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Land-Based Air Defence

Category for anti-aircraft defence, anti-aircraft artillery and missile systems, command and radar systems


Anti-aircraft defense system "A"

In the Soviet Union, they began to address the issue of anti-missile defense (AMD) after the war. In the years 1948-1951, groups were formed in the scientific research institutes of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR No. 4 and 885, which dealt with the development and use of ballistic missiles. The first, especially theoretical, work connected with the development of AMD resources was performed here.

Conclusions of Soviet specialists on the US-Libya conflict

In 1986, there were several confrontations between the United States and Libya, in which American planes bombed targets on Libyan territory and Libyan air defenses tried to shoot down American planes. These activities resulted in losses on both sides. What they actually were, we may learn a few decades after the archives opened. In this article, I will try to describe a brief course of the conflict as reported by Soviet specialists.

Czechoslovak deceptive anti-aircraft missile unit

I read with interest an interesting article by Jan Brus " Scenes of War " ( see MR 12/2009 ), in which, among other things, a set of models for imitating the position of an anti-aircraft missile unit was mentioned. In the military historical archive, I managed to find interesting information about it, which I would like to share with the reader with a short contribution.

Lockheed U-2 - Legendary spy

The U-2 has been flying since the mid-1950s. Although it will celebrate half a century since its first take-off next year, it is not yet going to "retire". The reason is simple. Although obsolete in the age of satellites, the construction from the last century may seem obsolete, the truth remains that the aircraft is a reliable platform for many reconnaissance systems. It is much more operative and cheaper against satellites.



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