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Military history website

Wars - debate

Category dedicated to discussion and Q&A topics of any kind



LT 35?


Debate about WW1

Discussion about The Great War, genealogical research, item identifications

Debate about WW2

Discussion about World War Two, genealogical research, item identifications, discussion about weapons and combat

Debate about Korean War

Discussion about the Korean War

Debate about Vietnam Wars

Discussion about the Vietnam Wars

The Modern Era

Category dedicated to discussion about the modern era


Category dedicated to discussion about terrorism and piracy


Discussion about military-history related stuff, not belonging to other sections


Discussion about weapons, identification, pieces of advice

Re-Enactment Clubs

Searching for, or want to promote a military-history / reenactment club?

Questions and Answers

The place to ask about anything military-history related


Category dedicated to non-military stuff and topics we are interested in


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