and Customs. The Royal Marines flew from Britain at the request of the Gibraltar government. The ship was detained in accordance with EU regulation 32/2012 which prevents trade with Syria.

  • Kobukson (Geobukseon)

    Korean armored ship from the 16th century

  • KTO Rosomak

    The vehicle was created on the basis of the design of the Finnish company Patria Vehicles Oy model: XC-360, which was modified according to the requirements of the Polish army for the model XC-360P, in Poland named KTO Rosomak.

  • TNH light tank

    The abbreviation TNH in its original form similarly referred to the project and prototype of a tank series with the Praga TN engine, modified for use in tracked vehicles, hence the letter "H".

  • LTP (Peruvian Light Tank)

    Tanks made for export to Peru.

  • Neubaufahrzeug Ausf. A/Ausf. B

    Development of the new medium tank began in October 1932 and continued in 1933. The Reichswehr High Command entered into a contract for the development of a "heavy tractor" with Rheinmetall-Borsig and Krupp. In October 1933, the developed vehicles received the designation Neubaufahrzeug. The Rheinmetall version, produced in two pieces in 1934, was assigned the designation "Ausf. A" and three Krupp vehicles, manufactured in 1935, were assigned the designation "Ausf. B". Prototypes of tanks were similar not only in appearance, dimensions, but also armament.

  • Paris Gun

    Although this weapon is classified as a railway artillery, the railway was used only to transport to pre-built firing positions. The use of two cannons is documented and the third weapon is claimed to have been destroyed by an explosion on March 25, 1918, in which 17 people died. The shooting at Paris was conducted from pre-prepared firing positions. At least three positions were built with a circular firing range and the remaining two (three?) had a firing range of 123 °.

  • Flamethrower mine FOG-1

    FOG-1 flamethrower mines were developed for the needs of the Red Army in April 1941 and were designed to destroy manpower and enemy vehicles.

  • Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) Ausf. G

    Light tank manufactured by Českomoravská strojírna (ČMS) - German: Böhmisch-Mährische Maschinenfabrik (BMM) from 1939 to 1942 for the Armed Forces of the Third Reich (Wehrmacht) and SS troops (Waffen SS).

  • Schneider CA

    The only country that, in addition to France, actually included Schneider in its arsenal was Spain.

  • Škoda KSÚ alias Š-III

  • Skoda MU-6

    Self-propelled armored gun

  • Skoda Sh-III

  • Soviet flamethrower tank OT-130

  • A brief dictionary of artillery terms

    Authors: Vladimír Karlický and Jiří Janoušek

  • T-26M - T-26-5 - T-126-1

    Tanks with the chassis of the Škoda system.

  • T-72M2 Moderna

    In 1994, after the disintegration of Czechoslovakia, the Martin armory brought its second modernization of the Soviet medium tank T-72, under the designation T-72 M2E "Moderna", to the Brno IDET trade fair.

  • Tatra 810 ATS

    A new medium truck that could replace the famous Prague V3S.

  • Tatra T-III

    Unsuccessful tank

  • Tch Mk. 33

    The first known Czechoslovak tankette was CL-P (Carden-Loyd-Praga), which was a Czech-Moravian variant of the British towerless tankette Carden-Loyd Mark VI (CL). Its license was purchased at the initiative of the Ministry of National Defense in 1929 by the company Českomoravská strojírna.

  • TN SPE-34

  • TN SPE-37

    Anti-demonstration armored car

  • Stolen train

    or to whom has the train been stolen so far?

    In recent days, thumbnails have appeared in some media: "Did they steal the anti-aircraft train ?!" How? We will try to shed light on this in the following lines, everything is "a little" different.

  • Ural-4320 Zvezda-V

    Numerous armed conflicts outside and inside the RF have been accompanied by large-scale reprisals by insurgent and guerrilla groups. For example, over 15,000 vehicles were lost during the war in Afghanistan. Tanks and armoured personnel carriers accompanying trucks in columns did not provide sufficient protection. Therefore, modified trucks began to be used as an additional means of fire protection.


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